Chilling Flame Malene and WitchCraft Lyra (HalloweenSkin)

                               Chilling Flames Malene

» Basic Attacks-

• Light Mode: Shoots a small ember at enemy
• Dark Mode: Shoots a small ice shard at enemy

» Magnificent Ball (Perk)- No Change

• Royal Ribbon: Shoots a flaming orb at foe
• Shadow Tendrils: Shoots Icicles at foe

• Royal Amnesty: A flaming aura appears around Malene
• Wicked Escapade: Malenes’ body shatters into snow and leaves a huge ice field. When she reappears, huge ice spikes sprout from the ice field.

» Enchanted Transformation ©- No change

» Recall- Malenes’ body is split in half where half of her body is one form while the other side is another

                                      WitchCraft Lyra
                                       Limited Editon

» Appearance- PIC 1… Like i based this whole concept off of this masterpiece of a fan art. ☆~(ゝ。∂)She also wears a black hat.

» Basic Attacks- She shoots her magic missiles through her wand. She lightly swings her wand for the light attack and swings her arms for the heavy attack.

» Principle Arcanum (Perk)- Her missiles have a orange tint to them.

The allies see a blue, baby blue, and purple kit color scheme while the enemy sees a orange red and yellow kit color scheme.

» Imperial Sigil (A)- Lyra opens her book only to have a page flying out and transforming into a cat at the target location. When the sigil expires, the cat poofs into a orange cloud.

» Bright Bulwark (B)- Lyra summons a barrier with a self stirring cauldron in the center. The barrier has a yellow tint.

» Arcane Passage ©- Lyra uses a runic teleporter and the connection has a flame effect emitting from the link between both portals. PIC 2 and the blue is replaced by red

» Recall- Lyra opens her book only to let the cat jump around on her shoulders.

Lyra Concept Photo : Also Pic 1
RossTran Draws

Portal Photo: Pic2