Lyra in VG 3.4

The reason Lyra’s burst build is because there isn’t much counterplay to her A. It’s easy to land and the enemy almost always has to eat it. Maybe you should consider reducing the radius of effect for her A or the range her A is thrown but the above mentioned changes are also fine I guees.

Her A is fine its her B. She isn’t playing as captain but still gets the benefits from that utility to create a safe space for her. Best part is when you are just about to kill her she just teleports away and the portal works half the time. The damage Bulwark does is just salting a wound.

All support heroes who are played as carries have utility skills and as tradeoff they have a lower damage output. What I don’t like about is her nearly guaranteed poke. It makes laning against her annoying knowing you have eat a sigil almost everytime it’s up from cooldown.


Unless if you’re Varya or Reza it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Lyra’s burst isn’t oppressive by any means its just the fact that she has so many abilities that let her ramp up in a teamfight. Any other midlaner outdamages her in a 1v1 situation. Problem is its a team game so Lyra just does better than everyone else. Bulwark is what is making Captain Lyra op too… the heal is good but there are mortal wounds so it isn’t OP at all. Bulwark is what is making her OP…

Varya’s B has a longer cooldown than Lyra’s A, Reza is used as a top laner and last time checked Lyra doesn’t bot. Her burst may not be oppressive but it’s just annoying when laning against her. Whether it’s 1v1 or 5v5 other midlaners offer more damage and Lyra offers more utility, that’s what all other supports played as carries also do. As for Captain Lyra her whole kit and the new items all contribute in making her OP, it’s not just her B.


Her A is oppresive. VG players such as Rumblysuperset really think its quite opressive. Her A guarantees her a good laning phase, one of the most annoying poke over that chunks off 1 half-1 third of a squishy carry’s health and when a group of enemies are bunched up together it is even more oppresive.

Like Carry Lyra in her Burst Build has one of the highest damage potential in mid laners, she can do over 100k damage when fed properly, and in normal(long) games she does about 50-80 thousand on average.

Many pros are finding huge success in it and it was used in VGL, and it won the game.

Making the base damage at LV 8 like 250 while making the CP ratio 140% or something will make it more managable and her damage will still be substantial though she doesn’t spike as hard when she gets her first Tier 3 item. After 2-3 items however she will be about the same as before and with 4-5 offensive items she will be monstrous. But because of the snowball meta it will be much more difficult to get to the point where it will actually be chunking off half of your health so as a burst carry she will be balanced.

The problem is, her Burst Build > AC Build

Pros include the ability to chunk off huge health from the enemy, Higher Damage, More Energy, Less Cooldown for more plays with her ultimate and B.

While her AC build gives very oppresive sustained damage(500 in two basic attacks) it is single target and at lv 12, her Basic Attack from her Burst Build is still EXTREMELY oppresive as she has one of the highest base attack speed at lv 12, (higher than what an AC can give making her Basic attacks still a reliable source of damage despite being slower) AND the CP scaling of 80% in her empowered attack enables her to have 300+ damage with just 1 empowered attack and she can just finish enemies with her A, a portal, her B and a few more basic attacks.

you literally can kill varya so easily… wait for her ult… where she will stand still. throw the sigil on her and watch her die

if varya dashes, B imeediately, throw sigil to where she hit the bulwark and watch her health goes below half… AA her till she dies.

you have utilise her B well and see how their enemies engage or dashes… the moment they dash… and lyra bulwarks… she is at the advantage…

1v1 it’s possible to take her down fairly easily especially early game before she gets her ult. Where she shines and why she has such large DMG is with her AOE, her A is certainly good but I agree with the above that it’s her huge AEO B which can apply team wide mortal wounds which is the problem.

Lat game she does become a handful, her ability to escape from almost any situation makes her incredble difficult to play against. But I disagree with reducing the size of her A that would make roam lyra incredible difficult to play.

Lyra is super hard to kill (no matter if support or carry build). One can just B, C and bb gg wp no re. Enemy can’t pass the portal while B is active - 4 seconds. Also she will deal dmg with B while escaping as a bonus.

This is the reason why so many good players goes glass cannon and are totally ok on that one, compared to other heroes.

Yeah I’ve always said that her B is the strongest ability she has both as a roam and a carry. It slows, it has a huge AOE, it blocks and it enables an almost fool proof escape mechanism from nasty situations.==

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B and C is so good + the 4s so long, that in most cases I can also throw an A on them after C, forcing them to eat it or pass the B wall again and… eat the A dmg :smiley: . Not to mention that A has a pretty good speed boost, making it even harder to get caught.


Maybe thats why I said “unless”…

Now I am interested to see Varya and Lyra late game 1v1 match.

Oh late game Varya will crush Lyra if she doesn’t use her B properly but besides that there isn’t much counterplay for Varya to do against Lyra because a couple of AA’s (When Lyra is inside the barrier) will be GG

true true

30 chars hahahahahaha

Guys I don’t really see what needs to be discussed here. Her burst build was nerfed back in 3.2 or 3.3 but regardless it was nerfed months ago. Her ramping up damage/AA poke build is much better than that one. Her A isn’t her main damage source but regardless it is good but not OP by any means. You can try to avoid the A or even soak it up, because it won’t take half your health away anymore. It uses a bunch of energy too so its not like she can spam it the entire time during early game… Her B is so similar to Malene in the way that it has no counterplay and is very easy to use. The utility on her B is RAW utility and doesn’t require her to be in a bad position. This literally negates assassins from entering and they are supposed to be the main counters to her. Also Malene has to be close ranged so she will take some damage unless if you kite super hard.

TLDR: Her A is supposed to do damage it is like saying Celeste does too much damage. Unlike Celeste her A just compliments her main damage source: her AA and the Bulwark literally lets her do whatever she wants to do for 3 seconds, something that other CP carries don’t have the ability to do, even Malene can’t do anything when using her Dark B.

People complainin that Cp Lyra is a monster while Adagio was the first healer and Cp roamer and doesnt have any problems about him…

I wish Semc would make him a problem just like Lyra any path is a problem

edit: make him op and even more bursty than Lyras A on a cp path with a .5 channel for his Verse of Judgement kappa

He can’t be a problem because he has no mobility. Just make him Verse of Judgement have 3 charges and it is a blink with the add on of what happens now but instantly. So he can chain stun and he can also use it to get away.

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I think what would make adagio better is if his Ult applied arcane fire to enemies without that debuff (for roaming) and/or a huger range or radius for his arcane burn on his A (for his cp path)

First one is kinda pointless because Arcane Fire doesn’t do much besides proccing the stun on his Ult. It doesn’t do the same thing as mortal wound either so its meh. Second one would be toxic because it has pretty good range right now for something that enhances his damage A LOT. But I don’t think those changes would make him broken though just annoying to play against.