Lost My Account

**I am having a problem with Logging to my account.
My nickname is Inconjure. i didnt log in for a long time. I cant retrieve my account.
I am written as guest.
I tried to turn on my google play. No solution with that. Tried to reinstall. Didn’t help
I don’t remember but i am quite sure that i played on the Eu server.

**My Device is LGv30
**My operating system is Android

As unfortunate it is, this is fully intentional… Accounts aren’t available (fully at least) at the moment due to the game being in an intermediary stage per the Community Edition roadmap.
The TLDR on it is that the game servers are being planned on becoming hosted by the community rather than SEMC themselves due to bad circumstances the game faced. The game is currently in stage 1B of the CE roadmap, where everything save for LE skins is unlocked and accounts, as well as a lot of other features, are gone for the time being. Your account should still be safe in the servers, but you won’t be able to fully access it any time soon seeing as VGCE is currently on an indefinite development hold due to SEMC’s resources being shifted towards their upcoming new game. You can, however, freely change your IGN to your old one (or to anything, for that matter) if that matters to you.

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