How do i counter Blackfeather in 1v1? ( No kruls allowed )

There, i am being destroyed by a blackfeather in 1v1 basically. He catches up too fast and is REALLY slippery as you already know. What’s the best hero to counter him one-on-one? ( except krul ). I was thinking maybe malene because she can confine him / escape somewhat easily

i personally think a good counter would be Skye due to her kiting abilities


Specify the BF role and build please it makes quite a difference before getting responses that are just generic…

No role, entire map is yours, except the side lanes.

Build is WP with serpents lifesteal on

You’re asking how to one vs one pretty much the best 1v1 hero (yes there’s Krul but he’s different thing). With full builds pretty much Skye wins. Idk about others as I really think they lose. If you can win early that’s how. If you don’t 1v1 a duelist even better lol. Why do you want to do it anyway. He’s supposed to win almost all 1v1s.

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Baptiste could handle him and outheal him too.


Well lategame kensei obviously

Malene, yes if you know how to use her properly. I often go against bf in 5v5. If it just us I can take him down by slowing him, making him chase me, then stun him, swap attack, run away, swap attack slow him stun swap attack shadow tendril.

I love baiting bf in 5v5


WP Vox.
Just build Shiv, t2 armour and BP and spend the whole game blueballing him from any kills in lane. Because Blackfeather of all characters doesn’t scale.

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You aren’t supposed to it’s BF best duelist, but I guess WP Alpha would work. Def not CP though.

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A skilled wp taka. A skilled wp idris once he gets his ult and triple combo can take out anyone.

It’s the skills that matter. I’ve said this before way back when bf still had his rose offensive.

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Here’s one for ya: WP Saw. Not just any Wp Saw. The one that I build :wink:

Give you a hint. I never use my B to spin up. unless he’s running away.

Just use Rona. She can be used both bot or top

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Not the question. Bot and top are closed btw…
Reading is apparently a skill you do not posses…

No, BF will win 1v1 against Rona

I didn’t see his second comment. Rona still stands as answer.
Btw spelling is apparently a skill you don’t seem to possess

@MobileLegendPlayer his second comment says SM so probably no PS. Then Rona would win. Even with PS it’s debatable that Bf would win

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If Bf buys shiv he’d lose. If he has SM, BP, BS build he can 1v1 her.

Really? Woudn’t SB,PS,BP,BS and defence work better for 1v1 against Rona than any build with SM?

I’m talking about realistic builds. Bf unless snowballing out of control needs 2 def. SM BP BS will outperform Shiv SB BP/BS. With 4 item and MJ he should be able to win again but my point was both of them using builds they would use in a real game.

Rona and kensei can, but don’t forget that bf is supposed to be the best duelist after krul. Instead of trying to 1v1 him you should try to bait him into your team to collapse on him.

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