If you weren't impressed at first, maybe try a couple more

Got to say 5v5 is growing on me. Like a lot, and for the first time in over a year I’m excited about VG again. This is largely in thanks to @Bayou 's excellent and passionate explanation of what they’re enjoying about 5v5. I decided to go into a new match with a more open mind set, focusing instead on what I would need to learn, to be really good at the new mode instead of what has “fallen short” in my initial games.

I have refrained from reading any of the meta posts, (while I’m sure @idmonfish 's work on them has been amazing) I’m always stubborn about seeing stuff for myself first. When I used to play WoW I disliked doing too much research before boss fights for that very reason. I love the problem solving element of it, even if it means we took more attempts, or in this game, my tier suffers.

I’ve actually been winning (so maybe my view is skewed lol) and after my Ringo post playing him if I can grab him. The greatest challenge for me currently is managing the vision in the game, because it’s REALLY powerful. The map rotations are so foreign to me having my only 5v5 experience prior in HOTS and a bit of Smite and garbage ML. I don’t think after a couple weeks it will be that unknown, but for the time being it’s been a tough learning curve.

Right now my only critique is the way 5v5 team fights in lane fights play out. They don’t seem incredibly position demanding, especailly after turrets have been taken out. It’s a lot of you guys are over there, we’re over here, both in open space. However ambushes and cut offs, and choke points are awesome in jungle fights. I have only been playing laners because I don’t know the jungle rotations and I’m going to be trying some soon, but I really would like to learn to lane the 3 lanes really well, and understand the dmg boost rotations better before venturing into junglers.

I really suggest if you weren’t that impressed at first and haven’t played a few more, go try to play and realize how little you understand the mode, and what it takes to win and counter what’s going on. It will remind you of when you first started taking VG seriously and studying the game. I really think as @Bayou said

that makes it stand out from other Mobile 5v5 mobas I’ve played.


Play with a party too. You’ll get a better taste of 5v5 if you have other competent allies


I’d argue that it’s far more important to understand the jungle. To date who ever gets ahead in the jungle tends to snow ball the match. Your rotations and suppprt of the lane in ganking decides who gets ahead.

For once lane seems less important. If you want to be ready for ranked focus jungle over lane.


Watching this thread for now. Couldn’t agree with you more, though I liked 5v5 from the start and haven’t had a single bad experience (that I wasn’t expecting) playing. Truly a feat from the developers, going into computer-based MOBAs I feel like Vainglory really is the only console / desktop-class MOBA experience for mobile.

It reminds me of the founding of Dota… back when the term MOBA wasn’t even coined yet… i wouldn’t go as far as saying it stands out from other moba… but it’s definitely up there with the likes of the original - Defense of the Ancients.

Which is very high praise.

For some reason I felt happy while reading through this


I appreciate the advice! In the first year of VG the Jungle was always way more important than lane. I don’t know how to rotate in jungle and I think the lane is much more forgiving in terms of Meta knowledge. I also would rather brush up on my VG skills (haven’t played much in the last 8 months or so) under the safety of a turret :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how I felt when Bayou posted their thoughts.

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Also, if you’re going to try jungling, I would suggest getting atleast a duoQ partner, if not a full party.
It can be extremely frustrating to jungle in soloQ, since most people will keep taking your farm (like legit everything) and you will end up with like 3 cs in 4mins.
They don’t care about whether you get exp or not, whether you hit your item spikes or not, but still expect you to gank their lane whenever they green ping you.

nah, once i partied with this dude and he went PS SM on Ozo smh :stuck_out_tongue:

Bruh he sounds really bad. Who would use such a terrible build even as a meme?

SM SB BP might actually work…I think…

Really, I came back literally for 5v5 and dare I say, it feels fuking good to be back.

And yeah, give 5v5 its chance, you won’t regret it.

feels damn good
on a side note Gwen in 5v5, WP/CP is really, really, really strong.

WP Gwen is super strong right now, her boomstick got a boost and if you combine this with a TB you hit like a bloody truck very early on.

I’d say she along with Vox and Celeste are some of the meta laners right now.