Joule CP Jungle Build 5 v 5/3 v 3

Max out the 1st ability and the ultimate ability but upgrade 2nd ability at the start.
Starting Build: 2 crystal bits

(5:00 ingame) Early Game build: build into 2 Heavy prism and 2 Eclipse Prism.
1st core item: Spellfire
Build tier 1 boots after Spellfire
2nd core item: Shatterglass
3rd core item: Broken Myth
Upgrade boots to tier 2
4th & 5th core item: 2 Clockworks
Upgrade boots to Journey Boots
Potion: CP

Made by: Smexyboi
Add me in VG for questions.
Check link below for proof

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Joule is not a good jungler, CP Joule is even worse. You’ll get smashed if they invade your jungle

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