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Mortal Wounds


Three of the most useless heroes in the game until last patch were Taka, Rona and Fortress. Now Taka is playable, but Rona is still weak af and Fortress is probably even worse.
I think one of the reasons for this is that one of the staple parts of their kits (for Rona especially) is their mortal wound. Since the release of PS and SF, every hero in the game can have a mortal wound, and with these two being possibly the strongest items in the game atm, it’s almost pointless to have a hero with mortal wounds built in to their kit.


PS is not so strong IMO, but SF is really easy to apply MW, and how it works (with the bonus damage) is a must for CP carries, instead of being a item to counter healing. PS is more used for sustain in certain heroes and as a good counter to those healings, but definitely not a must as SF.


I suppose. My point is that there’s so many mortal wounds in the game now it’s almost pointless to pick heroes that apply them. If PS and SF weren’t there, Rona could be considered as a counter to sustain heroes in a draft. Because of these items, people just go “oh I’ll buy a PS/SF” if they see an enemy Krul or whoever, and rona will never get picked.


Rona was never picked against Krul or Reim. Even when there was no SF, Rona was not a common pick, even against sustain comps


Taka, Fort tho? Taka definitely anyway. I’m just saying if you take a part of a hero’s kit and give it to every hero in the game there’s no reason A) to pick that hero for it and B) to even have it on the hero.


Taka wasn’t used against reim, and neither does fortress. Mortal wounds isn’t that important to make them not be picked. If they are not pick is for other reasons, in its own, MW aren’t that strong.


Nobody picked Rona for her MW before SF or PS, so this items didn’t affect her viability or her pickrate


Those heroes having mortal wounds isn’t related to them being off meta. Theirs aren’t as constant as the ones from SF and shiv. They aren’t instant either. Taka is the only one who can use it more reliably because he refreshes it. But even then if you just want to cut some healing without having refreshed the wounds (that’s done by literally constantly staying in danger) then you’d have to not use your ult before that and just wait. Even then you don’t know if you will time it right. Literally few ms later and your mortal wound is useless.


The mortal wound items I think destroyed fortress , because he was the best choice against sustain comp , I think Rona picked to counter triple sustain Melee heroes , probably that the only time someone think of Rona , because she can sustain against Melee heroes and she applies mortal wounds , taka was never considered a pick against sustain heroes , fortress was very strong that he could steal all the kills from bleeding ,


What destroyed him was the massive nerfs he received.

But never against a reim. She was picked as triple melee counter when reim was either weak or out of the draft.


But if you remove the mortal wound items , fortress will be a very good pick to counter healers and sustain heroes , reim before spell fire could get destroyed by Rona , like I remember my games with good Rona players , I needed someone like Catherine to be my roam to win against Rona , her low cooldown ults really hurt without a stun especially if I used my ult already or she block it .


Fortress is not used for many reasons, and mortal wounds are not any of them. Reim was counter to Rona, so unless that Reim was bad, Reim just would clean the floor with Rona


The problem isnt the items, even if they removed the items people wouldnt pick him. MW by their own doesnt justify an item slot, how will justify the pick of a weak hero? In that situation its better to pick a stronger Hero and not have MW.

Not at all. Reim was a hard counter to rona. If you got destroyed by rona when reim was strong then you either got outplayed or were bad with reim.


Except these 3 heroes were some of the most dominant heroes when 5v5 released and for months after. They are weak because of being nerfed to the point of being weak, simple as that.


If you talking early game , yes reim counter her and counter a lot of heroes because his damage is strong , 1v1 reim can win , 2v2 after Rona reach lvl6 is hard for reim if he didn’t snowball , 3v3 fights reim has advantage and he could win easily , wp reim in the other hand was good against sustain heroes like krul and Rona , he just turns to a better krul need super careful positioning , I personally won against most of Rona players except some Rona players especially that patch were churn and Rona was a thing.

Iam not saying remove the items and fortress will be viable magically , I said applying team mortal wound was his job , and that was strong , enemy pick healers lets get fortress , enemy pick invisible heroes lets get fortress , so the idea is he is not picked for these two reasons anymore , if you not picking heroes for reasons then it just depends on them if they are op or not , buff fortress and give him a reason to get picked other than being op and destroy every comp .


WP Reim was never good into Krul


His tidbit literally says hes the king of 1v1 duels.

Krul isnt the only sustain hero.


For Rona, she was strong because BoE was broken and she could lane because of it. Melee heroes had an advantage during that period. Rona had the benefit of tearing through turrets and escaping when rotated on.


And being able to outsustain and outburst everyone.


The bloodrage changes right around 2.12 helped.