Account Not Loading

First time trying to play for a long time - So I log into my account and all I get is some Temporary (randome name that keeps changing). The whole profile is bugged as well as skins and heroes - I though it was just loading the profile so I let it sit for a while. However, nothing happened and it just stays like that - I didn’t do any games on it for fear of damaging my account, any of you guys have this problem? Is my account broken?

Also, does anybody want to fill me in on the current status of the game? After reading some posts here, it seems pretty much dead.

Vainglory is going through a phase called community edition. Essentially servers are now gonna be handled by the community and everyone has access to all skins and heroes. The game’s kinda on its last legs

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Does this mean they just cleared accounts? How can I get my username back? Or is that all gone…

This is a really odd thing to see happen, it’s a shame to see the game go down like this. I really can’t play any other mobas due to their crappy joystick controls, and VG just can’t be replaced.

Edit: also lost all added friends - how do I play with anybody. Can’t seem to change my name as well
2nd Update - read the post about CE. It feels terrible to know that the game, which I’ve been playing since 2015, is actually dying and I hope it can have a future.

Yeah it really sucks. Even Wild Rift won’t have touch controls which honestly boggles my mind