Idris help

Recently I’ve been serioysly considering idris and could use some information on him and his playstyles by peoole who play him

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I would say Idris is a pretty Unique hero that can’t really be compared to any other play style… Timing is everything. Throw out your chakram as often as possible, at the right moment… also, it’s a boomerang and will always return to you… meaning you can maximise the damage by side stepping just a little and making it go back to you at a different line.

Also, by timing the chakram at a enemy that’s running towards or away from you (or a change of direction half way through the chakram)… it’s possible to get 3-4 hits due to the interaction at the moment the chakram starts to boomerang back to you…

Chaining your roll / blink at the right moment is also a great way to maximize your chakram damage, just don’t get greedy and roll into danger.

Cp is definately easier than Wp. So start with that. Then move to mastering Wp.

Just remember his ult will make you jump back out at the direction you went in, which i find beneficial most of the time… especially if you chained your chakram and blink correctly, you should jump out of your ult and your chakram would be going for it’s 3rd or 4th pass… and the splash damage can kill whole teams.

Your ult has quite a long range, so it’s perfect for chasing down enemies, always max this, as the CD really helps. choosing the direction to jump out from, before the timer runs out will help when chasing.

Actually, i realised Krul is also a hero that relies heavily on timing your abilities, and his ult is kinda like a huge chakram… so if you’re good with krul, you should have no problems with Idris.


Your analysis was a great read and really accurate

However, Idris isn’t that unique. Play WP idris and then WP BF. Tell me the similarities aren’t crazy. Now their CP paths are completely opposite but learning WP Idris when he came out was so easy because I though of him as WP BF


No worries! Idris is a deep character.

Substantial difference between WP and CP obviously. He takes practice with both builds, but his main play style across both build styles is based around patience, timing when chaining abilities, and quick bursts of aggression (with a plan to GTFO afterwards lol).

He’s one of the most diverse yet still powerful heroes in the game easily. Don’t wait. Just do it.

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I do play Wp idris and Wp BF… Wp BF is not as time critical as Wp Idris… Wp BF is really a button mashing spamming abilities hero and Aiming in the right direction… Wp BF is more of a positioning and Direction hero…

Whereas Idris is VERY time critical… as well as positioning and direction… more so than BF.

I chose to emphasis the timing of his abilities, and compare it to krul, because I feel this is more important than positioning and damage direction. BF is a vastly popular hero, and quite easily used.

Krul on the other hand, is either really good, or really bad… because of that one skill of timing your abilities, using the brush effectively, which Wp idris also needs to do… and positioning , direction should come naturally, because almost all heroes need those 2 skills. but not all is so time critical like idris.

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Wow some good tips already. Now for a semi stupid question is he a viable as a jungler and laner

Well I got to save up glory


One of the best at both paths. Laner and Jungler. More of a Laner in 5v5 though… there’s just too many thick walls that can’t jump through…

The only walls he can safely pass are the thin ones near mid lane and the wall around the base.

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Sounds like a perfect here match for me in 3v3 I prefer jungle and lane, but have been doing support as I soloq and don’t trust others in my tier to not SAWWWWPORT me

Fair enough! He’s worth it. (And more chars…)

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Wp path is an assassin who can delete squishies with defense in 4-5 hits when fully built. If you are playing defensively wp idris is not the guy, he needs to be used aggressively. His build varies according to meta, right now I am experimenting with few builds as crit got nerfed and build atleast one attack speed item to get abilities back up fast. Go for the kill once you unlock the perk, you can easily delete a single squishy at that time and just snowball from there. I build TB+Heavy steel into SB and BP/TT now. Always get double defense unless you feel you can survive dives with just one defense. Use ult to stick to fleeing carries or dodge cc like Catherine silence or phinn hook. Watch out for his A barrier before engaging as it can be the difference between walking out alive with a kill or missing it by a whisker and dying. His counters in wp path are bruisers such as reim, rona,tony and krul. He destroys every single carry in the game and assassins are a neutral matchup for him. Wp idris is bursty assassin and stupid mobile, make use of the mobility by constantly AA something. Try to have a weapon buff on you, the slow+idris stickiness makes it impossible for most heroes to slip away unless it is blackfeather with 2 ult charges up
Cp idris is not as mobile as wp idris and is played like a sniper/mage. His potato early game is manageable in 5v5. Get 5 Crystal bits or 2 Heavy prisms to unlock the perk, you can get it by 4-5 min mark easily so stay safe until then. Build DE 90% of the time as he can build stacks very easily , get SG when enemy has 4 squishies or is mobile enough that you can’t keep up the stacks. Don’t chakram combo in the middle of a teamfight if you can’t position well, however if you pull of the ult jump correctly a good chakram pass will chunk down enemy teams health. AC BM DE/SG SF/FB is good right now, EoH gives very low damage and you usually get it 4th item so the sustain isn’t that useful either,the cp buff is way better than EoH so have it for the lifesteal. Play cp idris like a sniper mage, he can stutter and kite as good as a vox. His biggest counters in cp path are assassins such as koshka, taka and reza and mages such as celeste and skaarf
Idris is squishy in both paths and can be bursted down easily, be careful timing your dives when wp and positioning in cp.Practise jumping after the ult a few times in practice with a friend to get an idea of the distance and use it in match to reposition. For cp idris the ult is a repositioning and chakram combo tool whereas for Wp idris it if for stickiness and dodge cc ability

Not a jungler at all with how jungle is now, he is gold hungry and jungle can’t give him that gold. He can be bullied out of the jungle by someone like Lance with 2 weapon blades so just stay in the lane and get your perk as fast as possible


I love jungling WP. Usually draft him as a jungle flex and if more-sustain heroes are in jungle, ill go lane

Usually though, his ganks are ridiculous

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Really the way I jungle usually I end up pulling more gold early game than a laner in 3v3 well unless I get a roam or laner decide the lane wasn’t enough

Oh I was speaking about 5v5.Jungle in 3v3 is good

He cant gank well until he gets the perk unlocked and he can’t contest camps with the meta junglers either. Picking idris as jungler for confusing in draft makes no sense as he already does that with his path flexibility

The trick is to sawport your allies before they support you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Idris is very very versatile. As stated above. His Ultimate grants invincibility you will not be hit by anything. This and your A barrier give a good timing Idris some very decent sustain.

If you build Breaking Point on him (second item) your Chakram will be a huge source of stacks. (Same with DE but slower)

You open with Chakram and let it pass through twice. Then you jump onto your enemy with A or C and it will pass again. Then use the remaining skill left and the Chakram will have hit 4+ times building stacks. Throw in some hard hitting basic attacks with your current stacks and you will be a monster.

When you get SM BP TM TT aegis JB you will hit and crit like a monster and often come out of fights with high health because your BP stacks effect your WP healing heavily.

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Great tips here already. One other thing to remember is that it takes a lot of understanding to build for both paths but he can be pretty strong that way as well. Some might not agree but if you do decide to try for both paths, avoid aftershock, and remember that shield/armor pierce are going to be your best friends.

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So plenty of tips on playstyle so I won’t re-iterate but one cool tip for cup Idris: start the game with two crystal bits, farm and as soon as you have 900 gold teleport home and buy 3 more; this will give you the heroic perk about 4 minutes into the game and allow you to decimate more or less every lane matchup without a book of eulogies


Thank you for all tge info you guys.

I played Idris in BR today i didn’t do too well but he felt right to use

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No worries! In BR his rare talent is pretty OP. Go WP with his rare talent. Land a few combos. Profit. :slight_smile:

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