LPQ for dodging


There’s simply no way to split the queue into FIVE separate queues and not dramatically increase queue times. That would kill the game faster than any other single move I can imagine – there’s no way ANYONE would wait 5x as long as we do now for a match.

Blizzard is about to implement pre-queue role selection in Overwatch, and holy moly, they’re being ultra cautious about how they implement it, because they KNOW it will generally increase wait times for a match. It’s taken them over a year to develop it:

If they’re anxious about its effect on their game, which has exponentially more players than VG, don’t you think SEMC has much more to fear from splitting their much smaller queues?

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Specially after all their attempts to minimise the amount of queues.


You can blacklist 3 players .

In one of the dev streams people talked about trolls and the Devs said that they aren’t punishing trolls hard because they think are frustrated players and not a real trolls , like even if you remember the old forum were players did troll and one of them got in game message to take a break from the game if I remember correctly .

I think Iam taking their viewpoint , I honestly agree with punishing trolls hard , but I looked at what the Devs said and thought about it more , they did the blacklist thing while they believed that players can change from a game to a game , and they probably seeing this optimistic view because of their small player base , like they wish toxic players be good at some point , I don’t know .

It’s better than the current system but it can be abused by trolls , but atleast you are 100% sure that guy is a troll and not just a random guy want to play a certain role others picked it .

But I think it can balance the game even if skill level different , if your enemy has a bot lane tier 10 and your team has the same then it’s more balanced than a tier 10 captain against a t10 carry .

semc already did a big move with the 5v5 mode , another big move with crossplatform , do you know how much that effected their hero design to think about different platforms , if they thought 5v5 and crossplatform going to push their numbers why they going to see a pre selected role going to break the game .

Still not enough to make a difference.

And doing so is worth multiplying the queue times by 5 or even more?
Such a long queue would, as @hazeleyes said, kill the game faster than any mistake they’ve done at the moment.

For your first question: not much, they haven’t changed heroes for that and won’t do that.

For the second question: because unlike the other 2 things doing this would make people spend far more time in queue than actually playing. You can be in queue even more than an hour just to enter a draft. Blizzard is being cautious with that, and they have multiple times the VG playerbase, so more reason to be careful.
5v5 is something they said they wanted to do and the community asked for, it’s also what MOBAs are based on. The second one is giving different methods to play, allowing people to play however they want is not something that would hurt the game.

Multiplying already long queues is.

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My god, roles has nothing to do into the definition of “balanced matches”, and again, IS NOT VIABLE.

Because this will make the queues last way longer, and there are enought complains about the time it gets right now to increase that time.

Seriously, I just don’t get what do you not understand.

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Why do you assume that I don’t understand , everything you guys said is obvious and for sure what made semc not doing it , what Iam trying to say is the reasons that make them consider doing it based on things they did already , are they going to do it ? Maybe , like not punishing dodging hurt the game a lot , I lost games because I dont dodge and I could win a lot of games if enemy dont dodge .

They are not even considering it.