LPQ for dodging

So apparently dodging is now punished with lpq which is cool but there is something that i immediately though of, why was dodging made an unpunished offence in the first place ? Like what was the thought process behind this decisions, the only i could think of is “how can we make ranking an even more unbearable experience for high elo players”. Also lpq might help with dodging to a certain extent but it won’t totally fix the issue, there needs to be elo penalties for those who dodge repeatedly.



What about the -25 elo penalty, is that not still there/has it been reinstated?

I think it’s a chaos idea behind the late fix , because you could ask yourself if dodging helps reducing the amount of trolls or not , if a troll knows exactly that you can’t dodge it will be their perfect day to ruin your game , so dodging for sure made trolls confused .

So I think they trying to see how the players experience with and without dodging .

The second thing which I think it’s a good thing if semc can do at some point is pre queue role selection , the problem with this it’s the long queue , so by letting dodging in the game you could test how patient are the player and compare it to the expected waiting time to find a match in a pre selected roles , I played a lot of games were people declining the match or dodging with already long queue in 3v3 so Iam down for pre selected roles , you get rid of dodging at the same time .

With the already too-long queue times, I can’t see them splitting the queues any further. Sad to say, the remaining player base is probably too small now for things that would have worked (and which VG needed) two years ago.


I think they going to do it because they do random things and see what works usually and they already working on a new game , this could fix a lot of things about the game right now , dodging and trolls are mostly about roles in the draft , I mean their attempt to banned trolls from our games by the blacklist failed , it was a good attempt and risky , and they actually said we try to not match you with them , so I could see a similar thing like make it pre selected roles but it could match you with others already selected their roles and you are the random , like say I don’t want to be captain then you have 4 roles to fill in 5v5 , you could make it blacklist role not just favorite role .

They should implement a system that punishes people who excessively dodge and has leniency for one of incidents. I am thinking first dodge you get away with it, second dodge you get lpq, 3rd dodge you get a 10 elo penalty and 4th dodge you get a 25 elo penalty, your dodges get reset every 24 hours. Also for parties the system should apply for the entire party rather than for each individual players that way they can’t abuse the system by making a different members of the party dodge on each occasion.


There is nothing that indicates they will do that.


There is still an ELO penalty, but not until you dodge like 3-5 times in a row. It really sucks, I just wish they can punish right away.

I was thinking about a penalty system like this:

  • First dodge will result in 5 penalized ELO and a 3-minute LPQ.
  • Next dodge will be 10 more ELO reduced and a 6-minute LPQ.
  • Third consecutive dodge: - 15 more ELO plus a 10-minute LPQ.
  • From the fourth following dodge till the players complete one match without dodging or AFK, player will lose 20 ELO each with a 15-minute LPQ.

What do you think? To me, the first penalty is fair: you lose an amount of ELO equals to that when you lose in T10 match. 3-minute LPQ for one match is good, considering that is the normal queue time for high ELO players :joy: The following penalties are meant to strict players from doing multiple dodges, so it needs to be harsh. Tell me your opinion.


Semc is not clear about the karma system that’s why we have no idea how we lose karma and drop for no reason , because they don’t want players to abuse the system , so I don’t think they going to do a free dodges for players if they want to stop it .

In my opinion semc could make the dodge punishment rng , so you could dodge your first game and lose nothing second game you lose 25 elo , and give each dodge a chance like 50% lpq number 50% elo number , the more you dodge the chance increase for a big punishment , I don’t see it as an ideal solution but I think semc could do it based on their situation right now , they want players.

The same thing you could say about the blacklist , blacklist and pre queue role selection are the same because you reducing randomness and make the queue organized which could lead to long queue times and hard to find players to fill , they did blacklist they probably going to do pre queue role selection , I would still pick fill if they do it to get games faster , I just don’t want to get players fighting over roles and ruin the game .

Blacklist was something people kept asking for as thumbs down didn’t do what some people thought; prevent thumbs down players from matching with you again. Pre role selection isn’t something brought up and asked for as much as blocking other players like trolls was/is.
Also with how heroes are designed being viable in different roles, different builds, role que is odd and wouldn’t ever expect that to actually happen in vg

The blacklist was a method to combat trolls and doesn’t hurt queues as much as role selection.

I don’t see how just because they did the blacklist they will do the role selection.

People asked for blacklist and asked for pre queue role selection
And what I tried to do is comparing the long queue time after dodging with the time pre queue role selection would take , knowing that dodging is a reason of getting trolls in your team or players want certain roles or you yourself want a certain role.

Think about it like a circle , a guy not getting his role , play the game and fill , see how the players are bad while they probably were filling , get frustrated , troll next games , with pre selected roles you blame yourself , and it’s even better for duo q and trioq players , or just get rid of them in the pre selected roles , make it all solo .

And I mentioned blacklist because it was a very risky move by semc , pre selection is a risky move too , but if players were patient with dodging they could be patient with pre selected roles , you are waiting for a game you going to play your role in it and low chance of dodging , what a good happy day for a ranked player .

SEMC has not enough players to make a prequeue role selection something viable, especially when very few players would play captain. Right now is just unviable

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Well the pressure going to be on bottom lane , so picking captain can get you a game faster than other roles , it can increase the amount of captain players because of the demand and lower the amount of bottom laners.

How is giving us the ability to designate players you don’t want to queue with a “very risky move”?


Because they aren’t a real trolls , most of them are frustrated , like I played with trolls before and I know who is the real troll or just a frustrated player , so when people downvotes they remove them from the queue and make the queue long , that’s why semc didn’t make it strict , it doesn’t work most of the time , I think what made them do it even being risky is people were spreading that semc love trolls and toxic people , so they tried to make in game banned system to show that they don’t like trolls .

Removing one player from the queue doesn’t affect the queue time at all.


What the heck are you talking about? That doesn’t make any sense at all.


And people will queue as roams to pick another role in the match, just because that queue is faster than the others.

This new queue will make the algorithm more complex since it will have to take into account the skill level (which we all know that doesn’t work properly), time in the queue and then another variable like “role” which spreads the queue into 5 more queues? Again, is just not viable.