My account have been hacked? Or deleted?

I have not played for almost 2 weeks…
And when I tried to start my vg, it says. Error, failed to log in your account.

Then I log in my acc, it shows temporary account instead of my usual tadashin :frowning:

They removed all historical info until STAGE 4. Right now we are in STAGE 1 so in a couple of weeks, you will be able to access your profile. But they said at that time, if you delete VG, you will lose your account.

Read this.
Vainglory: CE

Also someone made the same thread about this

Ninja already gave the answer to that thread.

Game entered a new stage. It’s called community edition and the community will be handling servers now. For now we will lose our accounts, but eventually we can import them back in

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Mess… i uninstall vg thinking my acc is a gone case welp

Closing as duplicate thread, as pointed out above.