Hero Kit Design: Yugana - Bo Master

Female, monk-like, graceful, thoughtful, disdains mages.

The kit is for the first no cooldown, combo-based hero. Aftershock’s perk cannot trigger on Yugana.

Weapon: Staff/Bo

Perk: Blunt Force - Each auto attack drains 5% of the enemy’s max energy. Stamina based heroes are immune.

Energy: Yugana uses stamina which is depleted with skill use. Auto-attacks quickly replenish stamina but will slowly regenerate similar to Lance and Idris.

Range: 2.8

Kit premise: Each skill has a base action. The following skill determines what combo action comes next. The kit has a reset to base actions after 2.5 seconds displayed with a gray bar below the stamina bar. All skills are targetless skill shots. Using the same skill twice in a row costs 1.5x more stamina. All skills have a base range of 3.5 unless otherwise stated.

A: Front Thrust - Range 6 low damage poke, (Joule B)
B: Spinning Strike - A 360-degree leaping, spinning dash before a strong 90-degree strike. (Idris A)
C: Front Swipe - aoe 180-degree swipe in front. (Glave Cleave)
A - B: Pole Vault Kick - Long ranged leap. Take two steps and launch. Activatable “donut ring”. High damage (nothing similar)
A - C: Overhead Strike - Stun (Tony A)
B - A: Foot Sweep - 90 degree slow (Grumpjaw A)
B - C: Uppercut - Very powerful blow
C- A: Full Spin - 1-second 360-degree aoe spin that knocks back enemies. (Rona C)
C - B: Deflecting spin - spin staff 270 degrees from left to right blocking incoming damage for 0.7 seconds. Locks her in place. (Lance B)

She is a medium damage hero with a high amount of utility like a Swiss army knife. Excels at mage killing through sustained attacks.

The key is animating each transition from basic attacks to each of the 9 skills and between skills. Skills buttons would be placed on an animation delay based on each action. You don’t get to button mash the same skill because of the increased stamina costs. Each combo has a varying stamina cost and animation timing. Finding the most efficient combo is the goal.


I absolutely adore this design.

Instant win design wise!

So much skill required so much potential it is wonderful.

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Sounds incredibly fun and would be a definite innovation in Vainglory

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This would be a very fun hero to master! She reminds me of Riven a bit.

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@Aesthetic exactly what I thought. 30 characters

Love the idea. It’s brilliant. I like the way she looks kinda weak at first, but then you realize what she can do ith the combos. Makes for a high skill cap. I assume the time for the increased skill cost is the same as the reset to base actions?

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Just watched a quick video on Riven. Wow, that kit is loaded. I never got into LoL but yeah there are similarities.

Yes, the time would be the same. I admit it is pretty short, but an early kit design needs a place to start. The key is having all skills be ground targeted. She can preload skills before a fight. The purpose of putting CC, the large gap closer, aoe, and block on the second activation is to create high costs for those skills and a time delay. You can preload them to remove the time delay but you lose the damage from the first skill.