I'm tired of this poop

CAN I POST SOMETHING LESS THAN 30 CHARACTERS?!??!?!? :):):slight_smile:

No. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is tirany.

They have to do that in case of spams!

30 characters
30 characters
30 characters

@mq003at still spam…

Doesn’t improve the quality of posts…

Is this comment helpful in some way? Are you adding to the conversation? That’s the point of the minimum character count, and the more crappy posts I see like this, the less likely that minimum is going to get changed.

There’s actually a way I’ve found to post replies with less than 30 characters. :nerd_face:

The entire point of that post is that everybody and their mother just puts that sentence behind a one liner…

The idea behind a character limit isn’t bad in general but you need something to stop people from posting the phrase character limit which they have copied so they can copy paste it every 5 seconds…

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As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s human nature to try to get around restrictions. No one expects it to thwart a determined effort to shitpost. The idea is that it’s supposed to encourage you to think twice about doing so, otherwise there wouldn’t be a character limit in the first place.


No sir, this is tyranny.

30 characters


I have to come back to the 1th grade of english.
my bad.


I’m hoping the irony in you saying 1th instead of 1st was intentional. I’m here if you need any more tips. :face_with_monocle:


Pls help me what is happening to me.


Mental retardation? joke joke joke
Are you 70+ by any chance?

i do’nt known.

okay this was intentional.

I think it’s good to keep things like “no u”, “lol”, “k den”, etc. at bay but sometimes folks don’t have a paragraph of opinion and just wanted to add something to the discussion. Something like “I agree and also____” but without “I agree but also____ because sometimes it’s____ and ____”. Word limit is good making me wonder why I never thought about it for discord server but we could all benefit from it being a little less.

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I don’t know. Considering a majority of words are an average of four letters, plus spaces and punctuation, you really only need a mediocre six-word sentence.

30 characters is really very little. I think spaces are counted, even. The part in blue is enough. And if spaces aren’t counted, the italicized part is enough. No one should have a problem hitting that. :slight_smile:

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Questions do not need 30 characters. I might want to ask someone something that doesn’t have to be dragged out into a short story. “How did that happen?”, “what do you mean?”, “what did he say?”, “when did it happen” and so on.


I mean, those are all really close to 30 characters, so adding a word or two will get you there. But more importantly, I think those are all kind of vague…

Assuming an OP didn’t explain something well enough so that people have to ask questions to get the point, then OP might not know what that person’s confusion is really about. It happens to me a lot. If I’m rambling a bit, and say something unclear, and then someone asks me “What do you mean?” my response isn’t usually “Oh. I mean X” and they say “great! I get what you were saying now!” My response is usually “what do you mean, ‘what do I mean’? What part am I not explaining well enough?” And then they have to clarify. It’s a back-and-forth that could be avoided if people take a few extra seconds to develop their question more. Instead of “What do you mean?” it’d be better to ask “What do you mean by ____? I’m not understanding how that connects to ____.”

“How did that happen? [X looks unbelievable/wild/zany/ridiculous].”
“What did he say? [about X/Did he respond yet/Was it what you hoped]”
"When did it happen? [It matters because X happened ____, so if earlier, then ____]"
or something, I don’t know, could be anything. As long as the question explains why you’re asking it, then it’s a good question. If it doesn’t explain why it’s being asked, then it could be a better question.

If this were just talking, then yeah, you’re right, questions can be quick and snappy, because the back-and-forth of figuring out what everyone is actually saying goes fast. But when we’re all writing, I think it’s better to require a little more care.

edit to add: I say all that, but it seems like people are having a decent time with the min limit so far. If people are having problems, they get around it with a few extra characters or an emoji or something. The reminder to think about it is most important, to me.