Matchmaking in 5v5

i really dont want to win or lose a game depending on the number of t9 or t10 players on my team or the enemy team.
couldnt semc hand out enough tickets to ensure an almost fair game? this is me playing at the evening, peak time.
i feel sad for everyone who actually paid for this experience.

also, why can i see the trophies of everyone in every mode i play?

also, this is fcking annoying:
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TBH, I think there is no matchmaking in 5vs5, just random. Also they should change the ping sounds, EVERYONE spams them and trolls, also every ingame event spams sounds… really it’s super bad and you cant enjoy the game. Worse than 3vs3 ping spaming.

i play without sounds. is just way easier to focus then imo.

Fairly certain there’s no skill or rank based matchmaking in 5v5 since it’s early access, though I could be wrong. Is the skill tier of these other players detrimental to your overall 5v5 experience?

it wouldnt be that hard to use the 3v3 elo for a basis in the 3v3 matchmaking.
and yes. it is detrimental to my experience. you either feel like whatever you do doesnt matter at all or you get crushed from the start without the chance to do sth.
btw, i think there is some matchmaking at work, but there arent enough players for it to actually do sth.
i am fine with some imbalance, but if there is just too much of a difference in way too many games.

Do you know for certain that using elo based matchmaking would be easy to implement?
Just as a counterpoint, I’ve had quite a few matches with players above my skill tier and have won. That being said, I’m not really too bothered by a loss either. I’m sorry your experience with 5v5 so far hasn’t been so great, I hope it improves for you.

Currently, tier or previous 3v3 skill level has had little impact on my games. We’re all in a new environment with new rules. I personally have had games going 15/3/10 or so because of basic mechanical skills and 3v3 preparing me for team fights. However, I have also gone 2/6/2 because I was pushing lane, thinking I was fine due to relative map unawareness, and getting repeatedly ganked. Soon, they’ll need to implement bettee matchmaking, but for now we are in a decently level playing field. Just enjoy the early access and use it to have a leg up on those who are waiting for 3.0

i havent lost all games with strong enemies, but that is usually due to my team having more t9/t10 players and not because of me.
and yes, it would be easy to implement, they have the code for it already. the problem is that there are still going to be smurfs and bad matchups. but it might be less of them.

your sure? because it does make a huge difference, if your up against a t9 gold players as a t7 player. they have catched on to the game rather fast as well as it seems. a few more players would be all it needs to let players learn the game mode without the stress of playing against highly mechanically skilled players.

I must admit, I have yet to face any tiers over or under 2 tiers from me (Im a silver 7). Perhaps that is just my dumb luck, but the matchmaking for my guild and I has been generally pretty good. However, I see your point, but there may just be a volume issue. I can easily assume most who bought or went out of their way to get free tickets were higher tier. This doesn’t necessarily hurt SEMC, as higher tier players generally catch issues and bugs faster than say, t1-4 players. It should be better in 3.0, after the playerbase balances out

well, two tiers is kinda a large range. i rather see higher tiered players than lower tiered ones, so you might be right there.

There doesn’t seem to be a matchmaking system, as me and my friend, who are VGs, can constantly duo in 5v5 and get matched with T4s.

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Yikes, those poor T4s. [30 characters]

only t4s or is the system trying to balance the match up out by giving you t7 or higher enemies?

On my team we can have T4s and on the other team.

One match I think it was like this:

T10, T10, T8, T5, T6
T4, T6, T8, T7, T9

well that does look like the matchmaker tried, but gave up after a minute.

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Yikes, how’d that one turn out?

Well, a lot of t4 and lower… also some that I think just started now because of 5vs5 and payed for golden ticket. Ofc it’s bad, playing support/roam is making it 2-3 times worse. They go 1 or 2 vs 5… intentional. No fun at all.
Edit: I am t8 silver-t9 bronze

i just had a game with 3 vg gold players. kvalavar and two teammates
srsly, the enemy had lost before they have chosen their heroes.
i could do whatever i wanted. just pushing top was enough.


Yep, no matchmaking at all. Tbh the game is obviously not finished. If they didn’t do the golden ticket fiasco to get a lot of money, I am sure we where about to play 5vs5 in 3-4m from now. The game has a lot of potential tho. I can easily see it top mobile moba in a year, but a lot of work awaits SEMC

this is me being lucky. tetnojj had 21 assists of the 30+ kills in the game.