Inara is the best designed VG character since Lorelai

In particular I’m speaking strictly by design and image, not by in-game standards by any means (even though she does also look wonderful there).

Seriously, VG’s artists do not let up. Yes, Yates and the rest were also good designs, even if they did look strikingly similar to other heroes - and I get that.

But yeah

Can we talk about how great Inara’s art is?


I like more Kensei’s or Churnwalker’s


They are both really great, especially Kensei’s Akira/FFVII looking/inspired splash.

i really do like it. splash arts with some focus on the ground are always nice

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Thickie thigh goat lady is the greatest decision made by anyone at SEMC, ever


When you say art, do you mean the splash art, or the ingame design? Cause I really like Malene’s, Yates’s and Churnwalker’s animations, while Lorelai’s is a bit weak (I mean her pools look so bad) But as for splashart, Silvernail’s and Anka’s are really cool.

She’s dead ass blossom from battlerite and illidan from WOW spliced together like purple melon.

I’m okay with is though. As long as she doesn’t have blossoms voice.

Initially it Lyra… lorelai maybe but Malene was definately the best hero design in the entire hero pool… Inara looks looks like unclean horse

Inara looks like Rona.

Kensei and Malene had better designed looks.

everything in-game of Vainglory’s is super beautiful, but not its heroes design. Vainglory heroes are so boring. The cool ones, to me, are Krul, Joule, Skye… and the 1st generation heroes are ok, but the rest are so boring.
Enough with cute and easy to use heroes.
We need more ugly and complicated skill set heroes! lol

I disagree. Silvernail is incredibly complex while also being fun, and IMO, elegant to play. Anka is definitely fun to play, and so are reza, CW, Varya, and the list goes on. Some of them are also quite complex.

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I almost choked :joy::joy:

@Guest_78 Guess what? Inara got BFs RoseTrail XD

Rip BF forever

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I saw it. Now I hate that hero. Please SEMC delete her.

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SMEC’s motto is “You see that hero over there? Let’s create a better version of it, and make it a new hero.”


Theres nothing special about BF now besides his Ulti

Thats sad lol
Kensei is more unique than Bf now

Nah, not even the ult. A dash that grants CC in inmunity? Not special anymore.

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U need to stop, you’re gettin me more triggered that what I should be. :joy::mask:

I legit have a chart on the what Bf and Kensei has to bring to the table and lemme say BF doesn’t have alot

Agree, having a BF in your team is almost like playing with one less player. An assassin that can’t chase, a poke hero that can’t kite, a bruiser that can’t tank, a hero that plays with 2 abilities instead of 3 + a passive, low mobility, inexistant execute…

And now kensei: a tank counter that can’t kill them. He is completely out of the meta, in the most favourable meta for him, wait to see when this meta goes out.

Kensei took the “Tank-Killer” status away from BF and Inara took the Rose Trail away from him too.

The man got curbed by two heros LMAO

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Except that kensei is as bad as BF right now, it seems that the apprentice suffered the same fate as the master.