Hybrid Baron?

I have not tried this, but plan on doing so in a casual. I assume Baron would unlock both capabilities of his A with increased slow and increased range from cp path? I’m thinking spellsword, breaking point, spellfire, eve of harvest, aegis, halcyon chargers. Thoughts? Could this be viable? I was thinking his A would be extremely obnoxious.

Not worth at all. Mediocre or underwhelming to say the least. Just for more range it’s not worth trading the power you are losing.

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Agreed. Problem with hybrid baron is that his power on both cp and wp scales with his items, not with base damage, so going hybrid, you lose out on so much damage it makes him kinda worthless in terms of actually killing anything. You take so long that almost every hero will kill you before you can put more than a dent in hp. In teamfights he might be useful to some degree but in that case you’re better off going support cp or wp, not wp and cp hybrid, because all you get out of him that way is a moderate slow and mortal wounds if you get sf or ps. As support baron you can bomb enemy groups for constant team wide mortal wounds while helping your team from the back line with capt items, and do moderate dmg just to deter them, or as wp you can tank for your team and help them a little bit, not as much as cp due to safety, while doing doing moderate dmg with bp, crits, and att speed. But yeah hybrid cp and wp baron has never worked out for me like idris can but hey, if you find a way I’d be interested to see the results.

I remember someone built AC then went wp on baron , I laughed at the build but he actually won the game , he was building stacks on wp and poke with the cp damage , I couldn’t tell if that actually effective but I don’t understand why he does something if he didn’t already tested it .

But this long time ago before 5v5 .

Great points. I am overlooking the scaling aspect. I will still try it in a casual sometime and see how it goes. I won’t report any results if my opponents are significantly lower tiers than me. If they are good competition, and I get blown to pieces or do well, I’ll share it!

Absolutely man! I’m always one for trying out new builds, as off-putting as they may sound. It’s one of the things that made this game so interesting to me in the first place!

@LegendaryE He was probably more good than his build was. AC is one of those items that is highly specialized. It’s meant for cp AA heroes like Reim or Lyra and the like, or to heroes that have an ability that has a cp damage component that they use to attack all the time, like Ringo, Grumpjaw, or cp SAW with mad cannon shells . It offers almost no utility to a wp AA hero or a hero that doesn’t have a cp AA ability because the damage it gives is utterly pitiful. It’s only meant as a booster to existing cp strength and to give you more damage per second, so if you don’t have the cp potential in your AAs in the first place it’s a no go. In certain circumstances it can be better than an AS, especially late game with an eve, but you should pretty much never use AC unless you’re one of those heroes. Though if you are, it can be brutally effective.

It’s not about the cp basic attacks , it’s about the poke from A ability and the attack speed from the AC , that was the player goal from that build , I think it used to give 60 cp , to someone like baron it gives his A a little cp damage and he get the attack speed help , so you could basic attack and poke with your A constantly and that was what he did .

Don’t build AC on reim please.

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I mean maybe when Baron was first released it would’ve been worth it. Back then each path changed loads of aspects of his kit, especially his B but also the Ult. Now, in similar fashion to BF, they’ve blanded out his kit and it makes little difference.

The only heroes where Hybrid builds really work are Idris and Kestrel.

Ah I see. I mean I still can’t imagine it being worthwhile over just getting a wp att speed item but if you’re going to go hybrid…that’s all you got. I mean it does ‘double’ your damage by giving you cp damage but it gives about the same amount as your wp attack i find in practice, not to mention enemy shields or armor making it moot but hey, if he did well with it…lol.

@Guest_78 AC on reim isn’t that bad actually. It can replace AS as it’s good to build eve on reim anyway but it’s a late game build and you have to be really good at landing your A or you can’t make up for the loss of damage. I usually get AS but if we have enough gold late game and the match is dragging I try to sell AS for AC. You gotta be really good at landing A abilities though or you can’t make up for the lost damage from AS. I don’t recommend AC on reim but it is actually powerful if you’re skilled enough to utilize it.

IMO, you shouldn’t be building AS on him anyways.

Hmm? But he’s a slow and root hero! His whole kit is based around keeping enemies in place to get both hits off his A and taking advantage of his chills O.o, meaning he’s going to be AAing anyway if you’re maximizing his damage potential, lol. I’ve always had success with him, even when most people said he was bad, by smacking an enemy with a quick basic as soon as I can get them out of position, rooting them with B, spamming off A when they can’t move, and retrapping again with my ult. AS and AC seem to compliment him perfectly in my opinion, with AS chunking off health between his A and B combos, and AC just making his basic attacks actually do something worthwhile while an enemy is rooted, but maybe that’s just how I play him.

With the buff to his barrier from basic attacks, I’d be interested in trying AC in a practice or casual to see how it works. I agree, it sounds like you need to dive well, root them, and land your A very successfully.

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AC and AS are really bad in Reim lol, you should be building something else rather than those items


The amount of FH you get from AA with AC is not worth compared with the CP pure build

If you were to try AC you should have done it before. His AAs don’t do much damage and practically don’t generate fortified HP now. Best thing about them currently is the slow and DoT. But DoT gives you less DPS than you could have done before and is just not strong enough, also I’m pretty sure attack speed has no effect on it as it’s 4 seconds so attack speed would be a waste.

Reim was good with AC long time ago against Melee heroes especially , I used to build it against assassins so I don’t have to use my A because they can dodge with the changes he got AC is very bad , aftershock not good with reim because he is slow .

While I don’t build high damage with reim , but I actually played with players build him glass cannon , like I remember I played with someone went SG , BM , CW , SF , boots , like he didn’t build a single defense or eve .

I was a healer support Lyra or adagio maybe grace I don’t remember , that build was very strong if he catch someone they die , but he was getting destroyed if they catch him first , like he needs healers or barrier heroes to support him to make this build work .

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Idk. I mean maybe it’s because of the clockwork, as combo but I have always found AS effective on reim. I never struggle with procing it between abilities. I mean what else is slowing and rooting enemies for, but to AA them? Again I dunno, maybe just a difference in playstyle.

@LegendaryE lol I build journey boots on my reim. It’s hilarious to dive people as reim lmao. Glass cannon reim sounds terrible to me but I haven’t even attempted it. I mean I always played him as a tanky sustain diver whose FH was just there to make him more tanky. Glass cannon reim just sounds…scarily easy to die to me, especially since his b means he’s practically meant to be in melee range and glass cannon melees are…ew. To me anyway.

But those playstyles (yours) only work in low tiers because in low tiers works all, even hybrid jungle Ringo, but it doesn’t mean is good

Well aftershock is good for early game heroes with high base damage and low ratios , reim is early game hero but his ratios good , like I used to build double crystal bits early and 1v3 the enemy and steal their jungle , but with his fortified health nerf he is not that tanky anymore , so thinking about the glass cannon it’s actually not bad , like reim could poke with that build and deal damage , in reim current situation I see the glass cannon assassin reim work better because he can do something , reim now more a mid game hero than early game hero , so you get something from the high damage instead of building defense and get kited to death by all the long range and mobility heroes .