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Yep. Rona actually has more potential in 5v5, since her defense scales with the number of enemies (particularly if she builds SM) and her builds often include BP, which would also scale her damage to the number of enemies.

3v3 is rough for her because 1v1 fights are so much more important in 3v3. She needs to be able to deal with the enemy jungler 1v1, and she needs to be able to ambush the enemy laner and kill them 1v1 — every jungler needs to be able to do those things to work in 3v3. (Note that she doesn’t need to win against the enemy jungler 1v1, just have some way of not losing and to continue farming). Basically, a 3v3 jungler needs to be able to either beat down or escape from Krul, and needs to be able to run down a kiting Ringo. Rona can’t 1v1 and generally can’t escape from other junglers, and she can’t kill carries as well as other junglers. I love the character, but SEMC is too afraid of making her powerful, so she’s weak instead.


Because an op rona is very difficult to control.


Her ult is pretty damn bad in 5v5. Can’t stack if people are spread out. If anything it’s easier in 3v3 because teamfights happen in narrow space. 5v5 obviously has more people but it’s never as crowded.

And that’s one more reason she’s better in 3v3 lol. She’s a good duelist. I don’t know what you talking about. She’s one of the best duel heroes when she’s good herself. Even in 5v5 she was meta because of her 1v1 potential. It was splitpush Rona that could win 1v1/1v2 and push turrets like SAW. She was literally never meta for ult in 5v5. If you don’t believe me check old gameplay or at least check build. It was crit build. Ult benefits from neither crit nor attack speed.


@Bobmax Agree.

@Inktomi Disagree. Her MW before PS and SF was valuable and gave her an edge in 1v1 melee duels. Even now having MW early when PS is usually a second item and every hero has a flask is useful.

The problem right now is there is one jungle role filled with higher mobility and better ganking heroes. She is not able to lane since the BoE/armor changes and so she doesn’t have a spot. I don’t think she is terribly far away from viable. In fact, almost every nerf she has gotten since 3.0 when she was meta has been reversed. She has 10% more base damage and 11% more attack speed than 3.0. She still destroys turrets and 1v1s. With the -10 damage at level 1 nerf around patch 3.5 plus buffs to other heroes, I think she would get invaded in higher elo games and never scale. She is both gold and level dependent.


Rona’s not a good duelist against any of the junglers who show up in 3v3 (there seems to be a lot less variety in jungle picks in 3v3). She only sees heroes who can beat her mobility, beat her sustain, or beat her with CC. There are ways Rona can win, but any jungler she faces in 3v3 has more options. She doesn’t need to be better in every way, but her mobility, sustain, and damage are too mediocre, and her CC is almost non-existent, so characters who excel in one or two areas almost always beat her.

I barely see Rona in 3s, but when I do there’s no reason to worry about running into her alone in the jungle. Depending on who I’m playing, I might seek and destroy, or I might avoid her and outfarm her, but she doesn’t really have any outplay potential.


The problem with her MW has always been that she can do nothing but basic attack while it’s up. If it activated at the beginning of her B instead of the end, it would be great, but instead of applying MW and then doing grievous damage, she applies it and then does the least damage she can. In a teamfight it can be useful, but it’s got no synergy with anything else Rona does.

If we were looking at improving her kit, I’d look at applying MW on the first activation of her B. It might also help to let her run speed linger after her B ends — It’s always been a bit nonsensical that the second activation of the B reduces both her damage and her mobility, making it exactly the wrong time for her to try to capitalize on MW.


Rona has great 1v1 potential, but she is just weak.


She’s really bad now. Currently yes she will probably get destroyed by everyone. I’m talking about the past, even when offmeta she is still good duelist.