It's barely a week since update 3.10, but what do you think of the heroes right now?

Be it joy, sadness, rage or contemplation; express yourself with words down below!

Me personally:

  • Taka’s hitting me like a truck. Ugh, has it always been like that?
  • Vox finally feels fair.
  • Lyra can still carry me, lol.
  • Fortress should get a zombie skin cause he’s deader than dead.
  • Ardan’s punch power feels less of a win button now and fair.
  • WP Koshka’s aplenty, but my downvotes for them are equally plentiful.
  • Ylva is interesting.
  • SAW’s ult rework is interesting but that doesn’t solve his overall lame kit?
  • Anka and Baron feel ok.

I have not experienced some heroes yet, so this is all for now.

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I agree with you that Fortress is even more dead, that change to his prey mark feels really bad and it’s weird, very counter intuitive.
Might as well get auto reported for picking Fortress in any game mode cause he’s so bad rn.

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Here we go then:

  • SAW’s ult rework is so pointless. there was nothing wrong with his ult, it’s his perk that needed changing.
  • Nerfs to Ardan, Idris and and Vox are good
  • Ylva is more flexible than any hero other than Bap.
  • Joule is ded
  • O-Reim-ge is the new Black(feather) (I mean kit removal wise)
  • WP Koshka I think is actually a good thing
  • have they given up completely on Skye, Rona and Patel

Balance in general seems pretty good, except that bruisers are ded (other than Krul and maybe Grump). I’m liking the versatility of Koshka, and that Vox, Idris and Ardan are so much more balanced, and Taka is playable(ish) again. It’s just the Reim thing that kinda pisses me off.

CP Joule is consider OP in VG Silver


I’m just gonna say I really hate the storm crown meta and Ylva isn’t fun to p,at gains mainly cause of her insane burst and bling and click range stun. It’s like Anka with a stun.

Taka is trash, Baron and Kensei are dead, same with Fortress; WP Ardan is dead, Lyra is really strong (don’t know if OP).

Oh ok yeah CP is probably good I was thinking WP I probably shoulda specified

WP Joule? Is that a new hero? I’ve never hear of it :astonished:

Reza is broken, ylva is op, skaarf op, taka is finally playable again

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The B buff to Malene could have been better balanced besides becoming a Gwen with a barrier.

Just overdrive her B and you become a takas Kaku speed bullet without the invis.

Yeah, reza change actually makes him stronger in real games and by a lot.

malene is really strong this patch, dunno if OP, but really strong and totally up there with t he best mages.


It’s hilarious that I had posted rework ideas for him that would do the work just fine but people put it under so much flak that they barely lived and now people complain about it. Can you repeat what you said again?

Remove his move speed reduction but drops his AA range down to 5.0 to avoid getting him to massacre the entire team in a blink of an eye. Boom 10s rework for you.

5.0 range would still destroy teams

Exactly, She can tank two shots from another mage with a full glass build. Plus her lockdown/engage on another hero is straight nasty along with a teammate Ylva.

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Even a 3.0 range can still destroy teams, if the hero lives long enough…(Yeet?)
SAW has a HIGH (almost certain in an average hand) chance of dying in a given team fight, so…5.0 is justified, if SAW longevity is prioritized.

I think SAW should have a “lock-on” perk similar to Skye. That his spin-up would decrease movespeed as usual. But when he locks on to a target, he can strafe sideways at his normal speed (the buff doesn’t affect moving back/fourth). This would give him better maneuverability, ie. dodging skill shot and re-position without having to drop his spin-up entirely.


The malene problem is that to kill her (if played by a good player), your entire team should focus her… but if you don’t time right the moment to dive - you will lose the team fight as if you take too long to kill her, her team+her will deal too much dmg. God protect you if you not manage to kill her and this will be the case in 90% of the times if malene is played by a good player and her team is good.

After the buffs this patch, she is slippery as hell… the insane speed buff, the more frequent transform, her dark B + on top of that the captain will do a lot to protect her. Right now malene is a nightmare and everyone builds her glass cannon as she doesn’t need any defence with her kit and the tunes to it right now. Insane.

You’re getting me excited to talk about the problem with her.

Even if your team dives her, she’ll just dark b, dodge everything, then escape, and mean while your team will be afflicted with a heavy slow (considering if she overdrives B).

Just as you stated. If played right, she barely has any counter play.

If im correct, she has a base 430 barrier and glasscannon build bumps that up to around 640. She really doesnt need defense with the amount of utility she has. Shes most definitely going to get some play in ranked and im sure going to use her.

The only counter play she has off the top of my head is waiting for her to be on cooldown and pray she doesn’t proc CW

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It’s pretty possible that in a few days she will start to get banned almost every game in high tiers. Her dark B is really insane + she can boot out while on it to top it out + avoid with it ult dmg coming (like baron ult or ringo C, etc). Then you have captain that will surely protect the carry dealing insane dmg + then you have her light B with insane speed boost and barrier AND then you have her light A with root that is longer now :smiley: if someone manage to keep up with her hahahah. But lets remove half the kit of other heroes, right? And let’s buff malene. :smiley:


Malene and lyra are strong this patch… i am loving it…
And nerf to vox was needed.

Lorelai is still good or op…

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