I'm gonna post ideas about nerfing S-A-tier and buffing B-C-tier (Free-For-All)

Well have to get back to the old ways again but this time it’ll be different. This time it’s a free-for-all. Each hero main, join in.

Why Nerf s tier why not boost all lower tiers

I nerf the top 2 tiers and buff the bot 2 tiers that they will meet and everything will be balanced.

I don’t main Grumpjaw but he’s one of the dominant junglers right now, a nerf that could happen is with his utility on A. The slow could scale from 25% at rank 1 to the current 65% at rank 5.

As for Celeste, I think nerfing the stun cooldown by about 2 seconds would be fine for her.

Baron… I’m reluctant to buff any cooldowns and damage as he has damage in spades already, so I think a buff to his base movespeed from 2.9 to 3 would be good. Currently he’s slower than Phinn.


I intend to give Baron this buff:
+Attack range is increased from 5.4m to 6m.

*Ult: Ion Cannon:

+Bonus attack range is reduced from 1m/1.5m/2m to 0.4m/0.9m/1.4m.

Which is essentially cutting 0.6m of his ult bonus attack range and put in right into his base attack range.

Grumpjaw: just this change and it’ll be fine

*Perk: Living Armor:

+Each instance of damage will remove 1 stack of his Living Armor.

Grump’s A base cp and/or ratio need a nerf. Badly. It’s so overpowered on Overdrive it cuts any squishy’s health to 1/3rd on Max stacks and a full build. That’s ridiculous for something that isn’t an ult.


Celeste could use a slight toning down on her supernova damage but that’s about it. (or increase the impact damage ratio to balance it out).

Grumpjaw needs his to be cut down badly, it is too much. His damage is insane for such a tanky hero. Needs a big nerf.

Baptiste does not need a nerf, his position in the meta just depends on the meta trends. As the meta changes, he’ll lose viability.

The Captains don’t need a nerf, although Lyra’s winrate is getting pretty out of control in higher tiers. In lower tiers too. She literally has the 4th highest winrate among all heroes and 2nd among all captains. However, I think since Lyra just got buffed she deserves to keep it for at least 2 updates. And she isn’t really OP, she is just very good.

Kestrel doesn’t need a nerf. Her High Skill Cap is reason enough for this.

Rona needs a nerf, getting out of control on both Bot Lane and Top Lane. Her Jungle is pretty decent too.

Fortress still needs a nerf. His winrate and his ability to single out targets is too good atm.

Baron needs a buff on movement ad his WP build path. Also a small nerf on his CP ratio on Porcupine Motars from 170 to 160% would make a lot of sense because no other hero has such a spammable ability with such a high Crystal ratio + impact radius + range in the game besides Celeste, and it is only her supernova who has the big AOE while CP Baron has AOE every time with huge CP Ratio.

BF needs his rose trail back :smiley: #Bringbackrosetrail

Skaarf and Samuel are balanced. Skaarf’s skill shot still requires skill to hit while Samuel’s damage when drifting dark is down is pretty meh.

Alpha is balanced, she does NOT need a nerf for all of those who ban Alpha too much.

Taka needs some sort of nerf as his top lane dominance is out of control atm.

Krul needs a slight nerf.

I think I listed out most of the heroes which need nerfs (sorry if I miss some out)

What? Alpha needs a nerf. She ain’t balanced at all. I’ve prepped a nerf for her. However her ult needs a buff

+Movement speed is reduced from 3.5 m/s to 3.1 m/s.

*Perk: Infinite Reboot:

+Now whenever her perk is inactive, her Armor and Shield is cut half and her max HP is reduced by 15%. However, her movement speed is increased from 3.1 m/s to 3.7 m/s.

*B: Core Charge:

+WP Heal/Stack ratio is reduced from 3% to 1.5%.

*Ult: Termination Protocol:

+Damage is increased from 529/933/1337 +250% CP to 500/1000/1500 +300% CP +150% WP.

Ok here you go:

+HP is increased from 679 (+125 per level) to 700 (+123 per level)

+WP is increased from 71 (+3.4 per level) to 76 (+4 per level).

+Attack range is increased from 5.4m to 6m.

*A: Porcupine Mortars:

-Slow is removed.

-Max slow is increased from 35% to 40% (WP ratio for the slow is increased from 12.5% to 20%).

+CP ratio is reduced from 170% to 155%.

*Ult: Ion Cannon:

+Bonus attack range is reduced from 1m/1.5m/2m to 0.4m/0.9m/1.4m.

+Cooldown is increased from 80s/65s/50s to 90s/90s/90s.

+Damage is increased from 450/600/900 CP damage +225% CP +120% WP to 500/750/1000 +300% CP +200% WP.

+WP damage can crit.

That would just about ruin alpha.
3.1 movement speed?
For God’s Sake no melee character has such a slow movement speed with the exception of Phinn.
That is like Kestrel slow. Or Reim slow. But even Reim is faster than that.

Her Ult is fine, leave it alone.

Having less health and defense when her perk is not active is makes it almost useless because Alpha will become a squishy and she will lose her first life so fast that most of the time she’ll only have 1 life instead of two.

This will ruin Alpha’s identidty as a bruiser and a fighter. She won’t be able to tank hits like she used to.

And giving her 3.7 movement speed when perk is not active sort of unecessary. an armour and shield into half is just too much.

The core charge nerf is fine but the ult buff is unecessary and the movement speed decrease is too much.

Think of something more realistic.

For this, I agree with almost everything except the buffing of ratios in the Ult. It is unecesarry


*B: Law of the Claw:

-Extra damage is based on the target’s missing health not max health.

-Number of attacks needed for the effect to kick in is increased from 6 to 10.

Mmm more realistic, here are the explanations behind the changes. Here this first then make your changes.
Alpha has 2 freaking lives which means she has twice the amount of health of a normal tanker. She’s very tanky and she can deal a crap ton of damage. These changes will get rid of that. The damage of her will be even higher but her defense will be less. The realistic explanation is, her outer shell explode, lightening her. Her movement speed is increased but defense is lowered.


Agreed with @Blissey123, those Alpha nerfs would ruin the identity and the ult buff isn’t necessary at all

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Or maybe a slight nerf. She is too tanky and sticky.

So pretty much, you want to kill her WP path in order to make her CP high risk/ high reward with Phinn-like moving speeds.

If she’s too tanky, nerf health or reboot time, not speed. If she’s too sticky, increase CD and decrease range of abilities

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I’m writing the 2.0 changes now.
2.0 changes.
Her HP scaling is reduced by 9 HP per level and the heal ratio of her B is reduced from 3% to 2%.

Here’s realistic changes -
Decrease B ratio from 3% to 2.5%
Have basic attacks decrease B CD half as fast
Increase ult range by 1m


Dats better.

Or just nerf aftershock + those changes.
Boom Balanced Hero that still does her job.

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We already have this thing. It’s straight up OP.