Investing Time in Heroes

I’ve been wondering what you guys play often but aren’t really in the current meta, but you think it should be in the meta.

I feel like Glaive and WP Idris (my main :eyes:) are super underrated as they get “outshined” by someone else when really they are hard to play but still super rewarding and maybe a little over-rewarding. I want to invest some time in playing WP Skye because I feel like her carry potential is really high but also asks for a lot of demands. Also wanna try me some wp zozo.

I just really wanted to make a topic and i thought this one would be a good one, but maybe someone already made something similar to this.


Honestly, WP Skye is being slept on.

If you can get good at Skye, she is a monster.

And I am not just saying this because I got trounced by a WP Skye earlier today… lol


Wp Skye is fun to jungle in 5v5 with but it does take practice

I personally think roam/captain Baptiste is underrated. Honestly some of my best personal work is done as a roam Baptiste, the dude is an absolute monster with an insane toolkit.


You guys bring tears to my eyes … I LOVE WP Skye … I’ve always built her WP …


Kek WP Skye well the Skye in general is insanely good rn. Glaive is anything BUT underrated in my experience cause he has been getting picked way more often with HUGE success In fact I am starting to use him again in jungle, but I do aggree that WP Idris is underated

I guess people must be realizing that he’s actually pretty good, but I’ll be satisfied with the high tier community once they realize that Rona is actually not OP and becomes potato if you lane any captain against her that can build well offensively like Grace and Cath, especially Grace.

hhehehe lowkey only reason I wanna play skye is because I got her Ride or Die skin and it seems really cool and WP bc CP i just dont like the poke style involved witht that and i despise cp skye one tricks TIME FOR CAS

Goodluck with your practice!

Im not 100% sure on the best build, but a build I have used for WP Skye is: SB/PS/BP/MJ/Aei/JB

It works pretty well assuming you are good with energy management, but you can sub SB for Ssw and it works just fine. :slight_smile:

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Too bad whenever I do we Skye as jungler people think I am trolling and leave a lane open forcing me to lane as her

I get the same reaction all the time.

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That’s the exact build I use, I play her like a more mobile Vox. Very fun!

WP Skye is amazing, although probably better in 3v3 than 5v5. CP Skye is fun as hell too tbh, but I’ve become more and more attached to WP. As for Ozo, he’s always fun to play (Na na nananana na na nana POW!) WP or CP, again.

I like to call myself a player of off meta though; so here are some things I’ve really been liking recently.

CP Adagio. I like AC SG DE, and depending on the situation, you can switch into CW or AS. You can go 4 item build, but it’s sometimes also helpful to have extra health items for a bit of burst heal.

Hybrid Idris. (Yes I know but if you win the early game it works) This almost has to be a four item build, Basically it’s CP but with a Spellsword. Build as you’d build CP Idris, AS and then whatever the hell you wanna go with (but forget about a potential Clockwork, that’s where the Spellsword comes in) and then add the Spellsword in the late game, for a little more mobility. Remember Idris’s perk basically gives him better cooldown when he has the weapon path active.

Flicker. I feel this boi really should be meta. I’m talking captain here, because although his WP and CP paths are viable, they’re situational and unreliable. But start the match with a dragonblood contract, and immediately unlock his B. Everyone complains his passive is useless because vision, but it still provides him with a speed boost, and if your team can win the vision game in the first minute, he dominates the early game.

And finally somthing that isn’t meta, but still quite fun: Captain Patel. since her ult rework and buff, the heal has become somewhat more useable, so I’ve been bessing around with it. Captain build with some CP works. (kinda)

I like doing the hybrid build by doing wp with shatterglass but rush shatterglass first than diverge into wp really screws with opponents earl to mid game

Serpent mask bone saw sorrowblade

Having spent my entire winter season trying to master CP Skye I’m not sure I’ve got it in me to mastering WP as well… I have tried, but I just feel her CP side is stronger right now.

Ps - she’s always been a cracking jungler, and a crest counter to the Kruls and Alphas you currently see being played in jungle in 5v5.

how do you skye people build her wp? i always wanted to learn

I can’t aim with CP Skye and after DNZio’s performance at Worlds 2017, whenever I play Skye, accept no substitute to the WP path.

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When I build her I tend to go spellsword serpernt mask bone saw with a side of tension bow

but if you build bonesaw, wouldnt getting something not named tension bow be better?

I get bonesaw for its passive plus a little attack speed tension bow is because i love the passive on wp heros as it gives a nice burst breaking point would probably work just as well or better but sometimes you just like what you like