I just started playing League on OCE

Well its pretty fun and im still learning the controls, need to get used to left clicks and the ability keys.

Gonna learn Ahri and Ezreal


Time invested well worth. Actually it’s a fact that you will play more matches in league for your free time (even if a little bit longer on average) vs VG, because of que/dodge. Not to mention the depth, out of game experience, ingame experience and the matchmaker and the events and the modes. hahahh or to sum it up: lol is vastly better game in all regards + still growing, worth your time and soon to come out on mobile. As for VG - it was a great, polished and UNIQUE moba game when it was 3vs3.


Good choice :kissing_heart:

Also much better ping than VG lol, im only getting 20~ ms average lol.

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I will affirm everything that @cha0z said above: League is well worth the time to learn and is indeed a vastly better experience. There is something for every variety of MOBA fan in League: from those who enjoy nothing more than a casual romp in AI matches to hardcore, team-oriented players trying to reach the pro ranks through Clash, League offers a wide range of modes and events to always keep things interesting. Plus, the massive champion roster helps ensure that no two matches are the same.

Sad to say, VG lost a lot of its soul when SEMC pivoted towards 5v5.


Yea, i always loved LoL esports and analysis since its pretty cool. Yea theres a ton of champions and amazing skins to get which is awesome, i might go buy some skins later down the line(i always wanted KDA Akali hahah and Ahri). Im still learning the controls and wondering whats the best way to get the hang of them, AI or vs real players in casual. Also the new player rewards are pretty good since u get a bunch of free champions.


For learning the controls, AI matches are great — I don’t find the practice tool mode useful at all, but my daughter uses it all the time to learn new champs before diving into real matches.

I’d suggest starting to learn a new champion in Beginner AI matches, but once you get the hang of it, move to Intermediate pretty quickly, as the Beginner AI’s are stupid and predictable.

Once you get a basic comfort with the controls and your new champ’s abilities, feel free to try PvP — it’s a different world from the bots, and you’ll learn and improve quickly.

Btw, feel free to add me in game — I’m often online and will almost always be able to play when invited!

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Lol i tried TFT i got destroyed hahaha, ig ill keep playing against beginner AI everyday til i get the hang of it

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They should had kept 3vs3, scale down a little the money put into the esports part (but totally keep it alive and in good health!), continue to support the game with new content and start working on a new game instead that silly 5vs5.

After the initial learn/new phase when none knew what he is doing, if we put 3vs3 next to 5vs5 I pretty surely know where I had a lot more fun playing and even watching pro players play (but we all also know what the tournaments production quality was) + what is more suitable for mobile more serious approach type MOBA. I exclude here out of the game experience that was vastly better in 3vs3 too, even the fff UI…

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You will be surprised how cool and understandable are the people playing LOL when you play online unranked match and say you are new to the game, to the hero, etc.

Also the unlocking rate is actually quite good if played regularly. The truth be told, if I put the time I spend playing VG and the money I spend in VG into LOL, I would have had all the heroes unlocked and a lot of skins (possibly half) there too.


Also since everyone is talking so much positivity! Ill be the Debbie downer with my advice.

If you EVER (the chance is relatively small) encounter chat toxicity, a simple chat mute will do the trick. Alot of my league friends forget this feature exists.

There was one time I had to use Mute All but that was just once.

Edit: Forgot to reply to @DragonClasher so heres a tag.


The mute is really granular, too — you can mute just chat, just pings, or just emotes … or any combination.

I rarely encounter serious toxicity, but then, I’ve really only started playing ranked — and I only ever play my main (Xayah), so I tend to have at least a decent match.

As someone above said, if you’re friendly in chat at the start of the match, most players seem to be really understanding if you struggle a bit — at least that’s been my experience!


Is there any reccomended settings to make the controls more fluid?

Not sure exactly what you mean – are you looking to tune your mouse?

You’ll definitely benefit from a gaming mouse (wired >> wireless due to potential lag), because you want something with a high scan rate and adjustable DPI settings. I started playing League with a Logitech G502 to which I added some of the included weights to make it feel more substantial. Later, I switched to a Corsair M65, which was much lighter and definitely improved my speed and accuracy with both Overwatch and League. I went through 2 M65s in 2.5 years – both of them developing failures of the left button switch. I’ve gone back to Logitech (this time with no weights), but I’m not as comfortable with it – I don’t like the shape of the left button, tbqh. I have the Razer Basilisk on my list to try next – we’ll see.

Anyway, in addition to moderate acceleration in Windows, I have my mouse set as follows:

Also, because I have an ultra wide monitor, I leave the camera lock on in League so I don’t accidentally scroll the view when moving the mouse, since I pretty much have a great view of the map around me all the time. (If I need to look elsewhere, I use the “click on the mini map” method.)

Lol im playing on my surface pro for my computer, i altered some in game settings to make it much better FPS but was wondering what hotkeys should i also be using and what stuff is recommended to be turn/off.

Ah! Okay, now I understand! I found this site to be very helpful:


thanks for the help, definietly made the game much more fluid and easier to access stuff.

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For builds i should use Blitz to learn right meta builds or can i just mess around til i start doing PvP instead of bot matches.

Good luck playing against yasuo,zed and camcer other midlane assassin

How is that comment helpful in any way to a new player? What does it add to this discussion?

Do you not know how to counter Zed or Yasuo?