Hero/Item Changes Discussion

Let’s all talk about the hero and item balance changes shown on Excoundrel’s video! So far Lorelai looks VERY promising now that she gets river buff both ways, so roam and maybe even jungle Lorelai can be more of a thing :open_mouth:. I need some offs on the replies for those HUGE Lyra nerfs, also Fort still gonna be good, so that’s fine. Buff to Grace nice nice. Nerf to CP Kestrel, and this is what I have to say rn. Still watching the video. The item changes are very interesting tho. The water denizen ability is really nice too. Phinn is now a slightly faster boi.

With the CDR cap, Tako finna have very low CDs with SSw since his passive does not count towards the cap. WP TAKO FINNA BE INSANE



Did patch notes come out or is this insider™ info?

oh hell yeah Lorelai is gonna make a comeback!

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Yeah Excoundrel just posted a video on it with Nivmett + Sonata and Excoundrel discussing the changes.

Comeback? When was she ever good lmao

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rip BFs barrier, it was the only reason i played him ;-;

RIP Echo you’ll be missed…

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Who needs echo when you havo hAlCyOn boOts.
Why did they nerf the ultimate of Kensei tho :frowning:
The perk brought enough sacrifice and aye, no nerf to the talents… I think

I call dibs on being the owner of this Rona build:
SM BP SS Pulseweave Aegis Journey Boots
I’d like people to refer to it as the Red Raider build

All I can say is,I now have more reasons to continue banning taka…

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And why arent Lorelai’s ult, Baptise’s ult getting cooldown changes like Cath’s and Grace’s
Also they just buff Grace who is already meta smh


Which part did it mention about it?I didn’t see it in the hero balance changes and I’m too lazy to scroll through a one hour video looking for it.

the mortal wounds now effects all barriers and bfs barriers wasnt even strong to begin with


I always though mortal wound already affected barriers.Now I feel stupid trying to buy spellfire against kensei through the whole month…

Clockwork is getting a CD nerf… overall all CD items have a maximum CAP

attack speed nerf? sigh … all items down by 5%

ECHO - REMOVED say what??? lol . no more toxic cancer plays. nobody built it in a serious game anyway… it was mostly for brawls i feel.

Tornado Trigger - new passive - 10% movespeed for 1.2s replacing the 10% crit damage amp. I like this alot. increase stickyness to the target.

Cool down is capped at 45% now which is the biggest change. Kensei got nerfed, but we will still see lots of Kensei, because the new items are in his favor. But we will see a lot less CP heroes due to the cooldown change

Getting the new items on him is pointless because he isn’t trying to tank and be a frontline (one of the problems with his release) but instead he is trying to hypercarry the team (him killing everything still but minus the tanking part). He needs attack speed and damage and currently there is no item that gives high attack damage and high attack speed. It is going to still be better to get double def and damage items + boot.

If you’re referring to captains purchasing the items, it’ll help everyone and not just him.

WP Taka solved some problems:
Now Kaku won’t be pull any of that nonsense no more because he just gets the base heal (which he needs).
Another top laner.
No more toxic tank Taka it is either actual Tank Taka or Warrior Taka.
Hero difficulty checks out :sunglasses:

When she was released she was practically OP as a carry.


Lorelai - NEW WATER DENIZEN - now gains river buff both ways… woot~!!

Phinn is also a water denizen~! lol

I’m actually really excited to see how the 3.4 meta is gonna turn out. We haven’t had such huge meta changes to this degree in a long time But if they give Ozo ANY huge nerfs, I’m gonna have a problem with SEMC