Is there any heros you dislike or particually don't use because their kit that don't interest you

Mine is Ardan, grumpjaw and lance.

I am not bashing. I just simply don’t find their kit attractive or that makes me want to play unless i am forced to use that hero because of draft.

Grumpjaw: Insufferable, ugly, boring.

Grace: Pretty boring to play as, though her kit is pretty damn good imo.

Idris: I really just can’t find him that exciting, either.

Ozo: Annoying, honestly, his kit is great and he can be fun to play as but he’s frustrating to listen to.

Joule, SAW, Catherine, Koshka.

I’ll choose any of them if need be/the counters are appropriate, otherwise I don’t bother.

Oh yes. I forgot Idris… boring.
Ozo doesn’t exist in my pov lol.

Never played joule more than 3 time hehe.
Same for Saw.

Pretty much. Ozo’s prevalence in my life has been due to these forums, where, Ozo has taken up the mantle as being nothing more than a meme.


For me it’s Churnwalker - not because of the kit.

I don’t even want to click into him because I just can’t stand looking at his Clown skin, even if it’s for 1 second.

Grumpjaw because i just can’t keep tricking my brain into thinking - … exactly how does a whole mech warrior fits into his belly. There are clearly bigger heroes than him.

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Lmfao YEP

I didn’t even consider Churnwalker when making my list above, I forgot about him. Wow.

I understand but his kit is really unique… and distruptive but I wouldn’t play him either…

Koshka, Lyra, pateto, tony, kestrel, GJ, Malene.

PD: Lance is awesome!

I read “GJ” as Gracejaw, not sure why.

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For me:

  • Ozo (most annoying hero in VG: voice lines, animation, kit)
  • Reim (2nd most annoying hero: slow, boring kit, blah skins; BUT: great voice lines)
  • Churnwalker (clowns scare me)
  • Rona (boring kit, annoying noises all through the game)
  • Lance (extremely boring)
  • Ardan (nearly as boring as Lance)
  • Adagio (ugh, don’t like anything about him)

Note that my preferred play style (mobile, high dmg heroes have always been my mains) is the cause of a lot of my negative opinions of the above heroes, not that they’re actually BAD (except for one :ozo:) … lol


The only hero that i really dislike is Churnwalker. His abilities seem to have no impact whatsoever, and he seems to only be a punching bag full of gold.

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I’ve always had trouble remembering every hero in Vainglory, despite playing it for years, but this thread really drills the reality of that into my head.


There are of course degrees to the dislike, but my least favourite to play are:
Rona, boring.
Ardan, so boring it hurts.
Braon, looks like a running chicken.
Lance, missing all the skillshots.
Grumpjaw, me not liky.
Kestrel, walks through molasses.
Krul, annoying.
Saw, annoying.
Taka, annoying.
Tony, never played.

I believe there are no ‘boring’ kits in VG, thus i don’t mind playing everything, as long as my skill allows it.


Hahaha i can relate to this…
Yes rona lines are annoying. So many of “argh aghhhhh aghhhhhh”

Wp Saw; don’t have an opinion on him, it’s just that I ended up hating him after finding lots of teammates who instalock him and feed the entire game. Now everytime I see one in my team I assume they’re bad. I don’t want my teammates to pick him neither do I want to pick him.

Wp Krul; same as above. Also, his voicelines are annoying af.

Adagio. Boriiiiing.

Rigo. Also boring.

Grumpjaw. He looks ugly.

Blackfeather. I don’t like using heroes that have pretty much everything on their kit.

Lorelai. She looks nice but her kit is just stressful for me, like what should I do with this pool? Empower my next ability? Use it for cp increase? Should I move before using my A/B?

Churnwalker. Too lazy to bother trying to land these hooks.

Really not even grumpjaw? When all he does is dash and dash. Lol

Don’t speak about my bae Lorelai like that :frowning:
Her pools perks up the environment.

Just straight hate, Kestrel and Glaive. Especially Kestrel. I have some empathy for Glaive because he’s bad for so long but I can’t stand Kestrel. I’d play almost any hero including those 2 but gameplay wise Baron and Gwen are pretty boring.

A simple dash can be used in multiple ways. Likewise, many simple abilities can turn the game around.