I'm awful at captain

When I’m a jungler/laner, I usually snowball or try to gank as much as possible, or at least try to focus on stealing objectives (healing treants) and gain advantage for my team
When I’m a captain, I ping the laner to secure the healer, they ignore my pings for farm and let their jungler steal it.
When I’m captain and try to destroy a cam, their laner agressively harass me and my laner fails to capitalize on the oponent’s being out of position.
When I’m captain I try to rotate and help every lane, the moment I left, that laner dies from gank eventho they see it coming. Funny thing is, their captain just babysits 1 lane the entire game.
When I’m a captain, in teamfights, when I try to dive with the frontliner, my backlines die. When I try to peel for the backlines, the frontliners getdeleted in 0.5 sec the moment they go in and I cant even fountain on time
When I’m a captain. I successfully block big aoe CC ults like Adagio’s, Ardan’s, Baptise’s but my teammates fail to block Celeste’s B, Koshka’s ult, Grace’s B or even most obvious ones like Baptise’s B, Ozo’s ult.
When I’m a squishy captain lile Lyra, everyone pounces on me when they see me but when a squishy carry is literally exposing, no one in my team seems to care
When I’m a captain, it feels like I occasionally hear “Ally hero killed” every fking 1.5 minutes
My vgpro site: https://vgpro.gg/players/Aura1311, judge me so that I can be a better captain

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Honestly vgpro is horrible at judging captains honestly vainglory university if it was kept up to date would be the best. You can do everything right as a captain yet still lose


Because “Captains” are just meat shields or healers that don’t have enough damage to carry the team.


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This is just a rant of me playing 10 games straight and losing whenever I’m forced to captain

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They aren’t just that they are so much more in terms of reality just too many see them as that and only that.

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Problem is this aain’t Salty. This is just Personal Problems. (Come on boss @hazeleyes put this in the VG Discussion)

Its fine for the jungler to take the Healing treant if the laner isn’t going to. The junglers are often starved for gold and forced to get kills or assists to supplement a dwindling gold supply. Its literally a jungle camp, its your laner that borrows it (or steals it) not the jungler. They shouldn’t be abandoning lane to take a heal treant with a wave available…

This is normal, most people have no concept of damage range or ability range, and ganks happen even if they do. Focus on helping your strongest lanes post 5 minutes. Try to time your roams to minimize the potential impact to your laner, i.e. when they don’t need your help.

You don’t always dive with your frontline carries. You can’t blindly choose one side or another, you have to watch the teamfight flow and understand the compositions. If you have to worry about both frontliners and backliners - think about who the win conditions are for the enemy team and yourself - and what you can do to neuter the former and enable the latter. If you have a Celeste who is outputting raw damage but keeps dying, maybe you back her up over the suicidal Blackfeather. This is also somewhat matchup dependent - if your Blackfeather gets into the backline and the enemy is busy diving your backline, your backline is probably more important to protect because Blackfeather is supposed to be able to chase a bunch and whatnot. If he gets teamfight focused, then you consider swapping targets. People unintentionally feeding should be written off as meatshields a lot of the time.

You don’t always need to use the reflex block. Its a good habit, but unless you are going to buy multiple blocks you need some discretion. Think about it, and block the important CC from the enemy team during critical moments. Ardan’s Ult for instance, is almost never worth blocking. Catherine’s Blast Tremor is only worth blocking if you have a decent size teamfight going - there are still morons who use her ult for stacks. Adagio’s ult is only important to block if you have allies burning - sometimes. Baptiste’s ult is mostly important to block when the enemy has pick potential. In many situations its actually more beneficial for you to reflex block an ability for an ally - especially if Catnip Frenzy/Core Collapse is the main defense for the enemy team.

Lyra isn’t a frontliner. Even in 3v3. 5v5 is worse… so yeah?

Why is it a surprise people die every 1.5 minutes? I was used to seeing it a lot more than that. People normally die more often than that in 3v3 so… What’s the issue ???

  • Imo the Healer is more important than 1 or 2 CS, at least from my experience when laning, I can miss some CS but securing the Healing Treant is more important since it can be stolen by their jungler (unless theres a big wave hitting your turrets)
  • Usually I rotate to the lane which is loosing rather than helping the winning laner cause they can do things by their own.
  • You cant control people in soloQ, sometimes when my mid laner is fed, it’s better for the jungler/frontliner (that is behind) to peel and attack whoever’s attacking the backline but in their minds, killing backlines is the only way to win teamfights. That’s the problem in your example, when my BF blindly dives, he gets focused by both their back and frontliners and dies instantly, theres no coordination in my team. Maybe I lack some captain skills but like its really hard to keep up with 4 different teammates when 1 of them specifically dies so fast.
  • So you have to use a teamwide block that has long cooldown on a single target CC that has low cooldown? Problem is, from my recent matches, enemy seems to have at least 1 big, important, game-changing CC ult and of course some Celeste, Koshka with their lockdowns… and then you only have 1 crucible.
  • But at least I’m a support and build health while their carry (assuming Celeste) builds no defense exposing in front of me. When you know she’s clearly out of position but your teammates say it’s a bait and you cant do anything about it, isnt that frustrating?
  • Its a suprise to me cause I dont die a lot, every game is a “Try not to die” challenge for me, especially when ur a carry. Sometimes I cant understand people that have to secure 1 more CS and then die when they can just port back and not give them gold? Let’s be real, CS in 5v5 isnt THAT important, not DYING is important

Just drop a ward so its harder to steal the treant. Its not worth the map pressure loss if you don’t clear waves first. You might also need it after a fight.

