Introducing... Hats!

whos gonna tell them april fools is already done


God is dead

This text will be blurred


:opaf: :kraken_happy_t3: :minions_happy_t3:

This video cracks me up, and I want them all!

Rip this gonna be another ICE or 0.01% drop only thing like charms
Essence and opals continues to be useless


I legit laughed so hard to this. :laughing::rofl::smiley:

omg Lance with the party hat. That will be an image for instant laughter for years to come. :laughing::rofl::smiley:

I’m with the OP. I’m laughing so hard I can’t take it seriously…

What happens to heroes that have hoods ?

I’m going to actually not just shitpost and actually express my opinions in more than a meme.

This is just not okay. SEMC has stated numerous times that one of the things that has held them back has been ‘retaining the framerate’. It’s been a reason for numerous decisions made my SEMC, from the ones where they outright say it such as removing rose trail to ones that are sneakier, such as removing unique effects from certain skins such as School Days Vox.

So why in the actual world are they adding HATS.
Not only do they restrict skin design (Note: Pinnacle Lance already has a Halo. What’s going to happen to that?), but they’re adding a cosmetic that is constantly up and only adds to the visual fluff on screen that can murder your frame rate. Generating 10 flame halos can’t be healthy for your performance, especially considering that the game already murders any phones that haven’t been released in the last 2 years.

Plus, this is the most obvious cash grab so far, and it’s such an obviously stupid idea that it’s hard to justify. You might tell me that ‘oh hey these developers wouldn’t be doing anything else with their time’, but what I say is FIRE THEM INSTEAD OF NIVMETT. KEEP MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF SUGARVENOM AND PLAYOFFBEARD. Those were my three favourite developers and watching them get the shaft is incredibly upsetting to see, especially considering that they hired and spent money on HATS.

Might I remind you, the game most known for their HATS is TF2, a game that was muffled by its lackluster support for their competitive scene (they really shouldn’t have tried) and the addition of way too many cosmetics that didn’t have anything to do with the gameplay.
Sure, you can justify a hi-five emote, and you can justify charms. Those actually might have some use when expressing yourself partway through a game. But the conga and HATS actually GET IN THE WAY OF GAMEPLAY WHEN BEING USED. I don’t want to have someones stupid hat obstruct my view of them so that it takes me a split second to try and distinguish the Celeste and Vox in the teamfight.

I’m haven’t even how this is an obvious cashgrab. I’m sure others will do it for me.

This is stupid. SEMC clearly doesn’t know what the majority of people want, they only cater to the megawhales and let their game quality drop.


Legendary Lance + fire crown = ???
I want those crowns (the ones that Ardan has), the rest of them are… meh.

Yep, im against this too. But unfortunately the majority of the community would simply accept this because its NEW and SHINY STUFF and because “It doesnt hurt anyone so why not”.

1 update after backlash: Does nothing
2 updates after backlash: Still does nothing
3 updates after backlash: Oh its too late to remove them people already spent money on them so i guess it will be a thing now forever


I’m against the floating HALO.

in order to be fair to all heroes and players… they should all get a pointy party hat, you just get to choose the design and colour.

AND JUST SO the rest of the map doesn’t feel they’re missing out: minions, jungle creeps and DRAGONS should all get pointy party hats~!

NOW that’s what i call a proper party~!

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At this rate, it’s gonna become a jokeglory. Bye


It actually does hurt people.
Do I not look hurt and betrayed to you?
SEMC has screwed over their most dedicated players (AKA people who’ve actually gone out to the Vainglory forums, competitive players, ect) time and time again. There’a a reason people get so mad over VG every time they makes an announcement that says something that the community has been waiting for. It’s because we’ve given them enough time, and money, and opinions from the people who are the types to actually make the core of their community. But no, they’d rather cheery pick their opinions from actual children and people with IQs lower than the number of millimetres in a centimetre. SEMC used to have something great with VG. I remember when I actually looked forward to playing VG every day after coming from home. But now, it’s just a background game. We talk over the game and the most conversation we have about the actual match is about how BS the enemy character is, or how easy the game is because the whole enemy team is t6.

I know you’re not the one making this argument. You’d be one of the last to. But it still angers me to no end.

It’s a real shame that although VG Reddit is actually just the worst, it’s the only place that SEMC will listen.
Because they fired the only person who listens to the forums.


sell out game milking the shit out of its player base


Oh my… those look … awuful? What the hell.
I’m baised, I dislike any skins that “break” immersion. The summer skins being the best example. So I’m disliking these hats already. But they really do look bad, no? And are they even going to be noticeable visible ingame anyway?
I could get behind this idea if they did it as a sort of anniversary event. Just having different coloured partyhats that can be bought/won/found.
But adding “hats” just at random is silly and an obvious moneygrab.


This instantly caught my attention. Like come on.

Instead of hats, why dont we see Loading Screen borders that could be changed or profile icons…

Hats sounds quite stupid but ig its nice to have another customizable feature.

Im actually feeling like they’re trying to milk out the playerbase before they post “VG is starting to die off so”


Yep, I’m done with VG. They have spent development time and art team effort on yet another “feature” no one wanted or which contributes to improving the game in any way. This is the most idiotic thing SEMC have ever done. They obviously no longer care whether the game is taken seriously and are only out to milk their remaining players for cash before they all move on to other games. It screams desperation to me.


Yep couldn’t have said it better myself, the saddest part about this is that the brainwashed semc white knights out there are gonna love it.



*sums up my opinion on this new “feature”


Hey does anyone think I could sell my account with all the heroes and 97 skins? I think if this is real then I am done with the game.


Does it have all the hats, too? :unamused:


oh no… is that Avatar change a sign of another forumer going to bite the dust?.. I hope not…

well, I can understand. kinda.

i feel sad.

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