Idea for Eve of Harvest Rework

Despite the amount of CP it gives got buffed, EOH is still so niche we still don’t see it in the meta. We can probably to something like this

Eve of Harvest
2600 Gold
75 Crystal Power
15% lifesteal
Unique Passive Removed
New Unique Passive
The First 10% of health chunked off of an enemy hero shall be absorbed as health for yourself 5 second cooldown.

Basically this makes EVE of Harvest more effective overall. The unique passive means CP Carries like Samuel and Celeste who used to use Eve of Harvest in their build path can benefit from it again. The problem with Eve on these heroes is that they usually died so quickly that the lifesteal became redundant. Now that the lifesteal comes in occasional bursts similar to Samuel’s Perk, these CP carries can actually benefit from Eve and sustain better in the fights. The slightly higher base lifesteal makes up for removed passive.

if you do some calculations, if 10% of the health of the enemy Celeste is 200, when you deal that amount of damage to that celeste or more, you gain 200 health for yourself. Every 10 second, it means 400 health.

Some of the numbers might be tweaked but the idea is there.


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The issue with eve is how better the other cp items are, considering you’re going 4 damage items, you have one item slot for your husk or aegis, one for boots and clockwork and broken myth are basically mendatory on every mage so you’re left with 2 item slots and shatter/spellfire/dragons eye/ frostburn are all more appealing than eve. Maybe if they add some cooldown reduction to eve then it would become viable to swap a clockwork with an eve


actually good point…
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Ok so Eve definitely needs a rework. I can’t really judge this without seeing it in action, but I think a 5 second cooldown might be too powerful. It would also promote a burst meta, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, just commenting.

Imagine a WP version of this combined with TB tho

Eve doesn’t need a rework. It needs a clear explanation of its role in game. Eve is for CP heroes that either don’t get hit often, are mobile, or are tanky with low cd. If you get hit a lot, you’re better off with a defensive item. If you’re not mobile, same, though if you do high spike dmg eve might work still. If you’re tanky with cp abilities that are up often or a ranged hero, eve still benefits you. If you are the opposite of these things, a defensive item and aftershock might be better.

The problem with most items in this game is no one clearly knows what’s most effective for their build, and everyone is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass in saying they know what’s best. The game doesn’t clearly define what fits what role or strategy best, and while the flexibility in the game is awesome, the baseline needs to be more clearly defined, a la Zekent & his 5v5 roles post. Though knowing SEMC they’ll over-compensate for this and make the items and roles so locked in that there is no baseline or variety: everyone just picks a hero & build & skill wins instead of streategy. Not trying to be an ass to SEMC but this is the trend.

The problem is universal vamp. While you can get 4% vamp for both wp AND cp for 300 gold, it takes a t3 item to get any sustain at all.

This is difficult, because adding vamp to the t2 and t1 items that build eve (crystal bit and battery) would destroy the tree.

Weird as it sounds, It would be nice if barbed needle could build into eve or a new item have low lvl vamps to build into eve.

Now for the damage part. Eve is a supporting cp item, it’s supposed to be incomparable to SG or something else. If the vamp gets better, i think that should be enough.

Possible solutions:

-Increase the overall lifesteal like op said, but keep the special passive. (15%)
-find a way to incorporate low lvl vamp into the cp tree, not only as a t3 item.

  • combo of methods???

Idk. Me personally, once I build an eve, sg, and bm on a cp hero, the vamp is noticeable and almost as must as wp vamp (taking into account the burst nature of cp heroes). EVE by itself can be a good 1st item if you aren’t playing to get kills but to farm & take objectives. I think increasing eve’s vamp will make it broken once you build all the other t3 items/late game but that’s my opinion.

I cant see a hero in which EoH is a good 1 item. Even for farming and objetive control damage is better, and the lack of damage a 1 item EoH gives leads you to being useless for everything else and not better at farming and objetive control.

Have you seen Eve on Cp Vox, the lifesteal count literally drops to zero around 4 seconds into the team fight…


There are a few. A lot of ranged cp carries benefit from eve early because it gives them the energy to not worry about ability spamming and a way to pick back up some health if they do get hit by something. I’ve had many situations where I got the kill on someone who out damaged me simply by dodging/kiting and lifestealing for when i got hit, as opposed to aftershock which forces you to be in basic range. Burst heroes can benefit from eve if they’re mobile because the mobile heroes are usually in basic range of an enemy to attack, making lifesteal in the attacking moment that much more important, and yes aftershock does help with this but aftershock isn’t as helpful if you can gain more health and do more dmg than 12% of their health with your abilities in that second you’re in before you jump out. Poke cp heroes also benefit from eve. Etc etc.


