Make a vg plushie

No general spot for vg stuff so off topic! Skaarf exists as a plushie, but what else would be a great plushie? And it doesn’t mean it’s limited to how skaarf is pretty much how he looks in toy form, like best example of what I’m saying ‘not limited to that’ is this reaper toy that’s a cute ball reaperIMG_7348


i want champ cath’s merch and the skaarf and minion plushies

more plushies or figurines would b nice

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People shell out hundreds for nice figurines of characters they like. I think this thing was going for something like 200 USD during preorder? If SEMC spent some time on quality merch (and I mean the high quality stuff, not this dollar store beanie baby) they could easily make thousands.

i’d take a hundred $1 beabie baby skaarfs thank u

I feel like the foil-looking fabric would peel off after you touched it once. No thank you.

(he is admittedly kinda cute, but barely looks like Skaarf, what’s that about?)

it’s the face part honestly. it should be purple or smth idk my colors ok

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VG-themed Lego sets would be awesome… you could sell hero packs (Cuddly Uglies: Skaarf, Grumpjaw, Reim; The Family: Ardan, Celeste, Vox; Stormguards: Catherine, Kestrel, Alpha; etc), small scenes (the Goldtoadoak pit, Blackclaw’s arena, the 3v3 Jungle Shop, a lane scene with a turret and some minions), or even really huge sets like the entire Fold or Rise (for $1000 :gwenrainbowbarf: )

Also, here’s an old thread of merchandise ideas: Vainglory Merchandise Ideas (post yours!)


A max bob action figure but with max steel’s design.

I wasn’t actually making this thread in mind of vg merch in general, just vg plushies. Guess when I wrote toy in the title it was generally anything woops my bad

Lol imagine the horror of you buy lego and your kid is playing with it and leaving it everywhere and you step on it, you be like ‘ow damn you grumpjaw’


Went to take a look, it looks absolutely disgusting. So many ways to make a plush, and SEMC uses this one. Hell, if they made a plush that’s like the past hero icon, I’d at least try to rack my brains to get some way to buy it

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Dammit taka keeps reappearing under my foot i’m gonna ban this f***er

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If they can turn the entire Avenger’s hero cast into soft toys, surely the creativity can flow in any direction and any hero would look super cool and super cute as a plushie.

i thought this Vainglory Chibis artwork would be a nice guide to what it could possibly end up as.


Yass so cute, those would be great ways to turn them into plushies, who did this? And skaarf looking a bit like a shark in the back there

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I wish i knew. There’s no watermark. and I don’t trust the source I took it from. So either the artist forgot to put their mark, or it has been edited out from the original.

or a third possibility is the artist doesn’t care much for this particular piece and deliberately left his mark out so all can enjoy.

Or option 4 the artists know semc owns all rights to fan art so there isn’t much point

SEMC what? That sounds fishy, is it just me? Is this typical for games/franchises?

Typical for all fanart due to it being their intelectual property. They hold the rights to it are allowing you to utilizes it without paying money, but instead by making the fanart you agree to semc holding all liscencing to it free of charge and credit.

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That’s true, per their Fan Content Policy: Vainglory | The cross-platform MOBA.

By making a Vainglory Fan Content, you agree that we can use, modify, distribute, and make derivative works of your Project in any form on a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide basis, for any purpose and without having to pay you anything, obtain your approval, or give you credit.

Clauses like this aren’t uncommon, because if you didn’t have one, and you accidentally created something really similar to a previously made fan work, you’d be open to legal action from fans looking for credit. That said, it’d be really really really bad PR to go and steal fan art for in-app use without credit, payment, or consultation, so it’s unlikely that would happen.

edit to add: for history’s sake, it’s worth mentioning a fan art contest in May 2017 where fan art was used in the contest announcement image. A few people were upset that they weren’t credited or asked for permission. It’s a borderline case where the work was clearly fan art, and SEMC wasn’t trying to take credit, but just goofed about acknowledging the artists, which is something they definitely want to do normally. And as far as I know, SEMC’s never posted another work of fan art without credit, either in the community tab or elsewhere.


That makes more sense, thank you!