Lunar event now with incredible poll (not the dr)

As a whole we should pick one side and landslide win for that side.

My vote would be we all join gwen. And smash Reza.
Who would you rather see on top?

Let us all join the Gwen side and slay those Reza dudes tomorrow!!!

Vote for your team. I didn’t create these skins I am just naming them as they are…

  • The awesome sexyness that is Gwen.
  • The pale horny dude

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@Aesthete18 @idmonfish @HipsterSkaarf @Glowarm @Tamaticon @everyone

If we all join one side we can show off the power of the Forum side!

You underestimate the power of the Forums (Darkside)

it is random isnt it?..

Pretty certain it’s random which side you get, because SEMC just loves those RNGs … :tanuki:

if only we could do that.
we would win 2 skins!

It’s random because otherwise people would wait for a team to get a lead before joining. Basically snowballing the event.


You’d have to structure the event differently to make non-random work, I agree. Personally, I think people are much more invested if they can choose their side/team/faction/whatever, so I would have done the event differently. But at least it’s an event and should generate some hype, which is the point, after all.

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Semc and their RNG…

They can evangalize like the best. We have RNGesus…

nivmett is love, nivmett is life.

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You just linked balance Rng and nivmett…

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Bless my RNG and hope I make it to #TeamGwen :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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I am with you on that! :gwenrainbowbarf: <-- only available Gwen emoji

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Tomorrow we shall figure out the loyalties of the forums and we shall commence the first great forum war


Can you do the write up?

Make it aggressive lol

What’s this i don’t understand.

What if someone already has Gwen skin but put in team Gwen bad luck for them

I have her and I really enjoy playing with her.

it doesn’t specifically say that you get the skin…

Can we have votes tomorrow so that we know which side the majority of forumers got into.

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I created a poll lmao

30 chrctrs