[hero idea] Valter, the Lunatic Rogue

This hero idea focuses primarily on being able to weave between attacks and abilities, granting additional effects when performed. It’s meant to be a combo-based hero that uses animation canceling and ability interruptions as a more intuitive mechanic for combos.

Note: I am aware that the numbers are definitely not balanced. They are there to give a feel of how the ability fits in. Numbers look so much cleaner than variables or placeholders and more detailed than a simple description. My intent in creating these heroes is to present a scarcely used mechanic and expand on it. I want other fan hero creators to be more inventive with their kit designs.


Name: Valter

Role: assassin

Position: jungle

Difficulty: easy-medium

Weapon: dual daggers for basic attacks with dual pistols for effects when stated

Perk: Always Another Way Out

Any of Valter‘s abilities and basic attacks can be instantly interrupted by any of Valter‘s other abilities and basic attacks. When this occurs, special effects are triggered. Outside sources, sources from items, move commands, selecting a target out of range, etc. do not count as interruption.

If you have a target selected and your basic attack animation is interrupted (by an ability only), then a projectile is immediately fired instead with an additional 20% WP ratio + 100% CP ratio. Additionally, the ability used to interrupt this basic attack ignores cooldown, but this portion of the perk goes on cooldown for the same duration.

A: Swift Assault

Valter runs in a targeted direction, slashing the first enemy with his daggers.

If the ability is interrupted, then Valter fires 2 shots in the same direction for the remaining distance plus 2 meters. Bullets disappear upon first target hit. Each bullet deals full damage, but if the second bullet hits the same target, it deals 25% of full damage.

Damage: 50/100/150/200/250 + 40% WP + 90% CP
Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8
Range: 6/6/6/6/7

B: Blade Flurry

Valter rapidly spins around for a 3 seconds, slashing at all enemies close by at set intervals.

If the ability is interrupted, Valter fires bullets in every direction that slow enemies and deal the unused amount of damage of the ability plus an additional amount.

Number of ticks: 6
Damage per tick: 20/30/40/50/60 + 5% WP + 15% CP
Additional damage: 30/35/40/45/50 + 30% WP + 50% CP
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Bullet range: 6
Slow strength: 10%

c-c-c-combo breaker sorry I had to

Ult: It’s Raining Metal

Valter blinks on top of an enemy and rapidly fires bullets down on it for 2 seconds, slowing for the duration of ability and dealing damage at set intervals.

If the ability is interrupted, Valter strikes at all nearby enemies, rooting them for the unused duration of the slow and damaging them for the unused damage of the ability plus an additional amount.

Number of ticks: 4
Damage per tick: 50/100/150 + 10% WP + 20% CP
Additional Damage: 25/50/75 + 10% WP + 20%
Cooldown: 10/9/8
Slow strength: 20%


backstory and thought process

For a while now, I was thinking of combo heroes, even making one of my own a while back. However, I felt that the usual way of “combo-ing” abilities and actions together felt a bit either too restrictive or too slow. The usual way of having one ability be the “gateway” to the other abilities was too restrictive because the ability would be on cooldown at certain times or the ability could not be activated (for example kensei’s kensho (B) or churnwalker’s Hook & Chain (A)) Other more natural approaches forgo direct interaction altogether and focus on how abilities could weave between one another in a more or less predictable order (for example Skye’s A-> Ult -> B -> A or Idris’s chakram’s mechanic of continuously flying which his other abilities helped reinforce but not limited to). This pattern was also the same in the fan heroes I saw. I’m not bashing for being inferior; I just think that there could be other ways to approach combos that are perhaps more engaging rather than tactical (which the others focus more on).

