Let's talk about Turret take downs

They just die way too fast and it’s got nothing to do with health or barrier.

How about make them only take damage from AutoAttacks.
This would make a more consistent take down time and each hero would have an equal chance to take down / defend a turret in a predictable time.

Currently, whoever has high burst damage will take down turrets faster than any other.

making them only use basic attacks to hurt turrets would destroy this. wp saw would take down turrets far quicker than a cp skaarf who can no longer pu fan the flames ona turret. if you want it to be even just make it so onyl minons can damage the turrets.


hmmm. good point.

but making minions only able to damage turrets would make it boring… there must be another solution.

Turrets are kinda fine the way they are. Some heroes are designed to obliterate them while others aren’t supposed to even bother. Turrets have shields early game which means no one except SAW can take them down. This allows for good rotations but bad laners will start off by staying near their turret instead of going to mid and being aggressive.


Bad idea imo, WP heroes like kestrel, SAW and joule are already very good at taking turrets. No need to make them unnecessarily meta.

Do turrets scale in level as the game goes on like minions, jungle monsters etc?

I wonder about that. I was watching twitch League of Legends player trying out Vainglory for the first time and his reaction to the turrets was “they are so useless” …

not only do they fire so slow, they get taken down so fast.

I mean, as a veteran player, we’re used to it. But it seems like his comment is kinda true.

They do fire slow. Too slow. To the point where you can get poked down from the enemy laner and still the turret is just gonna target but won’t shoot. The funny part is when I try to turret dive it instantly begins going “pew pew pew.” And them I’m like :okx99:. But the point is that if they are gonna change turrets they should make them fire faster. It’s becoming too annoying seeing two full health enemies diving me and then I juke so hard that both live on a sliver of health while me being half health now dead. They should make the turrets fire faster but not instantly so people who are gonna dive will get a dive off, the question being will they get away with their life.


Yup, good point. that twitch streamer was getting stomped by Glaive and Catherine, playing a Koshka using a mouse and keyboard. i felt sorry for him.

shopping was really slow as well, because there’s no quick buy.

Anyway back on topic:
Maybe they could make a firing pattern. single shot, single shot, double shot… so if they stay long enough for a 3rd hit by the turret, they get punished with 2 hits.

if that isn’t punishing enough, then just go straight single, double shot on the second fire.

edit: this would work better than just increasing the damage, because they can negate the damge with a block, but a double shot would mean if they blocked the first, they’ll still get hit by the second.

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Vg turrets damage is dealt in healt percentages and stacks up the longer u stay.

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It might be fast for the LoL streamer cus LoL turrets fall like at 10 mins on average also LoL is just much longer.

Yeh, the comparison to LoL is not very good. It’s completely different systems.

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Turrets should fire two shots atleast. Im annoyed by tony being able to tank three to four shots under my turret


They need to reduce the % damage chip on turrets then cus u lose 60% within 2 shots

Im fine with that change, just need it to be more painful if u decided to dive a turret

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It will end the same result cus you nerf the % chip lul

Keywords imo =_=


well, the other way they could do it is just to make it attack faster… but i fear that would mess up the minion rotations and the impact they have in tanking for turret hits, giving you less time to attack turrets.

Maybe turrets just need to deal more damage to minions in the late game…minions can TANK turrets sometimes, especially with the captain minions

i know it would be boring but it is also the onyl way to make it balanced uwu

How about a retaliation for divers? You dive on an enemy hero under turret protection and a tripwire triggers when you move away from the turret?