Yeah CP Vox would benefit more from defense and aftershock combined because he doesn’t do enough burst dmg to get a heavy hit in and get out. He kills over time with sustained attacks that happen to be based on basic attacks in some way so aftershock synergizes here as well. Eve is not for Vox because he kinda has to stay in the fight to do dmg as CP Vox. Eve is only for heroes who aren’t getting into long fights. It’s kind of the opposite of serpents mask for the CP tree, because while sm users usually are doing consistent dmg, eve users are not, but not really because if you want to be a sustain fighter a ps is kinda better than sm in some ways anyway so it’s not that different. Aftershock with defense actually does better for cp users when it comes to staying in the fight because it doesn’t run out.

If you are losing to someone who got Eve first or second item then you probably AFKed earlier or got snowballed for another reason. There’s nothing to heal you if you don’t do damage. In 5v5 Eve is just not good.

About CP Vox, what do you mean Eve is not for him? It literally was in his core build when he was meta. Yes currently neither of them is good but it’s not that the item doesn’t fit his kit. He’s sustain dps kiting machine. How does self heal not fit that?

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I personally buy or keep barbed needle on cp heroes for quite some time until 4th offense

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If you both have 1 t3 item you’re not going to be worried about the dmg your opponent is doing. I’d rather have an eve facing an sg/sb opponent if the sg/sb is all they built all day. Yes they out damage me, but they have no energy to keep using their abilities, no sustain if I can out kite them, and i can ultimately drag the fight out while they can’t, making it a win-win for me regardless as long as they can’t pull off a kill.

As for eve not being good on Vox it’s because he doesn’t do as much dmg as cp in general nowadays. If he did as much dmg as he used to without as many items it would be fine, and eve is okay on vox late, but again, since he has to basic anyway and since your cp you’re better off with an aftershock on him and getting defense to lessen the damage you take rather than expecting the dmg you do to be enough for lifesteal to be effective.

If 2 players with same skill level face each other in a skill matchup heroes Eve is never beating SG. Well unless it’s new players. And even then it’s not about the 1v1. SG SF DE or FB even have much more impact than Eve as 1st and 2nd items. Buying Eve first is just a waste. No hero is that energy hungry to not be able to do with just a battery. Celeste can do it, Skaarf is more energy hungry and can do it with a battery, Samuel can regenerate his energy, Malene doesn’t even need one, Varya doesn’t even build energy with her base energy regen and the way her abilities work. Eve is just not good in 5v5 even as 4th item and it’s my favorite item in the game along with AS. Believe me I LOVE lifesteal but it’s just bad currently.

About Vox yes currently it might not be good but it’s not good as an item in general and neither is CP Vox that good. My point was this item synergizes with him.

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SM Vox > Eve Vox This text will be blurred

Actually, CP Vox is quite strong in this meta, though not top tier.
Agree with the rest you’ve said.

Please, tell me a hero with SG that can run out of energy in a 1v1 against a hero with EoH before killing him in equal skill.

We need more melee CP heroes for eve to be useful. Eve I don’t think was ever designed to be an item for CP heroes and if it becomes one it’ll be exactly how we have SM for ranged heroes which it was never meant for.

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Even if we had more melee CP heroes it would be still a bad item, only Reim used to use it.

Not really. Melees in this game are meant to sustain and tank or sustain and kill EDIT: or assassinate. The only other melee CP heroes I can think of off the top of my head is Reza and Anka and both of them are assassins. Maybe something with a lot of enhancing combos that give them increased damage over time would be good. Reim can still use EoH the problem being that Reim himself is not that good. The item imo is fine. Just because an item is there doesn’t mean a mage has to build it. 4 damage items will always outclass 3 damage items in sustain especially when you have 3 teammates peeling for you.

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In 5v5? Or only 3v3? I haven’t played VG in nearly a month as I’m not having any fun playing it right now. So I am talking about what I knew before that but CP Vox wasn’t good in 5v5 and no buffs so I guessed he’s still the same. I don’t know how the meta is shifting though.