Krul in 3.4 - new items make him too strong?

It seems that the new items kinda heavily buffed Krul a little too much. Pulse slows and makes him faster, Plate increases his healing with CDR, and that allows him to go back the the tank Krul build that we all totally loved when he could build a BP and go all tank. He can also buy a husk to null any burst too. I think Krul is gonna be a perma ban again .-.

Haven’t tried any of the new items on him except for plates and I on the think that they are a good item to build on him

wait does capacitor passive really affect lifesteal? i thought it didn’t?

Pretty sure it works on lifesteal since it IS healing

just tested, ye it does, tank krul does seem good again

O dear god no

Anything but tank Krul .-.

Lyra is even more powerful now…

Lyra was buffed to high heaven. I don’t even need CW anymore. Thought old SC was bad? Now we have 3 items like that…

Capacitor plate+rook+spellfire+Crucible+Wartreads and nobody can stop her. Heck that is with a free slot left… Throw in a vision item and she is even worse…

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Don’t forget the new ТТ. :smiley:

Shit, well, I guess it’s time to practice Skye :confused:

The new 20% heal item literally makes fountain not strictly needed on her. :smiley:
Let’s not complain tho, it’s great that they gave more options for captains and now we will have more builds. It will be balanced in time if needed + let’s test the things out for a few weeks as now it’s quite a lot of changes to learn them from a few games.

The new hero is also sleek, played her in two casuals. She is ok and also not totally brokenly OP (still on the strong side imho tho). Fun to play and smooth.

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Aegis is dead. Long live capacitor plate+lifesteal.

It feels disgusting how easily you can outtank others with it.

I can imagine the strength on Krul lol. New SH might help better than aegis though.

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I still think they must buff defence items (aegis and armour). Nice to see someone appreciate the old man still, he is one of my favourite and quite strong in the right hands (both in 3vs3 and even 5vs5).

The state of reim threads :wink: but lifesteal+capacitor plate is very strong. Even just boe+CPl is very very strong. Cpl offers the cd and eve the energy together they offer almost a full CW+defense+boosted healing.

CPl will be a must buy on anyone who has or builds lifesteal…

Will CP works with aftershock?

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Pair that with even only DE for attack item and the dmg will be there while killing you GL. :sweat_smile:

Would it work on glaive in place of a defense item?

It offers defense and hp and cooldown and increase his bloodsong healing.

Yes. If you want double defense get CPl+SH CPl will also boost your SH barrier lmao.

So does capacitor plate works with aftershock? It will help malene greatly

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It does… It is the strongest item in the game right now…


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