Hybrid Baron?


Nothing to do with low tiers. I play at times when there are less players on and the MM constantly matches me with ranks 7-10.

@LegendaryE agreed. Reim definitely benefits more from the pure cp, I just like AS for the dmg + sustain honestly. I find sustaining his health more important than gaining massive fortified health since every attack gives you fortified health anyway, but I definitely agree AS is more of a niche item not useful for anyone who is utilizing ratios properly, more for base damage heroes. And definitely agree reim is mid game. I can see glass cannon reim being good due to his playstyle but that relying on your team instead of being able to solo play part…terrifies me in Vainglory.


Not according with your VGPro



Sigh. Alright. Let me be specific. 3 out of about 8 games I get matched with higher tiers. At least 2 out of 5 of my teamates are usually rank 8+, usually 9, sometimes 10. And usually my enemies are either higher than my team, or partied. Maybe it seems more often to me than it is, because the games with lower ranks aren’t usually that memorable unless I get someone who is smurfing or super talented for their rank. I’ll give you that.


Try other meta builds, and maybe you could get higher in tiers, but AS in Reim is a very poor choice in any situation, and the only reason why it works for you is the tiers


I guess. I mean I’ve faced skilled players and smurfs in my tier and it’s worked fine against them, in terms of outsustaining, but I don’t mind trying something different.