Kinetic Discussion

Kinetic is garbage imo her damage and her attack speed don’t scale that nicely compared to other heroes.


Did you just call garbage the best hero of the update? Lol, she is op as hell.


I mean her animations, once again, are garbage. Her damage is a different story tho

No she isn’t. She gets too much credit. She’s basically Ringo with a dash instead of a speed boost. I haven’t found much success with her as compared to someone like Skye or Vox. She’s not particularly that good in high tiers NA as people either don’t pick her or just fail with her. And the best hero in the game right now is GJ. Sure he can’t hypercarry but he is hella reliable being able to do 2v1s with a banner early game. The fact that he is tanky as well means a 3v5 for the entire match once you shut down entire enemy bot lane. He can also be played jg or bot with SM BP tank build.

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Kinetic is nowhere near the best, people think because she is new she is OP which she isn’t true @Guest_78

True, she isnt, thats why she is always banned in EU (t10) and all pros dodge when she is picked by the enemy team, even in NA (search reddit and streams). Everyone complaining about her, even high tier players (10s and gold). She is always banned or picked in competitive because she is garbage, no? LOL
Her damage is oppressive, she is the best bot laner by far, able to out damage and out range every sniper, even able to beat 1v1 Kensei easly, but sure, she is garbage.


She is no longer new lol, its been three updates already of people playing her, its not like no one knows how to use/counter her.


Kensei shits on GJ. Kinetic Anka and Kensei are the strongest 3 heroes right now…


Of course Kensei shits on GJ, he’s supposed to. When saying something is the best you have to consider reliability and how often it can be picked into a comp. GJ can be picked anytime against anyone and will destroy everyone early game besides Krul or maybe BF. His slow and his basic attack makes him strong no matter how sloppy an invade was done.

Just because he is reliable doesnt makes him the best hero. If It was like that the best would be Ardan, more reliable than him there is nothing.

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Dude I literally play with NA pros everyday. I can’t speak for EU and she might be better their consider the aggressive playstyle. In NA though Baron, Vox, and Skye are the greatest picks for a ranged bot laner. And yeah Kinetic can kill Baron in a 1v1 because Baron dies to every carry in a 1v1 thanks to SH. You just said Kensei dies to Kinetic in a 1v1, it seems that you don’t understand his concept that well. Unlike BF he excels in teamfights being able to stack his barriers easily with his A and destroying teamfights with his WP AoE attacks. Finally sitting at 25 BP stacks he begins to AA everyone down. He sucks in 1v1s against heroes who have consistent damage so literally any WP hero.

Kinetic isn’t strong at all she’s in line with all the other carries. She doesn’t beat Vox or Ringo in a 1v1 but she does beat Baron and Skye.

It’s getting off topic but reliability results in the best heroes. GJ can solo invade and guarantee his team some advantage. Ardan can be played into any comp but he can’t guarantee any advantage.

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I dont agree.

Even then she lauhgts at him.

Dont agree.

She is op, but It seems you dont agree and none of us Will change.

She beats them easly, she is the best ranged duelist by far.


I would say a SM Kinetic is on par with a Ringo or Vox that cant stutterstep efficiently.

Baron is definitely not the worst adc.

I agree with you on Gj tho, he’s pretty strong but surely not the best

Baron isn’t the worst ADC but he’s terrible in 1v1’s and is better off in teamfights where he can quickly gain stacks.

I mean if ur baron is caught behind in cs… If u farm effectively and gain items quickly, its possible to 1v1. You would know since ur already a high tier.

Yeah it’s not difficult to 1v1 but I’m saying a 1v1 between him and any other ranged WP carry. Ofc Baron can easily just blow up Samuel or Celeste, or kite and blow up Kensei or no defense Tony. But vs something like a Ringo, Vox, or Kinetic he sucks especially if both have them have built SH and a 4 item build. If Baron builds attack speed maybe something different would happen but I doubt it.

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Baron destroys Vox in 1v1.
C’mon, i already hace 30 words!

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Yeah if the Vox doesn’t have SH and doesn’t decide to boots and silence Baron. Of course Baron who has something like a 7 m range at level 12 would beat Vox. Baron can literally blow up anyone that doesn’t buy SH and even then he’s still strong if he gets some peel.