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Mortal Wounds


Forts job is a bursty(cp) initiator/dive hero, mortal wound doesn’t define him. It’s there but it’s not dictating his power.


He was good because he can generate a lot of fortified health , but reim better because he can basic and slow the enemy and can cc , so he was a better krul , it’s just the positioning and who to focus was the problem for wp reim .

At somepoint it was his power , you guys talking like saw never been a turret destroyer because better damage heroes introduced so he turned to a useless laner , the same for fortress he lost the power of mortal wound and turned to a background thing while it was his main job and picked for it once sustain heroes started to shine , as the meta shift from sustain to burst , and to be honest sustain heroes are weak now , the damage is so strong right now , some heroes drop your health half and lower with one hit , and they can melt you .


Never good against krul. He used to reduce your damage by 50% (so he effectively had 100% FH) while healing by 96% of his damage. There is no way reim could counter that.

No, the whole point of using Saw was for pushing turrets, the whole point of fortress was never the MW.


WP Reim was good, but NOT into Krul, yes, for sure you could generate FH, but Krul with his Spectral Simite, had all his health as FH against Reim, and with lot of lifesteal.

Fortress was picked in several occasions, nos because the MW: he was a good initiator, so if you had an early game focused como, fortress does really good with it. Against sustain: his MW, but not only that, sustain comps are played as pocking comps, and those comps are defeated by engaging instead of pocking, that’s what fortress do: he engage, so he counters sustain comps with the MW AND engage potential, but now his engage has been reduce to almost nonexist, and that’s why he is weak, not for the implementation of SF or PS.

Edit: Sustain comps are meta too, Adagio and Lyra, specially Lyra are top roam right now.


i didn’t say reim beat krul , I said reim wp good against krul , like if Iam A side and picked reim then enemy picked krul it’s better for me to go wp than cp in the old days , now cp reim can poke and root without chill he could play around krul .

Roam fortress with reim was the reason I won a lot of 2v2 against krul , like fortress was a nightmare against the sustain heroes , he gave me speed boost from his A and life steal , then mortal wounds , buying aftershock is even better , krul dead , but with poison shiv they gave krul a better fighting 2v2 against other junglers , so you could say anything you want about fortress , but the mortal wound was one of the main reasons he get picked even if people don’t talk about it , otherwise pick Catherine or flicker or lance , or if you playing him jungle any other jungler .


But then you mean that WP Reim is better against Krul than CP, but it doesn’t mean it is GOOD against Krul.


MmmMm define good , good here means he could fight krul and survive and in a team fight he is better than krul , he generates a lot of fortified health and gain life steal from his items and adding defense to that , he could take the smite and still survive , I know you imagining krul eating him alive but it almost like when Skye go wp against taka but better , let’s say that krul can win against cp reim in 8 seconds fight , with wp reim he needs more time double the time and it actually risky to fight wp reim because of the cc , like wp reim need the whole team focus him if he generated the fortified health , but you could beat him easily if you keep the distance .


WP reim stands no chance against krul, doesn’t matter the FH nor the cc.

Plays well into a hero, which isn’t the case for reim against krul. Better than cp? Yes, but still isn’t good against him.


Wp reim is a tank , and if you remember when NA I think played him in the competitive scene , it was reim and cp Gwen , and reim only built a breaking point and they won easily , the game is a team player game , wp reim is an off meta tank and cc hero , the idea is Iam not going to die to krul or his teammates and peel for the carry , and as a wp reim I accept krul over any ranged hero and consider it good match .


Lol with krul I just used to destroy all kind of Reims (CP and WP) no matter what they tried to do.

For Krul, Reim is really easy to kill, WP or CP doesn’t matter. Krul will just invade you over and over to snowball you, and there is nothing you can do if that Krul knows what he is doing.


Well krul had a lot of updates with a weak early game , his life steal early game weaker than the damage he receives , so if you keep farming and not looking to fight him you will be good , again I agree on krul beat reim 1v1 this is something known , like if you krul against for example Rona or alpha here I would say you 100% right about them not being good against krul because krul hard counter them , while reim design is different he has cc and fortified health , with the cc it’s enough for him to do something turn the fights in his favor .


As said fort isn’t just mortal wound, he’s got more to him. People could’ve picked him for his aggressive dive play, play him cp burst, an early roam that complements early team picks and so on. Mortal wound isn’t the sole thing that makes him picked and the mw items aren’t what destroyed him.


I think Fortress is in a good spot right now. Played a few matches with him. I don’t like the fact that his A ability has lower radius of use, but it’s still nice against high attack speed hero’s.

Edit: I’ve used him more due to the Increase of Taka being used.


Why against hight attack speed heroes?


It’s an easy Atlas/Shiv activation on the carry.


If I remember correctly , double heal meta made semc think about mortal wound items , but remember that mortal wound got nerfed as healing got nerfed , so old days mortal wounds are different , it’s like nerfing Lyra burst heal , before adding more healers , fortress was a good counter to double or triple fountain , I was at some point a main captain fortress and like other captains at that time I pick him for mortal wounds and anti invisibility , he destroys taka not of the chase only , he used to reduce his healing and reveal him , mortal wounds and bleeding , crazy ult easy backdoor , double wartreads and fortress ult :vgcheersx3:


Rona’s Mortal Wounds were never particularly useful. To use them she burns all her blood rage, which means she can’t use her Ult, and she needs her Ult for her own sustai . It usually takes enough time to build rage after applying mortal wounds that she can’t exploit the vulnerability.

It’s almost more worthwhile to just build poison Shiv and not worry about blowing all her rage on her B. Rona’s problem is that she can’t sustain in team fights, and either her sustain or her damage is too low to 1v1 well (not to mention that she needs 2-3 tier 3 items before she really works well). Her whole kit is just a bit weak.

Even when she was strong though, the Mortal Wounds were never a part of it. She only gets mortal wounds during a time when all she can do is basic attack.


Same with Ardan, Grace…



The reason I think caused these heroes’ downfall:

Rona: generally hard to balance for 5v5, if you remove her slow during ult she will be doing a little bit more fine in 5v5 but a monster in 3v3 that is permabanned. Her damage output in generally is awkward in both the output method and output quantity compared to other heroes.

Taka: 5v5 just makes taka useless due to everyone having 2 charges of scoutcam (captain can get a max of 4 if they want) so as elo gets higher taka becomes harder and harder to play as. (Still viable in low elo because nobody cares about vision)

Fortress: Known for it’s strong teamfight initialization with ult+A, but now with Journey Boots + Shockwave’s speed up + Celestial Shroud blocking the first round of enemy cc even a low mobility Reim can be the initiator of a frontal assault style teamfight should the enemy fail to keep tight formation for a split second. The stormcrown and aftershock nerf for non cp builders also deeply hurt Fortess.


I wonder why everyone uses always the excuse of 3v3. Rona is shit in 3v3 too, that won’t broke her. I’m tired of everyone saying “you can’t do that because then in 3v3 it would be broken”. Not everything is broken in 3v3.

He is actually quite strong in high elo.