When creating this hero, I decided to take the existing ideas and stretch it. The idea of creating natural combos through the second approach made me focus on more intuitive methods that make sense or help one another. The idea of a gateway through the first approach was restrictive imo but that was because it was limited to one ability. What if I could make every ability and basic attack a gateway? (Probably failed in achieving this in practice) Something that is both universal and intuitive. That led me to find common attributes of abilities and basic attacks. I chose the attribute of being vulnerable to being interrupted. I followed the footsteps of my previous idea of granting effects when an ally’s casting was interrupted.

I don’t even know where my thought process is going anymore.

My hero’s intended “feel” was meant to be active, quick, and agile with little downtime (sadly, some downtime is necessary to not be op). That led me to include a few dashes and a few “violent” abilities that feel active and speedy (sorry, 3 dashes felt too over the top for me). Additionally, I didn’t want to heavily punish the player for not performing a combo because that would no longer be intuitive - it would be more of a burden created by strategy. That’s why my interruption effects don’t seem to be very different from completing the ability. Hopefully, someone can carry my torch and make the abilities better.


ai have yet to see a actual combo mechanic hero in vg and i feel like this would fit in with the Taka and Gwen lore as the third hero in that group

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What do you feel a combo mechanic actually is? (And does my idea fit into your definition? It wasn’t clear)

I didn’t really intend to make Valter fit with taka and gwen, but I do admit that they were in my head when I created the theme of the hero.

This would be extremely hard to play successfully because every attack into skill would require precise timing…

I adore the concept though. I would have gone with throwing knives instead. (As secondary attacks)

Like these.

That would be a full on dagger assassin who will connect to his target at all cost.

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Actually yes, your idea perfectly fits into a actual concept of a vg hero. Different paths for each ability which leads to more utility in team fights. i have yet to see a Vainglory hero do the same. Idris only combos his chakrams and that is it, a basic combo.

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I do agree with you that the basic attack is kinda too precise, but I wasn’t really sure how to make it trigger all the time but still keep the interruption idea. It’s either interruption or simply choose an attack target, but I wanted to use interruption as a core mechanic for all of my kit.

Oof, I totally forgot about those. I started out as a gunslinger kinda thing (basically the Tenno from warframe who are ninjas with guns and abilities) and I totally forgot to swap out the guns with something else when I made it an assassin theme.

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Another way to integrate combo’ing is ability combination (like the name combo implies hekekekeke)
For instance, if his A is used and B interrupts it, he starts firing bullets around him while moving to his dash point (slowly, like a spinning top)

If his B is used and his A interrupts it, he instead dashes and fires his bullets behind him

If his ult is used and A interrupts it, he starts carpet bombing along his dash
If his ult is used and B interrupts it, he beyblades for a much longer period

etc etc

The only problem is that this setup creates 3^2 number of abilities, and is very similar to characters like Blackfeather’s grillfriend where they already cheat their way into more abilities

Such characters take more effort in every step of the hero’s creation, both artistic and technical.

I agree with the complexity issue and the cheating power of adding too many variants into abilities. As I said in my “backstory and thought process”,

I wanted my interruption effects to be extensions of the existing ability instead of a totally new one. They’re essentially just range upgrades with more damage and more cc. With 9 different abilities 1 original + 2 combo variants; multiplied by 3 abilities, and 24 combo variants 6 permutations * 2 choices of making 1st ability a normal or combo variant * 2 choices of making 2nd ability norm or combo or 192 combo variants with my perk 24 permutations * 2 choices 1st ability normal or combo * 2 choices 2nd ability normal or combo * 2 choices 3rd ability normal or combo, it definitely would be wayyyyy too much to handle for both the user and the enemy team

nononono I meant the combination of abilities separate from the perk, as a separate idea

Oh ok, I see. 9 abilities is still definitely difficult to juggle and to fight against. I still understand how you feel. I think there was a fan idea a while back that did something similar.

Found the thread. Are you referring to some idea like this? Hero Kit Design: Yugana - Bo Master

Yeah that’s exactly the type of idea I’m referring to

Go look at guild wars 1 assassin skills. That is the best combo system I ever saw.