Honkai Impact Thread

Out of alot of Gatchas, Honkai Impact 3 is one of the best games to showcase new content in the form of trailers.

The BGM, the new story, the in-game footage. All Cool :easter_happy_1:


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Oh great. No more free time for me.

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Ever since Punishing: Gray Raven has been getting traction and slowing becoming a competitor against Hi3, the devs decided to give away a free S rank (which are usually locked behind a exclusive currency wall) in china/japan.

So as the pattern usually goes, Global might get the same S -rank giveaway (which they NEVER have done before) for christmas/new years.


Another teaser for the new patch

Also I missed 3.6 so heres that too.

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NGL the animations that Mihoyo has been putting out has been anime studio quality so Im hyped!

Also heres one of the past story animations that they did (SPOILERS)


Maybe you should put a spoiler alert for the “Final Lesson” video… just in case a new player or someone that has not reached that part of the story comes around.

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True. I cant use any of the hiding features without killing the embed video. So I just put spoilers. Himekos face isnt a big giveaway anyways atleast.

Actually Ill just kill it and hide it.

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Story Spoilers!

Ah it was so good. But I cant help seeing Sirin and her evil face expressions on Kianas HoV body. Seeing such Human expressions really did threw me through a loop :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also the song vid :lyra:



Idk why they decided to show so much story about the new chapter in the teaser. Not fun for newer players but Ig its fine.


This one brought back the hype unlike the 3.8 version.

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Something big must be coming for them to quickly release a short CG.

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Welp as I predicted it, next patch has a huge event happening with the main cast :wink:

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Welp the teaser already dropped in the CN server and once again Im hyped!!

Ill give a story recap when the CG drops for those who dont play.

6 minutes? Welp they really did go the extra mile for this event.

Story tldr for the non-players:
From the last CG, Kiana has too much energy in her body from when she was exposed to the bomb explosion. She’s slowly dying from it.

The enemy knows how to save Kiana but Mei has to join them instead of the good side. Mei makes the sacrifice and absorbed the excess energy from Kiana but Kiana slowly realized what Mei did and attempts her from leaving. But Mei has to complete her part of the deal. Now the CG above happens.

I did cut some important details but that would make it too long.

Also the Patch Video just released in the CN server and the music is once again hype.

Officially the three main characters have become Herrschers.
Kiana: Herrscher of Void
Bronya: Herrscher of Reason
• Mei: Herrscher of Thunder (shown in CG)

Meiiiiii :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Honkai Impact 3 X Evangelion Crossover was just announced :flushed:

Wait … WHAT??? :scream:

Yep! It was discussed in the Dev livestream but nothing else has been released besides the collab.