Hero/Item Changes Discussion

playing with phinn is gonna be lit


Don’t trash her like this she’s good sometimes

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According to Nivmett, he didn’t want Lyra’s playstyle to be “A-> pop immediately”. You now have to decide between the heal or the speedboost. Lyra, now with a higher skill-cap, needs to develop a synergy between her teammates to fully maximize the heal + speedboost.

If an ally Skaarf is engaging/disengaging, Lyra needs to predict her A in which Skaarf would walk the entire diameter of the Sigil before popping the speedboost. That would be best case scenario of course.

Anyway, the new items compensate for her nerfs. Stronger heal + speed boosts for days.

i like the new items and how they give both frontliner and backliner roams (and bruisers) more options for teamfighting

@Ve3nNo0wM they reduced all atk speed by 5% because they lowered the actual atk speed cooldown of heroes

lorelai has a nice QoL change! back then it was so hard to land her stun without empowerment, but it was reduced by .2 sec b4 coming up

phinn and lorelai roam will feel nicer, and phinn IS affected by the new healing boosting item, meaning his B CAN give a teamwide movespeed buff.

taka isnt horrible

kensei was adjusted, will we still see bans of him? eh, probably at the start. he still seems annoying, but by the time we all adjust? idk

taka with 50% reduced ability cooldowns THEN possibly 45% cdr if you build him with enough cd though YIKES

overall i like this patch! i can finally feel like a frontliner

Nivmett is actually somewhat worried about WP Tako being oppressive and I understand lol. WP Tako is gonna be insane now


Taka buffed, but that doesn’t change the fact he is instant banned. So will he even be played? only in 3v3 and brawls.


i honestly havent seen a taka ban for a while in my tier, i think low tiers should keep banning him bc of how ppl dont use vision well. i think wp taku is nice and he’d be an annoying (but pleasant bc i havent seen a decent one) sight to see

At least WP Taka takes skills to play…


Never seen a decent WP Taka? with this buff you’ll definately see one.

Even now he’s a balanced hero… his X-retsu is used as a gap closer, not a damage dealer. A good WP taka won’t be relying on X-retsu too much.

but his x-retsu has a 150% wp ratio >_>

lol. yes, noted. it just makes him even more potent. I think they just want to make him Meta again, since he has such a low win rate.

Honestly, he’ll probably be OP. lol. He’s already balanced without the 150% wp x-retsu



How about malene?




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I remember you guys participating his rework thread but now you say that he’s balance and will be OP post-patch. What man?

i never commented on taka. you’re mistaken. i’ve always said WP taka is better than cp

to be honest, i hoped when i heard taka getting a rework, i was thinking a new kit. Rn im kinda disappointed cuz he’s practically the same with a new cd system.

Hopefully when i see the new saw rework… i hope its an actual rework with a new kit. Other than that Im happy with everything besides “Mortal wounds now effects barriers so Bfs barrier is probably going to be shit. Plus hes one of the lowest heros with win rates and pick rates. A skin wont change the fact hes shit currently” but thats MY OPINION UwU ill just wait like a good boi for my secret arden skin

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Not only they remove the snare?..
Now they lowered her BB duration?
And heal?

What’s next? Shorten her portal length too?


I have done a rework and Niv has seen that. Hope that he will do something.

I think SAW’s rework is gonna drop in 3.7.

So what is this mah venomous bro?