Just some suggestions

I posted this on Reddit also since I know the devs listen more there.

  1. We need new items for both 3v3 and 5v5. The game shouldn’t only focus on one mode so both modes need new items wether they’re the same item or not. The lack of build diversity leaves no room for counterplay and builds are predictable and repetitive. I also feel like this often leads to heroes being Op not because the hero themself is OP but because there are no builds to counter them.
  2. The tap controls need to be fixed. It’s annoying when your character is bugging around a turret because you tapped a movement command in front of it. This bug has always been in VG and can be quite annoying when you can’t actually tell where your character is. This bug often happens when you’re near walls or turrets and you tap a place to go, your character will move all around the wall and such. This is supposed to be the moba perfected for touch, you should make it so.
  3. There is a bug right now that constantly make your abilities be casted in the bottom left corner of the circle. It doesn’t always happens ofc but the rare times it does can cost you the win.
  4. The basic attack bug where characters often will stop attacking enemies when their basic attack is buffed. This is most common on Rona but I’ve experienced with Reza and others too.
  5. Que times need to be shorten. I often have to wait 4+ mins for a match and it generally is longer then that and more along 10+ mins because there is always someone who leaves the character screen or doesn’t even join initially. Matches are at maximum 20 mins long What’s the point in playing a game I have to wait literally half of the times.
  6. Players who leaves matches before should not be able to join the same que. It’s annoying when you have to go through the “Match found” screen only for players to not “accept” the match. This will generally happen 2 to 4 times before the match starts too. Then there are players who quit in character select too.
    All of this just contributes to ridiculously long ques
  7. Pre-made builds. It would be amazing if we could make pre-made builds for individual heroes that act like the dev made pre-made builds. We should be able to have up to 3 or so. Or maybe have up to one and make other slots be paid for since I know y’all like money.
  8. Can we please have individual emotes for heroes? I believe emotes should be something you buy for each individual hero not a pass. Then players could have more then one emote for heroes. SEMC could make more then one emote for heroes and I know there are heroes like Glaive and Catherine who already have different emotes. This could be a new way to make revenue also.

These are just some things I think would be nice for the game.

  1. Kinda yes.
    making a mew item is hard. 1 item can changed the whole meta so SMEC need to be careful
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Nani? I only wait 1-2mins in Q (im on POA silver/SEA)
    6.hmmm a decline button is important but dodging is annoying
  6. Pre-made encourages laziness people need to know how to counterbuilds
    Maybe on low tiers. sure.
  7. Y E S

Usually only one item is changed if you’re counter building so the rest of the preload will be useful since it’s quicker and easier to build items since they appear at the bottom half for you. Then you also get notifications for when your item is ready to upgrade.

This is not a bug at all the tap location you wanna be does not choose the fastest path but a straight path the fact you are getting stuck like that shows you have never played a ARTS game not on mobile.

Yes this does need to be fixed but remember joysticks are in beta stage ATM.

This issue does need to be fixed but it isn’t a game breaker as you probably are stutter stepping meaning this isn’t too bad of a bug.

You were just complaining in another post about what seems is doing to fix this.

You are kicked out of que for rejecting or dodging. Enough draft dogding puts you in lpq unable to do ranked.

Yes and no premade builds where I can set my core items yes anything more no as it would get annoying if I have to build off it to counter.

I would love this though the charms pass is still nice since it only cost glory not ice.

This could make or break the game and getting more items would definitely take a lot of patches to finally rebalance, which wouldn’t be good as too many think the game is unbalanced which to a slight degree it is but it is pretty dam close to perfect

You just came to argue. Yes I have played MOBA games that are PC, I don’t know why you even have the single thought of telling me what I’ve played. Please retain from telling people what they do because you’re not a god. Yes heroes do get buggy around walls and such.

I don’t know what joystick has to do with a bug completely irrelevant of joystick but Okay man.

Yes any issue has to be fixed if I lose a team fight because my character stopped attacking, something I have no control over. In what world should that not be fixed. That is the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard. Games are meant to be enjoyable and competitive games are meant to be as fair as a possible. Having a bug based on rng has no place in any game really.(competitive or not)

I don’t know what you’re talking about, if I complained about que times in another post and still complaining about it that means que times are still long :smiley:

If you do not accept you are kicked out of que but can join back in, so in truth it does nothing from a player doing it again. I’m not talking about exclusively draft, I’m talking about all hero select.

Yeah man they’re you’re premade builds you build what you what. The game wouldn’t buy the item for you as I stated the pre-made would act exactly the same as the dev pre-mades.

No new items would not make or break the game. Neither spellsword, spell fire, or dragon’s eye, teleport boots have broken the game at all. If anything they just created more diverse builds for some heroes and more counterplay. There has only ever been one item that has broken the game ever and it literally lasted one update and that was the first form of stormcrown. People keep saying new itmes will break the game but that has yet to happen. LoL, Dota2, and SMITE all have a diverse amount of items and more balanced then VG.

