Meta discussion

While we have started out with 5v5 let’s share what we think of some heroes/items


This item is just way too snowbally early on tbh. Assassins like Koshka and Tako especially Koshka heavily take advantage of the PERCENT HEALTH damage aftershock grants. It allows them to build minimal damage while maintaining that ridiculous burst potential, so I think aftershock should maintain it’s identity, but I think it should scale less as the game progresses cause it scales perfectly into the late game which is just…no. This is the reason why assassins are so broken right now.

CP Vox

I went into a game as him and oh boy he is the safest laner in all of VG right now. The ability to harass while farming at the same time is ridiculously powerful and add that with high AOE damage on basic attacks AND CP rations on the basic attacks, allowing Vox to 1v1 as CP, makes Vox easily one of if not the best laner in the game right now


Although he deals great damage his low mobility really hinders him as a carry. With so many avenues to gank from, Adagio is in a very tough spot in a meta where Koshka and Taka, heroes that are near impossible to get away from, are dominant.


He a gud boi. CP is very strong now that there are more players and the ability to collapse on someone makes Fortress able to kill almost instantly. Support is also pretty good as he can get from lane to lane with a fast jungler very quickly, so aggressive teams can be heavily punished by this gud boi.

Scout Cams regenerate way too slowly, so losing control of vision is extremely difficult to recover from. Their CD should be reduced

This is what I have to far. You guys can add on to the discussion


Small sample size, but I have yet to lose as Flicker.

And have yet to beat an enemy team with Flicker.

Team comp matters. IMHO:

CP Vox. Saw. Skye. Flicker. Fortress.

Celeste. Gwen. Ringo. Catherine. Rona.

Varya. Samuel. Ringo. Ardan. Baptiste.

Yeah I played a game as Flicker and dominated. His ability to roam is amazing. Granted, we had to backdoor when we won as we completely pushed, but were losing our lead and organizing a backdoor in 5v5 is really difficult. I wanted to ult with my team coming from mid and top, but yeah kek. My Glaive was clutch

Is anyone trying double support comps?

Most of the earlier captains were more bruisers than supporters anyways, so sending another captain as a tank such as Ardan, Catherine or Lance is pretty viable in 5v5


In my opinion poison shiv is going to be a much stronger item simply because a heal/sustainer will be guaranteed almost every game and it will really give you a lane advantage. Its mostly going to be used on top laners who need lane advantage to gank mid and maybe sometimes the wp carry to extinguish healing.


If you thought glaive was overpowered before, boy your in for it now. The WP buff combined with spellsword combined with his buffed wp scaling make him insanely good in a 1v1 and 1v2 situation. His only down side is his increased cool down on his afterburn and his reduced wp but neither of those seem to mean much. If you can use glaive and know how to snowball efficiently, you should be in heaven right now.


There is absolutely no getting around how much better flicker is right now. The true sight makes his invisibility worth more than escaping, the true sight for everyone on his ult makes it easier to back track from accidentally getting ready to engage the enemy team on top of a camera. Flicker has finally crawled back in to the meta with 5v5 and its safe to say that now you really do have reasons to be scared of him.


Idris has been as far from the meta as possible for quite some time now. 5v5 has made him a strong adversary though. He can now easily blow up anyone as long as he gets a good advantage going, keeps a wp buff on, and lands a lot of shimmer strikes carefully.

overall though i think its easy to say that this meta has next to no limits and all because of 5v5. WP grace, wp ozo, cp vox, wp fortress, even wp flicker is now going to be outstanding. Its all going to come down to what you play well and how well you allies can play with it.

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Aha! Tank Grace! That’s definitely a good candidate for that role!!

Please ignore my bias. However Glaive fits anywhere on any team.

I think support has definitely become a bit more branched off since 5v5. Now we have tank, utility, offensive and healer supports. I am planning on making a wiki for a meta overview soon and messaged a mod about it and once I get it all figured out Imma get straight to it and we can all help make a detailed and polished overview! I think this is better than third party tier lists cause since the whole community can chip in, then we can get people that know all the ins and outs of certain heroes give more detail as to why they are good/weak and what they are good at

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Make a wiki? Why not a thread? And 5v5 is great so far, and fron what ive seen so far, you can play any hero anywhere with large degrees of success. It’s like season 1 of LoL all over again.

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I’ve played 3 games with a Glaive babysitting my CP Vox in bottom lane. Soooo easy to push with him forcing opposing laner into minion wave abd bounces doing work, rotate up, help mid, clear jungle on way down, push, repeat. Great KDA and win in all 3.

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Eh from what I have experienced faster divey comps have way more success. Slow poke comps are pretty bad now cause of the fact that ganks can happen from anywhere and there are 5 people you have to worry about.

So heroes like Churnwalker are not doing much as they are pretty slow. You would need high CC like Phinn, but because assassins are so broken with aftershock right now, Phinn is not looking too great

I will admit, I assumed Churn would make a bigger splash than he has. Perhaps it is the community not yet used to how many things happen at once, but there is not that many 5v5s in-game. That’s where I assumed Churn would shine :joy:

Making a meta overview wiki here allows the community to update it. It is much better as more often than not the post will be up to date for the meta at the time and I think it is better than relying on Broken Myth, who do not always update their tier lists, when new players/rusty players wanna catch up on how the meta has been shaping up. It also allows other players that may know certain heroes very well to contribute to very detailed analysis’ on their respective hero(es) . For example, since I am a Fort main (Captain main in general), I can give a pretty good analysis with other Fort players contributing to the overview as well. We could have a wiki for a meta over view AND a tier list where one describes how the meta is like while the other explains why some heroes are really good/struggling unless we decide that we can merge the two, which is definitely possible.

Oh I seem to have misunderstood what you wrote. When you said you were gonna make a wiki I assumed you meant a entirely different website

weepee skaaf is uber brokn

Stupidity aside, it’s super easy to say “no u” to ganks in bot lane as skaarf and if anyone tries to defend other lanes, skaarf will melt turrets.

Note: I’m stuck watching YouTube videos until they release golden tickets on patch 2.12., salt.


The nature of 5v5 and recent buffs and nerfs could make Ozo near the top meta. Here a few reason:

  1. Ozo’s Perk. 5v5 allows for 2-3 fountains to be built meaning Ozo’s 30% bonus heal gets more out of a multiple fountain meta than any other hero. Plus Ozo’s perk makes him an ideal target for a double support comp running barriers. An Ardan and Lorelai comp who barriers and fountains Ozo could be good. Ozo can even get more out of BoE and hold down a lane.

  2. Ozo’s counters have seen nerfs. Lyra’s bulwark has had the silence removed which was completely crippling to Ozo (also Alpha). Lance has seen a huge 200 damage nerf on his impale which could limit his pick rate.

  3. Ozo’s sneaky AOE. All 3 of his skills have an AOE component. With more heroes to hit, Ozo can leach health and stack BP even faster. More targets also mean a better chance of leaping from one enemy to another.

actually, i havent seen an ozo yet in 5v5. but plenty of flickers and takas. they are really tricky to deal with

I put it up. This is the skeleton of what it will be so far