How the hell am I supposed to get out of worthy foe?!

Captain Baptiste making more kills than a rona! How?! I didn’t even kill-steal. Skaarf constantly tried to 1v3, just like rona >:v

Abuse kensei, in those tiers they dont know how to snowball.

In early matchmaking the players are either pros with alts or noobs that just started out, sometimes it’s just difficult :frowning:

Hard carry like a champ with wp grace


I second this wise statement

Very wise indeed

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Back when taka actually did damage, I just spammed him in every match from t4-6 :thinking:
Haven’t really played him much ever since, dunno if that’s still possible

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Grace op, but I don’t have grace. Taka op but I hate him, both of playing style and his overuse >~>

I’ll insta lock with baptiste a few more times, he’s versatile after all

If you’re talking about 3v3 and since I’ve barely played anything but jungle for about 1.5 years I can’t talk about much else. But Koshka is probably your best bet. She’s one of the most soloq friendly heroes. She isn’t very team reliant and can beat anybody. If you know how to play her she can snowball and carry by herself especially in lower tiers. Krul would be a decent pick to one trick outta low tiers as well but if you don’t snowball with him he’s very team reliant.

Barely ever played her, but when I did she was very good. Although if I affix myself to a hero, shouldn’t I instalock? And how should I instalock with a CP only hero?

Go with reim he can 2v1 pretty well

Can’t Reim, he is on the free hero roll and J didn’t buy him, can’t play ranked with free heroes

I mean you asked for help. If ranking up is your main priority and not fun this is what I’d do. But I personally don’t care for rank so I wouldn’t one trick a hero as it gets boring. In t4 honestly I wouldn’t roam just because there is no point. People have no idea about anything most of the time. I can’t really tell you what I did to get out when I was new either because I really don’t remember. Rank wasn’t a priority back then either. But I was duoqing with my brother a lot so I had it much easier.


I used to make a party with a brother duo, someday both quit. I think I’ll take your word for roam free gameplay and focus on an all damage team, thank you

Same here. But he got to hotness before he quit haha. A very important tip is work on your mechanics. If you can reliably outplay most people you can win games. Even without roam. The thing is if you have great mechanics and some base level knowledge you would win a lot more and dominate. If you have great game knowledge and decision making but bad mechanics you would struggle a lot and won’t be putting to work your knowledge. It just doesn’t make up for bad mechanics. Especially in soloq.


Low tier doesn’t have draft, so picking heroes in my favor is impossible, unfortunately. I just play whatever is more fun and make my build based on what is best against the enemies. Example: Against Krul, Saw etc I do CP Baptiste, against Taka, Vox etc WP baptiste, magic of builds

answering your question, it’s obvious

get better knowledge of vg
improve thechnical skill
mastering heroes
abuse koshka’s early power and invade

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In low tiers mechanics is king. Unless you are against high tier smurfs, then if you are more mechanically skilled than the enemy team you should do well. When you get to t7-8, then being able to communicate with your team and effective rotations become more important. Once you get to t9-10, macro play is king Tho obviously mechanical skill is important, but you’ll become more mechanically skilled as you climb up anyways. Being able to rotate, keep track of farm, and controlling objectives in VERY important in high tier play

Ya know, playing for over 3 years I get all of that, but my matchmaking is very unfortunate… Its mostly god tier smurfs tho :confused: I get all of that, but if you actually get a beginner in your team then they are just kinda… There… Like in the pic of my thread here. I’ll try ranked again now, even though its a bad idea at midnight, due to… Drunk players

Honest midnight is gamers hour. Though in 3v3 you are never really going to have much fun anymore it is troll city there

Wow, I won. I used a glass CP build and I did so much burst damage that I only got assist kills :smiley: what a match. Although my team seems awesome on first glance, Lyra was a toxic ass :<