Using DotA or league is not a good example at all. Both games had years of balancing before it was even a game. Yes new items get introduced but they also have a larger team to do balancing work and testing(even started with a bigger team plus the balance genius on DotA’s side icefrog who set the standard on balancing a moba). I am not saying it will break it I am saying new items can make it or break it. You complain about balance yet want more items to complicate balancing.

You don’t understand that I think more items will help balance the game. So when I complain about balance it’s because we don’t have enough items to balance the game.

The game is pretty balanced in 5v5 now 3v3 not really at all but the only way to balance both modes is 2 different stats for each hero meaning a bigger game file(something that most do not want unless you could download just for 1 mode like if you don’t want to play 5v5 or 3v3)

I don’t understand why people need to be able to make customizable builds or whatever. We have quick buy.

*cough * echo * cough *

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Everyone forgets things when it doesn’t fit their argument

Echo was “broken” on only Catherine and Ardan that’s barely game braking. I don’t know why you think any item is going to be released balanced because if SMEC never release items to the public they’re never gonna know how to balance them. Items are gonna be rebalanced to the end of time just look AS that item has gone through so many OP UP phases and is still getting changed to this day with other items. You guys are bringing up scenarios that’s to be expected in a moba. The fact is they need more items whether you like it or not. The builds are not diverse at all and they can do more. No matter new items and current items are going to constantly need rebalancing but that’s part of a moba’s history. Items are such a crucial part of any moba and you guys rather sit here and ask for less then let VG grow. Vainglory is gonna take a long time to balance but if you guys encourage SEMC to wait to add new items it’s gonna take an even longer time. But waiting to fix problems have helped VG right? Taking their “time” and not doing anything to help the game has totally worked as clearly seen right? I’m making the suggestions because all you guys do is wait and complain about an OP hero then praise SEMC for anything they do no matter right or wrong. That’s not the type of attitude that helps a game grow. I’m happy to hear criticism but when you argue with the facts that players need more diverse builds and other mobas have succeeded from it you’re just coming off as someone who’s here to argue not someone who actually wants to help improve the game.

Yes they are but there is a fine line on how many items you want to put. That fine line is determined by your platform, PC moba’s can get away with a lot of items as they have more room to design the shop around, vainglory has a mobile screen to use which is a lot smaller. While 2-3 items in weapon Crystal and defense would work much more you create the issue of long shop times.

You keep saying vg is inbalanced show me proof of your assertion.

You say we praise them when they do wrong I don’t but I also don’t complain about them making steps in the right direction and doing things right. Do you have any business experience if not please do me a favor and stop arguing because from a business owner perspective and a long time gamer they are doing a lot right. There are some things they need to work on but a couple of those are hard to pinpoint issues

Dude I’m not gonna argue with you because you just want to argue with me. I would love to waste time explaining how you’re wrong but it’s never gonna get any where. I post my suggestions for SEMC if they don’t like it they won’t do it and I’ll leave, it’s as simple as that. You can say SEMC is doing right for whatever BS reasons but I’m just going by the facts and the facts are the game isn’t succeeding.

Except you have shown no facts to prove your points only speculation based on no knowledge of game development and business owning

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Google trends, que times, and matchmaking with the same people every round are enough to show VG isn’t doing well.

Actually Google trends shows a narrow picture of competitive players not so much casual, or anyone who doesn’t use Google as a search engine(heaven forbid someone uses a search engine that isn’t decreasing in usefulness). Mm with same people ever think it might be a combination of factors there? Maybe like it takes awhile to get to a higher tier not to mention ranked in general(though it is still too easy). Oh wait I’m sure you never thought of the factors you just say the game is dying.

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Dude if I was in low tier I wouldn’t be matching with the same people lol because there are people. I have no clue what tier I’m at honestly because I was at PoA silver a long time ago but let myself decay because I didn’t care. So I went down to hotness and stayed there. There is no real possible way to know what tier I’m at because VG pro only takes into account what has happened when it was added not before. Reason why I have such a small match amount on there. Then there’s also the fact that Visual elo is different from actual MMR. So I can’t say if I’m low high or whatever I don’t but fact still remains that que times are long and I match with the same people often. You wanna say VG is growing but you provide no facts as to how. VG streamers barely reach a 100 views and the VG pro matches have declined in views. The evidence while yes I guess not concrete shows that VG is in fact dying yet you still yet to explain your proof that VG is growing

Also if you want some proof of my decline over the seasons for decay. I played bits here and there but nothing to keep it up.

And you can use my gamer tag on VG pro saint7502.

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I would like some new items, some wp and cp builds can be built in a few different combos but then support is still quite the same, it doesn’t hurt to have more choices

We have the option for picking pre made builds at the start of a match so why can’t we have this custom builds selection/editor, there’s no harm in using a feature already in the game to make it better for some

I assume emotes are the taunts we have, more variety would be fun, if it’s not the same then on a side note on taunts can we have an option to remove that kissy face, sometimes I just like having my character dance and not sending out that crappy face

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