I believe Vainglory has a home on the Switch


Yeah, my daughter always wrecks when she plays Fennik. (I don’t have him because he’s not my style, but I watch in admiration as she consistently gets MVP with him.)


How to play Fennik:

  1. Pop thief’s mark
  2. Shoot a few times
  3. Walk away
  4. Win


As an avid MOBA player who is just now giving VG a real shot I would love to see it on the Switch as well if they can get the cross platforming experience right. I played AoV pretty hardcore since it came out and loved the idea of a Switch version and then they released theirs. While it is prettier than the mobile version is, it really stinks to only play against other Switch users with a new account. I don’t mind grinding ranks but I don’t want to have to grind all the heroes and skins all over again on a new platform. I want the Switch version to be an extension of the main mobile game, not completely separate.


Coming back to this, does anyone have any opinions on how the buttons would work best? Or just how you’d do it? I did play the AoV Alpha, but haven’t actually downloaded the finished version so don’t know what they’re like.

For Vainglory, I’d probably make the abilities LT RT R, with R as the ult (or longest cooldown ability). Then maybe L to select/switch target. Right stick to move, left stick to select target direction. ABXY and D-pad for items + healing flask + scout cam. Plus for Shop, minus for recall. Scoreboard should be right stick so you can open it easily just before engaging (maybe use tap-and-hold scoreboard). Finally, use left stick button to unlock camera (use hold and move for it, releasing the button locks camera again).

Have I missed something? what are your thoughts? Tbh I still think joysticks (even real ones) aren’t ideal for Mobas but it’s worth a shot.