Make (describe) your idea for a Halloween skin for your favorite hero

I used the “art” sub, but I don’t expect drawings

Just wanna see what ideas folks have

Bonus points if you change animations/effects

Score multiplier: Create items exclusive to a Halloween event

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A CTHULU SKIN FOR CHURNWALKER. Seriously, at first i wanted that to be his summer skin but now i want that to be his halloween skin. I had like a whole visual for a cthulhu churnwalker summer skin but now idk. I JUST WANT A CTHULHU CHURN SKIN MAN


Frankenstein Joule
Vampire Hunter Silvernail (Wooden Stakes and he throws garlic)
Gremlin Flicc
Butcher Rona
Samuel is already edgy enough for October


Nevermore Anka (Raven Anka)
Soul Reaper Yates (Skeleton Claw Yates)
Witch Craft Lyra

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mercy, mercy me oh lawdy halp me somebody

aunt patricia, is that you falling down the stairs

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I want a Fortress skin that makes him look like a feral wolf that has undergone several experimentation that has biologically altered him.

So basically something similar to Warwick from LoL

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Just give me a love bites Malene to go with my love bites Blackfeather

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I would play the hell outta that Silvernail

Corpse Bride Melon would be cool too

Not Halloween related, but what about Beauty and the Beast Melon and BF? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Consider this: Beauty and the Beast Malene, dark side is the beast, light is the beauty, huh?

Well I mean it makes more sense for BF to be the Beast since they’re separate people and it would make a way better splashart

Yeah but aesthetics

im mostly joking fsdhkllj

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Lore-wise, it might funnily be more fit for BF to be Beauty and Malene be the Beast


O hecc u right. PUT BF IN A DRESS RN!!!

Malene looks into the gastly mirror and the only thing reflected is her beastly appearance wondering when will her beauty will see what real underneath all that hair UwU

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See you got it!! I have good ideas sometimes lol