I am not a bad player

I am having a problem with

Ranked matches. I used to be SA gold-poa bronze.

I became sick but kept playing. I lost a ton of matches down to hotness bronze.

Now my allies are beyond bad and I can’t win to safe my life so I will soon drop out of hotness.

I am not angry not tilted. When I play captain my allies suck and I have no damage or they go full offense and die like flies because they dive in 1v3…

I just had a match where I indicated jungler and picked take. Lo and behold our third guy picked Glaive and farmstole me to poverty. Suicidal solo player that went in 1v3.

I picked up vision and fountain but the Glaive kept throwing himself into 3 enemies so it was 1v3 then 2v3

I will add my last match and you will see I had the least damage items and least farm but still did the best which saddens me.


I made a similar thread, and I’m there with you. The current state of 3v3 is a mess, it’s frustrating and confusing. There’s something very broken right now.

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This happens to everybody, trust me, this happened to me for a year straight. I recommend you play carry instead of captain. Yes everybody is gonna insta locks carry in soloQ but you will have to do the same, thats how i got to POA, then i begin switching back to captain and got to Vainglorious. This is just the rhythm of the game, you will have to get used to it. Hope it helped :slight_smile:

Problem is wp carry is my worst role. I am best with mages and assassin’s.

When I lock a carry the people around me do the same. Same with jungler…

The match before this one the enemy team had an Afk and we had saw BF Lyra I was Lyra. My BF refuses to buy defense and they both refuse to push turrets even though it is a 3v2.

Enemy Skye comes back after 5 min and we lose because our BF gets deleted. He was 9/12/4 I was 2/3/11 as Lyra.

They removed the buy defense line and that is annoying…


I will probably start locking Skaarf now. Skaarf Celeste and Sam are my go to mages.

If I have to play WP Lane I want Glaive BF Rona or Idris. Though my Gwen is okay too.

I play pokers and divers.

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Feels bad man. Enjoying VG even when you’re sick ? its alright… you’ll climb eventually… that what I keep telling myself… Don’t lose hope.:okx99:

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I know longer burn down after losing. I also feel I can do better in 5v5 than 3v3 because my favourite heroes can be played in top mid or jungle that is a 3/5 chance to play what you want. And I don’t mind cap either

Once 5v5 gets ranked go WP hybrid support Grace my dood. Pretty litty :ok_hand::triumph::100::100::joy_cat::joy_cat::ok_hand::lyra::lyra::okx99::okx99::joy::joy::100::100::100:

Time to find a nice party. Soloq is hard sometime…

Or just go for carry and stole your team mates farm but not recommand because they might thumb down for troll if you make your team lose, in other side if you carry them win they won’t likely to thumb you down…

Based on your build in the screenshot you provided, I’d say you try to adjust too much to the comp rather than the situation. Sure with no roam you might need vision and heals, but as a taka contraption and FOR is not really beneficial, especially when you have your glaive glass cannon and diving into fights 1 v 3 or 2 v 3.

You may have good intentions, but my advice to you would be to build more selfish. You worried about vision buy a mine or two but that’s all you can afford. Try to prioritize your own build and find a win condition. Glaive diving in with vox not doing too bad? Maybe get an atlas and go heavy crystal to focus the ringo or at the very least force the ardan to protect ringo while vox can solo the koshka. Or if kosh has her husk down tear her apart.

Don’t end up forcing yourself into a role just because it wasn’t filled. Just analyse the game and try to build the best way to be coming out on top in teamfights. Try to coordinate with teammates but in solo que don’t really depend or rely on them.

Play heros which can do well solo or without a roam like glaive skye etc and dont fret about double jungle.


As jungler you mean. I really like playing offensive captains as junglers.

Rank nowadays kind of like a bunch of unskilled player gather round, if you solo-q. You can minimize the chance to meet those people if you play as team or duo-q. Dunno but, days after days toxic player seems like they’re multiplying thou.

I also think that a lot of players are enjoying 5v5 and a lot of toxicity is all thats left. But I could be wrong

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This is what it feels like. I’ve never seen a bigger influx of toxicity in 3v3.

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Play lance, hes such a good captain when you want to carry a game. The sheer amount of cc you get just lets you mop the floor with youre enemies if youre good enough, and poa level player facing hotness should be ezpz.

Play heroes that are good in this meta, and you are comfortable with.

CP mages that are good are vox, celeste, sameul.
Assassins that are good are Taka, Koshka, and Idris.

Make sure you know your win conditions and can aid your team to win. Sometimes its better to solo carry though.

I understand your frustration, but you died 10 times. I’m in no way calling you bad because I have no right to do so; I’m T5. You mentioned you kept getting your farm stolen. Why fight it? Let Glaive get the farm. Being near Glaive is steeling some gold from him, which in turn is making him think he has told, when he doesn’t. He goes into 1v3 because he thinks he’s at the point where he normally can 1v3, but is gravely mistaken. Stay with the Vox. His gold can be piggybacked off of, and your gonna want to get some percentage items. If the Ringo gets agro, you can B and scare him away (unless he wants death and doesn’t care). If he goes for the tower and Vox goes to take the car taking the tower with Ringo, still B and go for the Ringo. If you need to escape, A on the minion. Even if it dies mid jump, the roll will execute. Overall, just let the insubordinate teammates get there way and use them to win.

Tfw dunno if TCone or not but I boosted you nerd :^)

Just play your best tbh, lose and improve. Learn he mistakes you make and the reason you’re in the elo you are. With enough adapting and self awareness, you’ll soon be good enough to carry your teammates despite what they do. It takes time but eventually you will carry yourself out.

And please don’t ask to be boosted, I know you didn’t, but if you do you’ll eventually just fall back down further. It’s alot better to improve yourself rather than have someone else give you a lift and fall flat after they leave you because you’re in a skill tier your individual self shouldn’t be in. Don’t confuse this with duo queue however, if you and a friend are the same level of skill, it’s not necessarily called boosting as long as they’re not a smurf and genuinely the level they are.

So my thread gets hidden? For what reason? All of the nonsense replies that talk to me like I am a noobish t4 just starting?

If this is the new forums I am out.

I’m a freaking veteran player. From before seasons even.

This one noob here is bashing me for 10 deaths… Not seeing my allies being a million times worse. I had the highest damage and the most kills and the best kda.

I hate how I can’t see what anyones reply if worth because you can’t recognize anyone. Is a crappy t4 who just started replying or a vet with years of experience.

We need to know this does not work!

And tell me why my freaking OP was hidden!!!

You didn’t even look at my post and still spam nonsense…