Looking through the new skin names

Have you ever seen a video where someone asks their grandparents to name videogame characters?
That’s what it’s like.


Yeah I agree a lot of the name stuff are pretty cringe. Should’ve left them as they were since they were progressing off each other. Unnecessary change honestly

Yeah some names are pretty meh or just dont fit the skins theme at all. Death metal Krull T3 is now called “Ice Cold” Krull and “Hellhound” Fortress would be a better name over “Firehound” Fortress.
And they missed an opportunity by not throwing in a Streetfighter reference with Takas T3.

Also Ringos original tiered skins still share the shogun theme so why change others and barely touch his?

Broken Myth made a helpful spreadsheet of this: https://t.co/Nf0DWJ8DhI?amp=1

I agree some of those choices are “interesting”

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We have SAWBorg 2.0, 3.0, X, but not 1.0? REEEEEEEE

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I guessed what they would be in this thread: http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/143399/#post-1434603

And i got Cerberus Fortress and Ice Age Glaive right so woo



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Personally, I miss Cloud Raider - it’s now Evolution Vox. I feel like I ripped off poor Samuel

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K: Grandpa what is this?
G: It’s prehistoric glaive tier 3
K: No, it’s not. It’s ice age glaive
G: Pfft, long long time ago when i was…(start telling his story)


T3 joule is now school days joule?!

Welcome to American schools…


Darn they missed some. They only got the tiered skins…

Seeing Joule’s skin names list on Broken myth was such a FACEDESK moment…

‘Shogun Master Ringo’ … cringe.


Some names of the skins are weird

Apprentice Samuel and Legendary Joule become School Day…
Both of them are not even in the same classroom with Vox Taka Lyra and Koshka.

Yeah they don’t really have that much of a school days theme in their skins

Sam. Ok. Apprentice. School. Fine.

Joule has Jets in the background and her expression. #facedesk


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No nazi joule?
Aww suckkk, why not future military kids or whatever it is, school days??Really???
Who would bring a killing machine to the school??

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new skin names that are bad:
spiderwing adagio
redemption ardan
serpent mask cath
schoold days joule (that is mega-killa joule 9 million)
trasher krul
pinnacle lance (i dont want this skin anymore)
bonegnasher phinn (come on)
valkyrie reim (he is not genderswapped, so why?)
white ghost taka (just translate shiro kage, i wonder what they did on the jap translation then)