I believe Vainglory has a home on the Switch


This isn’t going to be a long post, because I don’t think it needs explaining.

I understand it takes time, money, development and so on - cool.

I just really think that the consideration should be made. I’m so sick of AoV. It’s such an inherently broken game, even if it does at times satisfy my mobile MOBA cravings.

Vainglory wouldn’t even need to implement button commands, we could honestly just use the touchscreen. It is 5-point.

EDIT: My mention of AoV in this post is entirely based on the Switch version, not the Mobile version.


They did announce that they’re planning on releasing the game on console.


I really hope that if it does go on switch, you can map the buttons your self if you wish. Tried aov it on and I hate how some of it works


I assumed that the console Kristian was referring to in his recent tweet was the Switch … I guess it could be playable on XBox or PS4 also, though.

I don’t think AoV is broken, though – it’s just a simpler game with different design goals. That might not appeal to those of us who are looking for a deeper experience, but in all honesty, I find AoV to be tons of fun.


This … it’s why I don’t play AoV on Switch – the controls are too weird for me.


It’s still fun despite my claims of it being broken, but I feel there’s a lacking of balance and overall performance that detracts from it as a whole.


No you quoted me while I was editing, my bad english skills lol


Oops. Sorry …


Ive been playing Vg for so long as my main moba that my big brain needs to rest for atleast a year with this game.

Honestly with the skills Ive gained from Vg, im pretty good at Aov and its a nice change of pace.

The balance is wack but balanced since 95% of the roster is broken already and exploitable ex: Violets huge as hell range .


I’ve been one-tricking Lauriel for the past month … so fun :angel:


Ik I shouldn’t be proud but…

Elsu has been scratching my sniper itch UwU

Plus ive been abusing the range from Violets rocket launcher and Elsu’s snipeshot :flushed:


My daughter loves Elsu also … I don’t own him, so I haven’t played him at all. However, I’ve been killed from across the map by him – very annoying. Lol


@RiseChu @hazeleyes Sorry for going off topic but can you tell me what’s the ranked limited skin in AoV? I wanna know if I should download or not.


Joystick on only can’t touch oh no


this is what I was hoping when I saw SEMC’s post… I’m not sure how good the touchscreen on switch really is tho, and it’s shape may make it a little bulky and hard to hold.


The current limited skin? or whats a ranked LE skin in general?



What hazel sent. The ranked reward.

I was asking because my phone screen is broken and it’s pain in the ass to play AoV like that but if it was a hero I loved I would have struggled for it.


As expected, Tencent don’t have a reason to create a rival for their own PC MOBA league of legends (they own riot). Why would they want that? On the contrary, they leave the more deep experience for the PC’s in lol and created a fast paced, less deep, fun mobile MOBA that you can play on the go.

Not to wait 20m to start an unbalanced match in which you should not be distracted to play good = not suitable for transport, workplace and everywhere outside your home, really. I can go on and on, but AOV is not even trying to rival with vainglory. Tencent’s idea for mobile MOBA is quite different and it shows - the game grows while VG… well, they do “post platform” game now.


I one-trick Fennik and literally don’t get touched. It’s disgusting. I went from unranked to high-plat in like, a day on the Switch version. I haven’t played since though, 'cause that was around the time I started working on the Prestige Kai’Sa.