I used to do the same thing a lot, and still do. Focus on helping the winning lane because most people have no earthly clue what to do when behind, so its a lost cause to help them. Keep them around as meatshields in teamfights and focus on the guys who are ahead, and they sometimes can win 1v2 or 2v3 or whatever by themselves purely from raw damage. If they get strong enough your weaker lanes might get a chance to comeback too by having less pressure directed their way. On a coordinated team, I would agree with helping the weaker lanes, usually they are scaling or such, but in soloque and/or low tier, just help your strong guy so he isn’t caught out by the enemies as easily. Your fed laners are your win con early and mid, and sometimes late, you don’t want the enemy to have better teamwork to take him/her down.

To continue on my example - in some instances Blackfeather really can dive and be fine, but its matchup dependent. The key issue is blind diving. If Blackfeather dives while the rest of your team engages, then the enemy can focus him and your team targets more of their carries. If he dives without any warning (or is caught out) and your team isn’t ready, then you back up and minimize your losses. The absolute worst thing you can do is go in to save him and your whole team each does a 1v5.

Like you say, you can’t really control a lot of people in soloque, so you have to work around their natural impulses and normal behaviors. Most people play the same whether behind or ahead on gold, for instance.

About CC and Reflex Blocks? Yes. Every ult I mentioned earlier has very little impact in many scenarios and is not worth the Crucible block. Generally speaking, Forced Accord is never used at a bad time and the block is worthwhile for it as a result. But saving your one carry from getting bursted down (or preventing the Celeste from self peeling while her team ignores her…) is pretty critical to winning a fight. Get ahead on damage and your team wins anyway - especially since your opponents are unlikely to use their big CC effectively. If that Adagio is running in, healing himself, then ulting (and isn’t dying!) then sure, block him, but if he just spams the C somewhere in a teamfight and your team wont get stunned, its just AOE damage.

Yes, its frustrating, but you can’t hard carry 1v5. Roam Lyra is still squishy as hell. Lyra focuses on healing your frontliner and occasionally catch someone with your B (or stall a diver).

Some people are a little too concerned about CS. Its not nice, but its a fact of life, just like the people who will chase a kill for 30 odd seconds instead of going for an objective :expressionless:


@MobileLegendPlayer your problem is you depend on your allies completely as a captain.

You are too kind when building full utility. Get that stormcrown/aftershock/tb on most captains to pitch in and get those kills your team doesn’t. You have success as an agressive invader but don’t give yourself the tools to succeed as a captain.

Stormcrown+AC on Lyra would do wonders.

CP on adagio

SC+AS on most other captains

Or tb+WP on Lance/Tony.

You still get fountain crucible superscout and wartreads but you usually have 2 slots for damage available and you should prioritize an early damage item first to help snowball with your team.

Two examples of games where I had damage and succes as a utility captain.

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Let’s take these two Lyra games. One game you had big success the other you failed to capitalize on your own skills.

Your Carry Lyra>captain Lyra.

Carry Lyra still had good healing.
You need to mix those builds up.

Play like carry Lyra but take wartreads over HC and fountain over aegis and you are already an okay captain. Drop the armour for superscout/crucible. Do what you are good at and you will be winning more!

Lyra benefits from hp more than from defense because it buffs her healing.

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As @Xaldarian said, as a captain building full utility is a no-go unless you’re with coordinated teams/parties. You’re better off with SOME kind of proc dmg item or SC, depending on your hero, and choosing a few key defense items to round out. You’ll often find people who don’t understand jack shit about working with their captain or don’t care. It’s why if I ever captain in soloq I always prioritize my attack items over defensive ones: it’s not worth it for your survivability to be utility.

To add to this:

Stormcrown offers cool down, damage, and hp. Three things very useful on many heroes including captains.
When playing ardan, adagio or Lyra your bonus hp becomes your boosted barrier/healing. So it isn’t even a selfish item as it boosts and cooldowns your skills which are your main utility.

Several captains have WP or CP scaling that benefits your team a lot.

Grace gets extra barriers, healing, dmg reduction.
Adagio gets higher regen for allies + damage scaling
Tony gets a longer taunt.

Catherine is the queen of cooldown and should focus on that.

The big picture is that sheer utility is almost always bad.

Even CW over Echo can make an impact.


Also, echo is a severely underused item nowadays. It still comes in as handy as ever, especially for captains like lorelai or grace.

Is it really underused? I have seen lots of captains use echo even in T7 range. Echo+any roam is too good to ignore especially in late team teamfights

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My bad habit when Lyra is, in teamfights I dont use basic attack a lot cause I’m always focusing on where to place your heal, concentrate on enemies attempting to pounce on my backlines and timing my block, fountain, bulwark… while keep on moving to dodge skillshots and aoe dmg. It’s like I’m missing a part of her kit but I feel like constantly repositioning is better than applying some slow but eating skillshots.
I can understand on SC cause you can actively push waves. But idk about AC, it gives such small CP and it doesnt make that much difference anyway

Yep, with Echo I have stopped so many jumps with my B. It feels satisfying but then you realize your team cant do anything eventho you’ve made so many plays