Vainglory Merchandise Ideas (post yours!)

Wasn’t sure of the proper place for this, so with the advice of @HipsterSkaarf I’m throwing it in here.

I’ve always been a fan of merchandise that referenced in-game lore, objects, or other obscurities that may otherwise be overlooked (you like that alliteration, don’t you?) and I was thinking of things that could be made into neat merchandise for VG. To get the creativity flowing, try to avoid the following:

  • VG logos, SEMC logos, merchandise that uses branding or labels to represent the game and not contents within the game
  • Things like “A plushie of x character”, or something that’s equally as blatant

Examples of the thread content or things that would be pretty neat (in my opinion) would be things such as:

  • Ringo’s Gourd, maybe as a keychain or a real canteen
  • Tony’s dog tags as a wearable
  • Lyra’s book (a journal, sketchbook?)
  • Baptiste’s Vials (Not sure what this could be used for other than to spook people)
  • Phinn’s pipe (REAL BUBBLES?)
  • Flicker’s lantern (maybe a light)

These are just some meh examples, but I think you get the gist of it.
Bonus points if your idea has real-world practicality or uses beyond being a trinket.

Also, don’t be afraid to think of things outside of what’s immediately presented. Reference lore, or even other skins, and so on.


I would rather spend $100 on t-shirts than spend a dime in-game.

I would like stickers (nice ones, like for laptops). I think cosplay items like coats, masks, accessories would also be really cool.


Figurines of Characters/Skins.
Like the 3d models.
That’s pure gold.

The Skaarf and Minion teddy are not enough.


I’d love to see some Vainglory merch too! Here’s my top 3 4:

  1. A Skaarf scarf.

  2. A Grumpjaw sleeping bag.

  3. Cage-fighter Ardan underwear.

  4. An Idris motorcycle helmet.

Not sure what’s feasible, but the scarf… someone crafty should make a pattern for other crafters to use in making their own.

edit: I can’t count today


I never knew I wanted something so badly.


Yes I NEED an Ozo figure in my life :ozo:


One with a button with “OVER 15 REAL OZO VOICE LINES!

And each one just says OZO OZO OZO.


The limited edition one will have “why do I have to be Ozo”


What about an Ozo hoola hoop?

I think Petals munions make good stressballs/plushies.


Uhhh how about

  • Plastic replicas of some of the heroes’ weapons (Lance’s sword+shield, Krul’s sword, Bap’s scythe, Cath’s shield, etc.). Maybe not the guns tho for pretty obvious reasons.
  • Something to do with Lyra’s book. They could just make it a prop or it could be an artbook or something.
  • SAW masks
  • Tony/Ardan gauntlets that are like the Hulk hand toys

Minion plushies for all and churnwalkers hook and chain

Edit: There is some look

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I can give you an Ozo figurine, just let me go to the bathroom :slight_smile:


Cath’s Shield this is amazing :000

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Though you are right, and they are cool, maybe think of some other things too! I’m sure you can come up with some great ideas.


How about SEMC starts breeding some Dire Wolves that can summon 3 mini dire wolves on command? That would be pretty neat


They should make Samuel’s Oblivion a real thing so I can finally sleep for a change.


All I know is Imma order a Skaarf plush soon, but I just wish the t-shirts were not so ridiculously expensive .-.

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Get me one too

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I’ll buy you a shirt one day. You can hold me to this.

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O hecc nani

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