I would like dodging to be punished

The time it takes to get into a match due to dodging is absolutely incredible. If people troll deliberately in draft and not for fun (I love a good off meta pick) but to intentionally throw they should be banned, and I see no reason why they should ever play the game again.
If people dodge a game simply because they got an inferior comp they should be banned from soloQ.
If somebody is only able to play bot lane and so dodges 4/5 games, they should be banned from soloQ.
You really have it all wrong, the thing is that if dodging is an option you can always get your way by dodging or trolling in draft to make others dodge. If it results in a huge ban after only a couple of dodges, everyone takes draft seriously and everyone plays the position they’re stuck with, that’s how 1-3 man queue has to be. The only reasonpeople dodge is A they get a bad comp; well that’s part of the games,B: they have to play another role and if you can’t play all roles decently you shouldn’t be soloQing at moderate to high elo and C: they have a troll on their team which wouldn’t happen if they were banned.
Seems like problem solved


It often takes me 20/30 minutes to find a match, it’s got so bad that I’ve reverted back to 3v3!

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Jeez I honestly don’t get many dodgers unless alpha isn’t banned, or I’m playing 3v3

Hm what elo are ya at? Alpha isn’t really banworthy this patch where I’m at but maybe it’s different at other ranks, problem is every player who’s vainglorious thinks their elo is more precious than life itself

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I’m at t5 silver atm slowly moving up

Dodging is terrible but right now I’d rather not have anything implemented that will stop it.
There is a lot of boosted players in high tiers and its kind of sad that when one of these boosted players are SoloQ there is always someone on the team that says “I’ll dodge” and everyone asks “why?” they respond with "***** is here."
I want dodging punishments to be implemented in the next season along with a “guided reset” also calculated ELO amounts based on tier. (How come I get 7 ELO for being an older player?)

Guided Reset Plan:
Below T4B --> T1B
Below T7B ----> T5B
Below T9B ----> T7B
Below VGSilver (2700) -----> T9B
Below VGGold -----> VGSilver

This should remove boosted players because none of them reach past 2700 ELO, as pro players and really good ones become more common to see. (Yes I am very mad about the leaderboard and who’s on it, but EHH the guided reset plan is a little bit too toxic but I hope people get the point that there is always a reason as to why dodges happen.


Honestly boosted players aren’t a reason to dodge if they are boosted they need to play to lose to drop down to level out

I’d agree but POAG and above barely has any players to the point where people meet the same person constantly within 3 matches. Sure the other person is falling but you’re falling as well and then you meet them again… I wish the game had way more players but right now the gameplay is a hidden gem when you compare it to other games. The small player base is the only reason sniping exists as well as the friends list but ehhh.

Normally I’d agree with you but there’s this one guy who’s at my tier and the most boosted crap on the planet. I’ve had the misfortune of queueing into him thrice, after the first game I dodged the others.

He builds poisoned shiv on everyrhing. Captains, snipers, mages. The game he played with me he bought poisoned shiv on SKAARF. I checked his vgpro. T8. No idea how he hasn’t dropped to T4 yet but it’s annoying the hell out of me.

I thought I was saying that though…

At the cost of our elo? no thanks

Listen brother, if you’re a respectable player at ur current rank which I’m sure you are then eventually, if nobody can dodge, your superior skill will mean you win a majority of games in the long run while feeders lose every game and leave your tier. I know losing sucks but it’s inevitable, and you won’t get noobs on your team if they simply ain’t in your rank


Whoops. #sleepy point still stands tho

Dodging is a problem of high tiers. When I reached t9b I saw massive spike in dodging players, currently in t9g is the same. In t8 there are dodges here and there, below it is rarely.

Look elo is not gonna drop much if you lose with them you can’t get it back. Elo is meant for long term average not short term gratification


In fact, i don’t dodge, I’m just saying that I can understand some of the people who dodge, lol, after that much time waiting the last thing I want is another dodge. @Satanicsoldier

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I would understand it but they prevent the fix for the problem they complain about

That’s the sad part about 5v5. In 3s it didn’t matter because mechanical skill is able to dominate even if there is a troll. You can use the troll as a meat shield. In 5s it becomes immensely difficult. You can be destroying the enemy laner in lane but if there is no actual superior advantage then you can’t rotate out or even destroy turret. The only way to do this is to have a jungler come and help but if you have a troll in some lane then you’re done for because your team has to address that. It’s a team game in which every player matters that’s why in high tiers people dodge. SEMC never changed dodging when 5s came out or anything. Its actually been the same. In 3s you get like one dodge every couple of days before you lose ELO. Maybe there is something wrong with the system that you don’t lose ELO and that could be where the problem lies. High tiers is also a small playerbase so that doesn’t help much either.
I hate dodging though because for some reason MM can’t even find one player to fill the person who dodged in a couple of seconds. Like bruh we have 9 players waiting in queue just find one. Funny part is the person who dodges ends up being in the queue again.

The big problem is the netcode bug that wouldn’t allow you to lock a hero in which made them turn off lpq for dodging though it seems to be turned back on as i just watched a family member get it.

How do you think L3oN soloQs and maintains almost 2800 elo? I know your influence may feel lower, but crucibling every ult or winning every lane or landing every gank will eventually mean u win more than 50% of the time