I don't know why but I am really really enjoying Malene!

I use to main Lyra like a lot! Her play style and her kit are to my liking. No heros or their kit can come close to Lyra. Not until Malene, her being sassy and annoying! She can slow you, chase you, Root you, SWAP, deal basic empowered attack and throw shadow tendrils and then flee. Repeat and rinse. Her combo and timing and HER KIT. It took me a while to get use to malene and when I did, I always kept choosing her in almost all match and she can player as a captain too!

I love how malene can counter lots of heroes and enemies team will often delete me first of the match. I can easily counter Krul, glaive, Reim and even celeste. Some other heros are tricky but they can be countered too!

I think SEMC really did well with malene offering her a unique play style and kit! She is perfectly balance.


Ye same. Weird how I really started enjoying her after her nerf. She’s my comfort pick in rank now. Never lost a game with her yet except maybe when I tried Wp Malene.

She was WAY op before NERF! I use her in almost 5v5 rank and abuse her before NERF. After the nerf, it takes sometime to deal damage and fightback but she isn’t weak!

You saying something about hero rather than lyra is a mindblower lmao

Why :thinking:?
Well honestly, I was shock at myself too. Never did I thought about liking another hero until Malene came along.

You should try Idris.


I did but he is not my type. His kit is interesting but idk

There’s your answer :smile:

This text will be DANK

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Her dmg late game is actually kinda low rn, which is good, but she can’t hard carry anymore

Not really, she does decent damage in late game as compared to before she was nerfed. But she is still good in late game with AS + SF + DE + SG.

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What I’m saying is there’s other mages that have more dmg and aoe than her if they are protected well.
I played Malene twice this patch, I did pretty well but still lost because I couldnt carry enough. I rotated and joined teamfight more than enemy’s Skaarf/Samuel but then my total dmg was still lower than their mid laner

Well yeah! Malene weakness is long range heros like Skaarf, Sam or Celeste. I don’t really counter them in late game. I usually eliminate the junglers in late game since Malene can root them easily.

And Reza also counters her… and BF.

Yeah I love Malene, I totally agree. This is also coming from someone that used to (still sort of do) main Lyra. Malene can be quite tricky, and I think the response with her toolkit is incredible. I especially enjoy her ability to engage and stay on the outskirt of battles simultaneously. In the right hands she’s surely not to be messed with. Also, changing forms immediately after an auto-attack grants you another instant auto attack - I have landed many an unexpected kill using this. :thumbs:

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I can easily counter black feather. As for Reza, I just run away from him the moment he uses ULT and then I chase him down when his ult is over.

The amount of facts spilled here! I agree!

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Those rezas and BF have to be horrible. Bf literally has everything to counter Malene, and Reza is just too mobile, dodge the root and it’s gg, invulnerability? Demon form detonator.

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Blackfeather is too predictable. Avoid is dive attack, then avoid heartthrob stabbing. Root him, swap, basic empowerment, shadow tendril, B dive away from him, swap repeat and rinse.

Reza, is a bit hard. I don’t usually counter him. I let my teams handle him while I do the empowered attack from far

How are you supposed to avoid being dived by a dive hero? What you said is basically “avoid all”. That technique is also effective against all heroes. He has 2 reflex block in his kit (3 with aegis) to block the root, he has 3 dashes, boots, barriers and speed boost, you can’t just said “dodge everything he has and attack him”. As I said, if they let you do that, those BF are not just bad, they are horrible and I don’t even know what they are doing with their life.

Wicked Escapade? Always use that whenever you see enemies diving