I don’t believe the subreddit is a good place anymore

I’m sorry, but, I can’t help but not say it.

I believe the subreddit now is, and has been slowly becoming a bit of a cesspool of non-content for quite some time. From the beginning of my time spent there until this post, I’ve observed it become riddled with complaints without proper constructive feedback, criticisms without merit, far too many (low quality / low effort) reposts / memes and, mostly, it’s become a shit-show of an echo chamber.

Another edit: Not all of the content is poor, by any means. There are some incredible posts, discussions and content that appears in the subreddit, albeit far less common and / or frequent.

Some of you may recognize me from there, as my account name on here is the same on Reddit. I used to thoroughly enjoy my time spent there and I’m saddened to say that it’s become more tedious and exhausting to peruse the content and to feel any desire to participate in submitting content, or adding into conversation.

One thing that I have seen get worse is downvoting to disagree, and lately I’ve also seen particular users get downvoted simply for posting - even when their viewpoints or opinions are well said, valid, or have substance. Whereas, I also see many users get upvotes, in a lot of times it being quite the opposite. Upvotes are personally not a concern for me, but it does have a great impact as a whole on the validity of the content and voices displayed in any given subreddit.

The echo-chamber mentality, for me, feels easy to spot. I suppose to a degree it’s reminiscent of pattern recognition. So reading the same opinion, almost worded the same way, in the same threads about the same topic gets old. Also, the same jokes get old.

I understand that the simple solution would simply be to just not go onto the subreddit, and, while I certainly have been visiting less, I do care very much about the Vainglory community. Ironic that my distaste for what I’m seeing is stemming from part of said community, so, I feel somewhat conflicted because I am upset about something that is both trivial and does not affect my everyday life but I am also a part of.

I suppose this is a rant, I’m not trying to piss anyone off. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Edit: I want to add that one of my top reasons for staying around the subreddit is that the developers are prevalent there, and they take part in some discussion and conversation. I enjoy being able to reply to them and be relied to by them, as well as see their opinions and that humanity is something I’ve never experienced in a gaming community before. I am appreciative of that aspect.

I also want to add that this rant is not in any way meant to be demeaning to the mods of, or the moderation decisions of the mods.


One occasion that stuck in my screenshot list was the one above. It basically said something along the lines of: I agree with your (and the 100 other people’s) point of view, but ignoring the bad skin and quest systems, the core gameplay is still fun. Despite full-heartedly agreeing with that 100+ people who upvoted the op, he was downvoted for saying that the game is fun, which has nothing to do with the skin and quest systems that don’t affect the gameplay.

You know the Vainglory Subreddit would be much more tolerable, if they actually took the effort to make better quality memes. Stock Images with words plastered on top is not funny. It would also be great if they learn to take what the devs say with a grain of salt.

I never believed it was a good place to begin with…

Ask All the Devs to join here please

They are all aware of this community effort. A few have joined here already, probably several more read the posts without registering.

SEMC’s communications strategy (if you can call it that) is all over the place. They are not consistent in using a single platform for announcements, there’s no organized archive of their official communications, and they’ve abolished the one place they controlled completely (their forum). It’s difficult to comprehend their goals, tbqh.