If you use pc to play vainglory 5v5 map


that’s crazy
i want to play vainglory on. pc if i have a so long screen :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Is that a half-eaten apple behind your monitor?

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An ultrawide is pretty good on the Fold as well :wink:

Full res screenshot:


we should focus on monitor :sweat::sweat::sweat:


Seeing both maps on a widescreen moniter, I cant tell which is more beautiful…

The lively-ness (with all the vegetation) of the 3v3 map or the mood lighting of the 5v5 map.

Too bad I cant say much about other aspects of the game…

My bank account is really going to suffer when Asus finally comes out with an ROG ultrawide that lets me show two 4K UHD images side by side. :drooling_face:

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Totally fair and no advantage over the mobile players that you are paired with. :smiley:


Very fair :^)

Also oof I just have a normal monitor. It’s still s good one tho


Well, we’re talking about the company that brought us Talents, after all.


Either way I doubt there is much SEMC can do about it either way cause ruining the resolution on those screens would piss off anyone who uses them lol

Sure there is: just restrict the resolution and aspect ratio. As an example, Blizzard does it for Overwatch for precisely that reason.


To be fair mobile has better controls. So I guess it balances itself out with pc

With some heroes. I find myself enjoying mages way more on PC

Not true for many reasons. Map awareness is SUPER important and I can argue it’s far more important than stutterstep. Also some heroes works way better with mouse and keyboard = shortcuts. It’s a lot faster to land the skill, kestrel, celeste, you name it - I will activate a lot faster than you with touch controls and hit more.

I’m hoping we eventually get to see cross platform competitive play - simply because it will be interesting to see this stuff play out at really high levels.


Mages on pc, captains also on pc, junglers on whatever, AA heroes on mobile most likely, and top laners…that depends

I can guarantee you skye on mobile is way better than skye on pc.

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Perhaps. Do you play MOBAS on PC? From what I can recall from way (way) back, it was pretty easy for me to very mobile, kite, stutter step, you name it. I will admit that some movement mechanics do seem so smooth for mobile touch controls. I wish I had a PC to try it!

ultra wide monitor, that’s deliver awesome graphics on eye
i hope vg can release a different server between PC and mobile, and also make the genuine engine and UI
it can be seriously threat for other MOBAS